Why Is My Treadmill Sticking? Causes & Fixes Explained

Have you ever noticed that your treadmill is sticking? You might worry; why this problem is occurring?

You can’t proceed with your workout session smoothly after this problem.

If so, you’re not alone, a lot of people have the same problem. Even I have faced this problem many times.

Sticking is the primary symptom of a broken treadmill or treadmill belt.

Usually, slippage and a smacking noise are also accompanied by this problem. What causes a treadmill to stick?

Well in my opinion there are a few things that need to consider when this problem arises.

We will now look over all possible causes of the sticking belt and provided solutions.

Main Causes Of Treadmill Belt Sticking

You started exercising, and you bought a treadmill so that you can burn calories while watching TV.

Everything was great at first, but after a few times, you started feeling as if something is wrong with your treadmill.

Yeah you are right your treadmill has started trouble and your belt is sticking intermittently to deck.

A sticking belt can cause major problems like knee or joint injury or fall off the equipment.

Lack Of Lubing The Belt

One of the major reasons for damage to belt, in most cases, is lack of lubing. You notice it getting harder and harder to run or walk on the treadmill.

It’s the most basic thing that needs maintenance.

As a treadmill user, I want to run inflow on the smooth belt. But sticking the belt definitely causes disturbance and injury too.

All treadmill requires lubrication of the belt and deck.

To avoid this issue you just need 100% silicon to grease under the running surface.

Why Is My Treadmill Sticking

Basic treadmills need manual lubrication while some treadmill has a self-lubrication system.

Overly Tight Or Loose Belt

When I newly bought the treadmill I usually over-tighten the belt. I never knew how tight the treadmill belt should be. That makes walking or running difficult for me.

The optimum level of tightness that a belt should have is explained in solutions below.

So I learned that over tight or loose belt produces sticking. So you should also know the optimum limit of tightening the belt.

It may also cause rupture of the belt or slows down the running surface. And after that, it may harm the deck area of the machine.

Lack Of Lubing The Belt

Misaligned Belt Of The Treadmill

An unbalanced or off-centered belt is a common issue that any treadmill owner can face.

It usually happens due to regular use of the machine.

An off-centered belt is also an issue that complicates the walk. And you may seem difficult as it causes sticking of the belt.

It normally happens due to the unlevel floor or misalignment of front and rear rollers.

As you see that your treadmill belt is drifting right or left you need to check as soon as possible.

Aging Of The Belt

The treadmill comes with a warranty of 10-12 years.

But its component’s life varies according to the model and brand.

If you use a running belt without proper maintenance it will be torn down as it ages.

To prolong the age of belts, keen care is required.

Otherwise, damage to the belt starts after a few months or years of buying.

Aging Of The Belt

Steps For Fixing The Sticking Of The Belt

After knowing the possible causes of belt sticking you are now ready to know about fixing the belt.

Here we will discuss a few steps to direct you.


To know the right reason for sticking first you need to start your treadmill.

After that allow yourself move to rotate in slow motion to inspect it completely.

You need to know whether you can do it alone or with professional assistance.

If you can do it then move to the next step.


Now unplug the power cord of the treadmill from the socket.


If it’s a case of lubrication then lose the belt by losing the screws of the front and rear area of the machine.

Now lift the belt little high and lubricate the under area of the belt. Use a clean cloth to clean the area around the belt.

Now start the treadmill and move it at a slow speed to lube the under area completely.


If the belt is tight or loose and causing the pause then you need to fix it.

Your ideal belt height should be 3 inches.

For this purpose use an Allen wrench to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise the screws which are handling the belt.

After attaining the desired result now start the treadmill for final checking before use.


Misaligned belts are not a big issue.

You simply need an Allen wrench that comes with the tool kit of the machine.

You will see that there are screws on either side of the rollers at the back of the treadmill.

Now tighten or loose these screws to center the belt.

Here comes the point to notice that your belt is drifting towards the left then tighten the screw in right.

The same goes for the other condition.

Watch Video: How to Solve Sticking Treadmill Belt Issue

Final Thoughts

We all know that treadmill is a machine that mainly helps people lose weight and get in shape.

It’s the most popular home fitness equipment and the user base is growing every day.

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There are colors of problems we can encounter while using the treadmill. But proper maintenance and using the right technique can solve the issue soon.

So you are now well aware that how to avoid sticking of a belt to the deck in a proper way.

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