Why is Your Treadmill Belt Slipping After Lubrication? How to Recenter?

One of the most common problems treadmill owners have is a belt that slips after lubrication.

Slipping is when you’re running on a treadmill and suddenly feel the belt move to one side under your feet.

It can be dangerous and can also cause you injuries.

To know about let’s first see the reasons behind it.

Primary Reasons for Treadmill Belt Slipping after Lubrication

The front roller’s pulley lost its grip

When a treadmill belt slips, it may be because the belt is slipping off of the front roller.

The front roller is the driving roller; if it gets out of place, it can stop the whole belt from moving.

When this happens, the belt will stop, but the drive belt and pulley will keep moving.

To fix this, you must put the pulley and roller tube under the belt back in place.

Putting a straight line of colored tape from the pulley to the roller is the easiest way to do this.

Start the treadmill up again and wait for the belt to slip. Once that happens, turn it off and look at the tape.

If it has come apart, your roller and pulley are not lined up.

If not, you need to look for a different reason.

The treadmill belt is worn out

The belt could also be slipping because it has been hit by many feet and worn out.

This can happen, especially if you bought your machine used, use it a lot, or live with other people who use it.

Treadmill Belt Slipping to One Side

Treadmill belt slipping after lubrication

Why does the treadmill belt slip to one side?

Having a treadmill at home makes the workout convenient. But as it is a machine there are some issues which it can face with the passage of time in both new and used ones.

Slipping of the treadmill belt to one side is caused by non-even adjustment in rear roller bolts.

Which roller bolt needs adjustment?

It is possible that if the right side bolt is loose then belt will move to the right, you need to tighten the right bolt to recenter it.

OR if the belt moves away from the left side then you need to loose the left side roller bolt.

How to fix the wearing of belt to the sides?

All you need is an Allen wrench to adjust the rear roller bolts and how much you should tight or loose it. Make adjustments in bolts by rotating the Allen wrench to one-quarter rotation to recenter the belt.

If you want your belt to move to the right side then you need to move the Allen wrench in an anticlockwise direction and vice versa.

Treadmill Worn Out Belt Slipping After Lubrication

How To Fix a Treadmill belt slipping after lubrication?

Now that you know what caused your belt to slip, I’ll tell you how to fix it. This is usually a pretty easy job to do.

  1. You’ll need an Allen wrench or hex key to tighten the walking belt. You should be able to see a couple of roller bolts at the end of your treadmill.
  2. Put your tool in the hole and turn it clockwise. It needs to be tightened evenly, so do it a little bit at a time.
  3. Tighten by half a turn, then do the same on the other side.
  4. Stop often to make sure you don’t tighten it too much.

You might also be able to tighten a loose drive belt by reading the instructions with your treadmill.

But if you’ve never used a treadmill before, you shouldn’t do that because it could damage the machine more.


It’s essential to figure out what’s going wrong. If you’re not sure, you may cause more damage. But don’t worry, it’s usually easy to see what’s wrong.

Check to see if lube is needed first. Next, check to see if any changes need to be made and ensure the belt is in good shape.

Lastly, be sure of yourself! Most likely, you know how to fix the problem.

Now you know a little more about how to fix your treadmill’s belt slipping after lubrication. It’s not too hard, but you should know your limits to prevent things from worsening.

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