What Is Treadmill Cushioning System? How it Works? Briefly Explained| June[2022]

Modern treadmills fit out with the latest features like a treadmill cushioning system. There are several features and technologies you bear in your mind when you are buying a treadmill.

One of the prominent reasons why I prefer using a treadmill instead of running outdoors is its cushioning system.

This system provides us shock absorption when we strike foot on a running deck.

It is helpful in low-impact workouts as compared to walking or running outdoors.

A high-density treadmill rubber mat plays an important role in relieving crushing stress.

This stress is directly related to the joints, ankles, knees, and spine of your body.

Now we will explain the whole method and what the treadmill cushioning system is.

Treadmill Cushioning System

Treadmills have a cushioning system that is beneath the belt and the deck.

The treadmill running area consists of a multi-ply belt of ¾ or 1 inch. This belt is running over the thick wooden deck.

The deck is placed on the elastomer rubber grommets on a sturdy steel frame.

This elastomer has a key role in the treadmill cushioning system.

There is a variety of cushioning that is offered by manufacturers.

  • Full deck cushioning
  • Variable cushioning
  • Adjustable cushioning

Variable Cushioning

Variable cushioning is the greatest form of treadmill shock absorption.

It provides a solid lift-off for better running performance.

It will lessen the shock and you can work out for a longer duration without fatigue.

Variable cushioning is highly preferred for treadmill cushioning.

It is available in high-quality treadmills which are best for running and jogging.

This cushioning covers three main areas:

What Is Treadmill Cushioning System?

1) Front Deck Zone

This is an area where you place your foot.

The soft rubber is found here for maximum shock absorption and cushioning.

Moreover, the front deck is also an impact zone.

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2) Lift-off Zone

It’s a rear zone where the deck cushioning is firmer for the rear foot.

Stability is needed in this zone so that the cushioning is composed of stiff rubber.

3)Transition Zone

Moderate cushioning is located in the middle area.

The Middle area is also a transition zone.

Poor Cushioning System

There is usually 2 type of poor cushioning technology.

  1. Spring Technology
  2. Thick Treadmill Belt

Spring Technology

Some manufacturers give a springy effect to the treadmill cushioning.

That results in a bouncy wooden deck. This is not the preferable shock-absorbing technology.

Its vibrating impact is not good at all for the exerciser.

Thick Treadmill Belt

Some treadmill manufacturers offer treadmills with a thick running belt.

They claim that it is a thick belt that has a shock-absorbing technology. The thicker belt is not good for low-impact cardio.

Avoid buying the treadmill with a thicker belt which gives just an impact of cushioning.

Is Treadmill Cushioning Enough?

Treadmill deck cushioning and shock absorbers altogether make a system.

Most people ask what should be major things to consider while buying a treadmill.

My opinion is always to look for good cushioning and high-quality shock absorbers. Because these things will reduce the chances of knee pain.

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This system will assist the treadmill to reduce the impact when we are walking.

As the technology improves some manufacturers offer advanced shock absorption technology.

It reduces impact by up to 30-40%. It can help us in avoiding injuries.

Adjustable cushioning is also available on some treadmills.

In this cushioning, you can adjust the amount of cushioning as per convenience.

Never overlook the material of the running belt.

High-Quality belt material is preferable for this system.

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A treadmill with a cushioning system is highly supported by the users. But if you have serious joints or back issues then visit your doctor first.

If you don’t have a budget issue and you want a high-quality cushioning system then buying a treadmill is a great investment. Using a treadmill with cushioning feature will enhance your workout.

A cushioning system is a key factor in a treadmill so choose it wisely.

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