Why Proform Treadmill Incline Goes Up & Down and Not Working

The fitness industry recognizes ProForm treadmills as cost-effective and creative pieces of home exercise equipment. At the same time, users find difficulty when the proform treadmill incline goes up and down.

I guess you are in the same problem and in search of a solution. Well, YES, I have figured it out already for the readers.

What to Do When Proform Treadmill Incline Goes up and down?

ProForm’s 2011 models incorporate power incline settings, which allow you to raise the intensity of your workout without altering your running or walking pace.

If the inclination motor fails to operate properly while you are using the equipment, immediately cease your exercise practice.

Incline exercise adds resistance to your workout, increases calorie expenditure by up to five times, and improves muscle tone.

ProForm inclination adjustment is motorized and automatic.

This simple function enables you to adjust the incline while walking or jogging to increase the difficulty and variety of your training.

With that being said, here are points to go through to solve your issues.

Recalibration of Treadmill

If your inclination motor fails, the first thing you should do is re-calibrate the complete system of proform stuck on incline.

According to ProForm, this can be accomplished by adjusting the inclination button.

Then withdraw the safety key while motor adjusts the running deck to the desired height.

Reintroduce the key after a few seconds.

The ProForm treadmill must self-calibrate the inclination motor to the lowest setting and operate normally.

Automatic Programs

Certain ProForm treadmills incorporate exercise programs from workout CDs or iFit.com etc.

With one of these programs instead of a manual exercise plan, the ProForm treadmill may adjust the running deck’s speed and incline to the program’s settings.

These adjustments replicate the conditions encountered while jogging outdoors.

If the incline or speed setting is too high for your fitness level. You can simply change the ProForm treadmill manually to a level that is comfortable for you.

However, the automated workout will continue to adjust the incline at the preset intervals, and you will need to adjust accordingly.

Proform Treadmill Incline Goes Up & Down

Mechanical Failure

Though it is less typical than a simple calibration error. The inclination motor or electronics console may have failed or shorted components.

This will result in the incline motor malfunctioning.

At all times, ProForm recommends keeping the treadmill free from humid conditions, liquids, and dust.

Contaminants that penetrate the machine’s mechanical and electrical components can irreversibly damage the component.

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What to do when your treadmill incline is not working (horizon and proform)?

A simple mistake like forgetting to plug it in, turn on the power switch, or insert the safety key could cause your horizon treadmill to not work properly.

Your Horizon or proform treadmill might not work and have a mechanical problem if you’ve ruled out user error.

Some issues, like a slipping treadmill belt, can be resolved quickly with basic troubleshooting.

Step 1

Remove the treadmill console’s safety key. If it’s a magnet key, try it against a metal surface.

A slot-style key should trigger the reed switch when inserted, so reposition the reed switch trigger as needed.

Reinstall the console safety key. If the treadmill console displays “safety key off” before withdrawing the key, this may help.

Step 2

Unplug the treadmill and gently massage all console keys in a circular motion.

Then re-plug the treadmill and look for keys.

If they don’t work. Disconnect the treadmill and wait 60 seconds. Then remove the console faceplate.

Lift the faceplate gently and secure the thin, clear, white-striped ribbon cables.

Step 3

Unplug it and reconnect the console cord from the treadmill.

Check all other connections for security. This may fix issues with the elevation function, console keys, or the running belt.

Step 4

Remove the motor cover. Wait until the circuit board’s lights go off before continuing.

Check all wires, including the 12-wire harness on the circuit board.

This fixes issues with the incline or the running belt.

Step 5

Locate the treadmill’s rear roller bolts. If the belt still slips while running, tighten each bolt a quarter-turn using an Allen wrench.

A quarter-turn the right bolt if the belt slips to the right. If the belt slips left, release the right bolt.

Then run the treadmill and look for belt slippage.

Adjust the bolts by quarter turns until the belt stops slipping.

Alongside these, calibration plays an important part somehow.

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How to perform incline calibration on a proform treadmill?

The incline calibration procedure is performed to verify the machine’s entire range of incline and decline functionalities (if applicable).

Calibration instructions differ by model, so it is recommended that you consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

There are two primary methods for calibrating the inclination on non-touchscreen consoles.

Method 1: Hold down the Stop and Speed Up buttons while inserting the key

 If you want to make sure the incline is right, press and hold the stop and speed-up buttons for a long time.

Insert the safety key while maintaining control of the buttons. The machine is now calibrated.

Once, press the Stop button. Then, begin the calibration by pressing one of the inclination buttons.

It is not suggested that you stand on the machine during the calibration process.

The machine will begin by ascending to its maximum inclination position, followed by descending to its lowest decline position.

Please wait until the machine comes to a complete stop before proceeding.

Calibration is accomplished when the machine comes to a complete halt.

To leave calibration mode, remove the safety key from the console.

Method 2: Insert the Key After Pressing the Stop Button

Press and hold the stop button to calibrate the incline. Insert the safety key into the console while holding the button. The machine is now calibrated.

Once, press the stop button. Then, begin the calibration by pressing either the inclination up or incline down button.

It is not suggested that you stand on the machine during the calibration process.

The machine will begin by ascending to its maximum inclination position, followed by descending to its lowest decline position.

Please wait until the machine comes to a complete stop before proceeding.

Calibration is accomplished when the machine comes to a complete halt.

Exit calibration mode by removing the safety key from the console.

What should you do when your treadmill is stuck on incline?

If treadmills of any brand like Golds Gym or Freemotion or any treadmill get stuck on incline, you should do this.

In this situation, try turning off and on the treadmill straightway. Not working?

Try unplugging the machine for 30 seconds and then reconnecting it.

Simple but worth trying. It may become a habit, but it will pass. Other than this:

Adjust the incline

This is when the treadmill will test its own slope and perhaps fix the problem.

It will incline to its extremes. It will reach to maximum and then go back down.

Some treadmills need you to press a sequence of buttons.

Let it finish any self-diagnostics and then test it. In most cases, restarting the treadmill will free a stuck one.

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The treadmill is one of the priciest home products. If something goes wrong, it must be fixed quickly for those who regularly use them.

A week without a treadmill can affect your exercise routine and fitness.

Regular maintenance is required to keep your treadmill running smoothly. This may not solve all the inclination issues.

People complain that their treadmill incline is going up and going down sometimes. This incline issue can come in any treadmill like Proform, Horizon, etc. The incline calibration is explained above. The steps are easy but worth trying.

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