How to Readjust or Fix Weslo Treadmill Belt not Moving| Solutions Explained

Is your Weslo treadmill not working correctly? Is your Weslo treadmill belt not moving and it is moving towards one side or off-centered? There’s nothing to worry about, I’ll walk you through a few simple steps to fix the trouble.

Treadmills are a great addition to a home gym, and everyone knows it.

Weslo has made its name in the fitness world, but some issues are expected in machines and it’s not uncommon for treadmill belts to be off-centered or get stuck even though the treadmill is running,  mainly if you use them frequently.

Also, there could be a situation where a stuck belt starts slipping after applying lube.

In this article, we will look into these issues pertinent to Weslo treadmills, and below, I have discussed some of the main problems:

Why is your Weslo treadmill belt not moving?

1. Misaligned belt

It is possible for a treadmill’s belt to move to one side or another over time.

The belt may come to a pause if it shifts enough.

You should take a look at the belt from the back end of the machine.

Turning the rear roller adjustment nuts will help you re-center it if it has shifted.

2. Tightened belt

If the belt is overly tight, the motor may be unable to turn the belt.

If you recently adjusted the belt tension because of slippage, this is most likely the cause of your belt movement. You must lift the belt’s edge.

Notice the treadmill for several minutes to see if there’s hitching in the belt. That means you need a new belt.

Weslo Treadmil belt not moving

Why is the Weslo cadence g 5.9 treadmill belt not working?

The most important problem that Weslo treadmill belts face is with the console wires and tightness of the belt.

  1. Purchasing silicone lubricant from your local treadmill store or the internet is your best friend.
  2. Make sure to remove the covering from its holders if you haven’t previously done so.
  3. Fill your bulb syringe with silicone fluid and inject it into your belt by raising it on one side. But you must avoid over-lubrication.
  4. Look at the belt’s position when the machine is running at low speed.

Make minor changes at a time, and you’ll soon see that it is repaired.

In another case, you must look at the motor too. That may also be the reason for your belt not working properly.

Weslo treadmill belt adjustment.

Weslo treadmill belt might not be moving due to less friction between belt and roller. So all you need to do is to tighten the treadmill belt.

For Weslo treadmill belt adjustment you need to tighten the belt by using an Allen wrench, there are bolts on the rear roller on each side. If the treadmill is running and the belt not moving then start tightening the bolts evenly.

Once the belt starts moving after tightening the bolt then the belt might start moving to one side or away from one side. Recentering the Weslo treadmill belt is pretty much easy.

If the belt moves away from the left side you need to loosen the bolt on the left side and vice versa. OR if the belt is moving toward one side, let’s say towards the right then you need to tighten the bolt on the right side. That’s pretty much it.

Tighttened belt

Why is my Weslo treadmill motor not working?

You may tell whether your treadmill’s motor is faulty if it’s mechanically clogged, noisy, or produces sparks or little black pieces of plastic when running.

If the bearings are a problem that happens in many cases.

Motor pulley misalignment and overtightening of the drive belt may cause noise.

Any skilled mechanic should have no problem replacing the bearings.

Using sandpaper to clean worn brushes or replacing them with new brushes of the same type is an option.

Since treadmill brushes are made of very hard charcoal, they should last longer if used properly.

As they are expected to last the life of the treadmill.


Treadmills come in different sizes, forms, and functions.

So, different faults also appear on most kinds of treadmill parts and this isn’t limited to one brand only.

But, you can reduce damage and downtime when you start working on time.

Above, I have almost covered all the problems regarding the working of the Weslo treadmill belt not moving or functioning properly. So, you can easily resolve these issues at home without spending much.

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