Treadmill Pulley Slipping On Front Roller

When we face treadmill pulley slipping on the front roller?

What are the issues behind the slipping?

Does our treadmill need maintenance?

These are questions that arise in our minds when we face sudden issues with our treadmill slipping due to the front roller.

A treadmill is the most reliable fitness machine and is highly suitable for a home gym.

It’s the perfect gear for every weather, you can take full advantage at home if the weather is not suitable.

These easily handled machines require time to time maintenance to avoid major issues.

You can troubleshoot and fix a few basic issues with the treadmill at home without any professional assistance.

Treadmill Pulley Slipping On Front Roller

Why We Face Treadmill Pulley Slipping On The Front Roller?

Pulley is located in the lower body of the treadmill.

Roller pulleys drive the belt of the treadmill.

There are two pulleys involved in this system: the front and back roller pulley.

Slipping on the front roller may cause many issues to the treadmill.

Sometimes it needs to be replaced but most of the time we can fix it at home.

When you hear a loud whining sound or grinding noise from the front roller pulley it means that it’s time for maintenance of the pulley.

The belt of the treadmill wraps around the roller pulleys.

Rollers help the belt to revolve around the deck when we run on the treadmill.

If you experience that your walking belt is not moving but the motor has started, it means there is an issue with the rollers.

If your treadmill belt slips when you walk or it shifts to one side maybe it’s due to the cracked rollers. The treadmill pulley might slip due to the cracked rollers.

After identification of the issues, we now need to fix them and make our walking belt in working order.

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How To Fix Treadmill Pulley Slipping On Front Roller?

Misalignment between the front roller and the pulley results in the slippage of the belt which affects the treadmill.

If the pulley on the front roller lost its grip it could not maintain the weight on the treadmill.

We will simply fix it by following a few steps.

1) Repairing Of The Front Roller


Unplug the treadmill from the socket.

To fix this issue we need to remove the front cover.


Now remove the belt off and we need a few metal screws and a drill machine.


Drill a hole in the pulley and fix the screw it will hold the pulley down to the roller and you can drill 3-4 holes to fix it properly.


Now realign the roller pulley with the pulley on the motor and fix the belt it should be flat and straight.

To measure the tension check that the belt that is attached between both pullies should not be tilted.


You can manually move the belt around the roller to check.

Now start the treadmill and let the roller pulley run for a few minutes from low to high speed.

2) Replacement Of The Front Roller Pulley


Unplug the treadmill from the socket.

Now remove the attaching screws of the motor hood by using the Philip screwdriver.

The motor cover could have 4 screws, 2 on each side of the cover


Now remove the end caps, if you have a non-folding treadmill then tilt it on one side.

Lift the deck if you have a folding treadmill and now remove the screws by using a screwdriver.


Use an Allen key to lose both roller key adjustment bolts. Lose the bolts of both sides evenly.

If the model of your treadmill has a nut and bolt in the front roller pulley then remove it with the help of the Allen key.


Then remove the bolt that holds the left side of the roller to the frame.

Now remove the drive belt by rotating the motor flywheel and pressing the belt outward.

Until the belt is completely removed.


Now replace the troubling front roller with the new roller after that reinsert the bolt.

Put the drive belt back on using the motor flywheel to rotate the belt.

Fix both ends and the roller shaft should be in the middle of the bracket and now reinstall the end caps.

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I hope that now you can easily deal with the slippage of the walking belt that is caused by the front rollers.

Mostly it is preferred to change the front roller for avoiding further issues.

If the issue is basic and you can handle then I would suggest you fix it at a low cost at home.

But if you cannot troubleshoot then always go for the expert technician that can fix the treadmill pulley slipping on the front roller.

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