Fix Noisy Treadmill That Disturbs Neighbour | Complete Guide

Having a noisy treadmill that disturbs your surroundings and neighbors needs a solution.

No doubt treadmill is a durable, sturdy, and reliable invention for weight loss. But nobody likes a treadmill that makes noise when running and becomes a headache for everyone.

I don’t think that you want interruption of your neighbor who is complaining about your noisy treadmill.

It is not compulsory that only cheap treadmills make noise.

Every treadmill that has an internal or external problem can make noise in a flat or apartment.

There are a few elements like lack of maintenance, improper way of lubing, etc that involves dreadful noises.

We will discuss and also put a light on solutions for noise cancellation.

Causes of the Noisy Treadmill

Noisy treadmill not only affects our nervous system but also disturbs the peace of our neighborhood.

It’s terrible that you want to concentrate on your preset workout program and loud noises from your treadmill make all the efforts distracting.

The wobbling of a treadmill, non-lubricated belt, and bearing cause major issues.

Let’s have a look at factors that make a noisy treadmill that disturbs neighbors.

Lack of Maintenance

Noisy treadmill mainly belongs to low maintenance.

This steel body compact machine seeks attention when it comes to matter maintenance.

Most people think that it’s a one-time investment and you do not need to maintain the machine any longer.

First and foremost users don’t care about the area in which they are keeping the machine.

Treadmill users like to keep their machine in open areas like a balcony or backward which is home to moisture air.

They put the machine in a moist area which somehow results in spoiling the treadmill’s body.

Most often users do not fold the machine and don’t store it properly. So the coating of dust harms the working of the machine.

All this negligence leads to the low performance of the treadmill.

The above problems majorly cause unbearable noises on the treadmill.

Fix Noisy Treadmill That Disturbs Neighbour

Belt Issues

Runners do not compromise on the quality of the running belt. The walking belt is the main component of the treadmill.

But not all users give keen attention to the running belt that is connected to the lower body of the treadmill.

With the frequent use of the machine for running and jogging, the belt loses its lubrication.

After some time, lack of lubing ruptures the belt and starts damaging other parts connected to the walking deck. That damage causes noise in the machine.

Are you are noticing that your belt is not aligned or slipping left or right?

Or the belt is too tight or loose that causes squeaking noises on the treadmill?

Well, all these issues narrate the problem of high pitch noise in the machine.

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Noisy Bearing & Rollers

To burn more fat in less is the dream of every fitness freak.

But what can they do when they hear unbearable noises from the machine when they increase the incline or run fast.

This terrible grinding noise is due to bearing and rollers.

Bearing and Rollers are the prime components of the machine that involves in the movement. Bearing are attached to the rollers of the treadmill.

If these bearings wear out or break they will create terrible noises that might disturb your neighbors.

Living in an apartment-like compact place and dealing with the noisy treadmill is hard.

The belt depends on the movement of the roller and rollers revolve with the support of the bearing.

Worn out bearing not only affect the roller but also the mechanism of the machine.

These expired bearings of a treadmill can be the reason for noise in your flat. Low maintenance of the bearings causes squeaking noises.

Wrong Position of a Treadmill

While living in an apartment and not making noise when walking on a treadmill is tricky.

When you do an aggressive workout without putting the mat under the treadmill it will create noises.

It happens when we place the treadmill in the wrong position or on the wrong surface.

Placing a treadmill on a surface that is uneven or in the middle of the room results in grinding noise.

The wobbling of the treadmill is due to the lightweight or low-quality material of the machine.

When you exert your force on the treadmill while running, it loses its surface and vibration will create.

These noises will eventually disturb your next-door neighbors or people living below your apartment.

An unstable or non-motorized treadmill generates more vibration and unbearable noises.

Motor Noise

The motor is the major component on which the treadmill relies. Noise in the motor is due to the low maintenance by the user.

It requires a proper way to clean to avoid dirt and debris.

Usually, people use the treadmill and store it under the bed or sofa. And it results in dust that accumulates in the brushes of the motor. This slows down the performance of the machine.

And it creates grinding sounds that are unacceptable to everyone.

The clogged treadmill motor would also shorten the life span of the machine.

The motor belt may wear out or break if you neglect motor maintenance.

motor noise

How To Reduce Unwanted Noise Of A Treadmill

Here we will discuss a few noise-canceling or reduction tips to get rid of treadmill noises.

Lubricate The Belt

The belt of the treadmill requires lubrication to protect it from further damage.

The grinding sounds of the treadmill can be avoided by lubricating the running belt. We have seen that users mostly forget to grease the belt of the machine.

By lubing the belt treadmill works frequently smoothly and quietly. Lubing the treadmill will help runners increase their workout duration.

Moreover, after lubing the belt you should also inspect the other parts of the machine.

Because we not only lubricate the belt but also grease the rollers, bearing, and motor belt too.

Never use cheap lubrication for the machine. Always go for 100% silicon for the life span of the machine.

Mostly after the application of lubricant the unwanted squeaking sound may be reduced or eliminated.

Use Of Rubber Mat

One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate noise is using a rubber mat under the treadmill.

For avoiding complaints from neighbors, noise reduction rubber mats are the best choice for treadmill users.

Thick layers of the sheet will absorb the vibration that creates with every hit on the running deck.

There is a feature of Shock Absorption in modern-day treadmills that reduces the vibration of the machine.

These simple and affordable mats also help to protect the surface of the floor.

You will notice the change after covering your floor with the rubber mat.

It is available in all sizes according to your choice in the market.

So you need not worry about the heavy investment to avoid complaints.

Accurate Position Of The Treadmill

Most important thing is to keep your treadmill in the right position to avoid any noise issues.

Usually, users put the machine right close to the wall, in result sound waves bounce back.

Some people place treadmills on the balcony of their apartment or home. From my experience, it’s not good so. Because the moisture in open air can damage your treadmill.

During this process, the grinding sound will become louder and it will cause louder noise.

The best and most practiced way is to put the machine in the center of the room.

If you have a separate room or area for keeping the gym equipment including the treadmill then you can enjoy the treadmill.

But if you have a small area then don’t put the treadmill in the middle to avoid injury to kids and pets.

Noise reduction blankets are another option for canceling the noise.

Apartments do not have thick walls so your neighbor can easily disturb your workout on the treadmill.

You can use these soundproofing blankets to eliminate unwanted noises.

Anti-Vibration Pads

anti vibration pads

For avoiding the noisy treadmill that disturbs the neighbor we have another option is anti-vibration pads.

These Anti-vibration pads are highly recommended because it is made up of vibration damping materials.

Its rubber base and foam topping can absorb the vibration from the treadmill.

People usually ask can we use treadmills in apartments having concrete floors? The answer is Yes. But without a rubber mat, treadmill will cause noise that can disturb your near ones.

So, to overcome this noise of treadmills on concrete floors, noise reduction mats are proved very viable.

These noise-canceling pads are also used for various home appliances.

They usually come in sets of 4 pads, 2 pads for the front and 2 for the rear side.

Before installing the anti-vibration pads, clean the floor under the treadmill.

Lightweight Pair Of Running Shoes

shoes for treadmill running

Getting a lightweight pair of shoes can also reduce the noise and helps in avoiding any injury.

When you run or climb the hill on the treadmill you take heavy steps.

And it causes loud noise of the machine so if you choose lightweight it not only reduces the sound but you also feel light to do the workout.

Moreover, if you are still facing the noise try to move your treadmill to the carpeted area.

A thick layer of carpet reduces the vibration which you face on the tile or wooden floor.

It’s an option to move your treadmill on the carpet if you have no rubber mats.

Wearing lightweight shoes for jogging on the treadmill that is placed on rubber mats or thick carpet can make your treadmill quieter.

Regular Maintenance Of A Treadmill 

For avoiding the squeaking sound of the treadmill frequent maintenance is required.

Do not forget that check the motor or drive belt. Treadmills usually come along with the tools kit.

So if you feel any misalignment of the belt or loose or too tight nut and bolts you can easily solve the issue with the help of a tool kit.

The user manual is provided with every treadmill to get guidance.

I would suggest cleaning your treadmill on a routine basis after use.

Deep cleaning would be preferred after a month or two, it depends on the use of the machine.

Store the machine in dirt free area to avoid any kind of noise or any other problem.


Quieter Treadmill

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Yes! if your treadmill is still causing noise issues or you are tired of the daily basis of repairing then go for the quieter treadmill.

The old models of treadmills require proper care and attention.

New treadmills don’t require maintenance like the older machine.

So if you can afford or avoid conflict from the neighbors you can look for a modern technology treadmill.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes living in a confined area is a blessing due to compromising neighbors.

But we should follow the ethics to not disturb anyone around us by our activities.

For avoiding any conflict between you and your neighbors you can seek help from them too for convenient time management.

Nobody can deny the importance of the treadmill when it comes to indoor fitness equipment.

But everything has few pros and cons that can be solved by just following a few tips and tricks.

In the above article, we have discussed a few causes and solutions for the noise problem.

We can avoid treadmill noise that disturbs neighbors with very little investment in lubing spray, rubber mats, or maintenance of the motor.

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