What Happens If You Fail a Stress Test

If during the workout you faced some trouble with breathing or chest pain then you might be advised by your doctor to have a stress test. And If you are a fitness freak then you might fear what happens if you fail a stress test. Before going through that first let’s see what a stress test is.

What is a stress test?

A stress test is focused on checking the functionality of heart. Primarily it is performed on a treadmill so that heart undergo exertion and two main factors are observed by doctors namely functional capacity of individual and normal blood flow in heart in peak strain.

If you want to know in detail what a stress test is, go through this Treadmill Stress Test Interpretation

Stress test is pretty simple and takes usually less than an hour and can take more than 2 hours depending on the level of stress which you feel while doing some work.

After this the first thought which crosses the mind is that

How To Pass A Treadmill Stress Test ?

What Happens If You Fail a Stress Test

What to get if one fails stress test?

Firstly, you don’t need to be worried if you fails a stress test. So now let’s see what actually would happen if you are not able to pass the stress test easily. There might be following reasons that you have failed a stress test.

  • If an aged person have to go through stress test he might fail because their heart can’t bear such exertion due to the sensitive valves of heart which got delicate by age.
  • People who don’t do any physical activity might fail a stress test. This is because their heart can’t bear this exertion as they are not used to anykind of physical activity.
  • If a person is suffering from arthritis or joints pain, then while running on treadmill he might face difficulty due to hurtness in knee or other leg joints.
  • If a person is diabetic he might feel dizziness or headache which can also lead in incomplete stress test.
  • An asthmatic might feel difficulty in performing stress test as he will suffer from severe inhaling and exhaling.


There is certainly no problem at all to be worried if your doctor says that you have failed the stress test.

A failure in your stress test might give few indications about your heart that there are some blockages in your heart vessels or valves which caused this test to stop.

So in order to understand the problem in detail and to get a real picture of problem, your practitioner might recommend you to have a chemical stress test in order to examine your heart pumping action in detail.

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