Fix Treadmill Belt Bunching in Middle or Curling Up on Sides?

The walking belt is the most essential part of the treadmill. It can wear out over the years and start to bunch in the center, or curl up on the sides. It gets confusing to find out if the belt is strained enough to replace it with a new one or simple adjustment can solve the problem.

Long-term usage can prevail in treadmill belt folding and creasing in the middle or from the sides. This article will bring the limelight to all the aspects of treadmill belt that is bunching up in middle or why it gets folded over.

Why does treadmill belt gets folded over?

There are several reasons for a messed-up walking belt. Maybe your belt is not of good quality to bear the heavy workouts. Belt life span depends on many factors. If your treadmill belt starts curling up then look for the following conditions.

why treadmill belt is bunching or curling up on sides

Loose treadmill belt

The belt is more likely to fold up when it has poor tension. It is loose if you can lift the belt 4-5 inches off the deck.  If the belt is loose then it will be hard to run on it and it’ll start gathering in center. You have to apply more force to move the belt. It will get crease easily.

You can tighten up the belt by unscrewing the rear end of the treadmill with an Allen wrench. When the belt reaches a lifting ability of 2-3 inches then your treadmill has exact tension.

Loose drive belt can curl up on sides

The drive belt is placed between the motor and the front roller. It can also wear out due to daily usage. There are some symptoms of a loose drive belt. If your treadmill has a loose drive belt the front roller cannot move steadily. It can add crimps leading to the folding of the treadmill belt.

Always remember that some treadmills have misaligned drive belts to reduce the tension. These drive belts will fray easily.

You can fix this by first, removing the front cover, untwisting all bolts around the motor, and then moving the motor adjuster bolt to tighten the drive belt.

Always treat the drive belt with dressing spray to increase its life expectancy.

Worn out walking belt

When the treadmill belt starts deteriorating, it will have cuts at some points. Its material will start losing stiffness. It will not stay in its place for a long time. When you start running on it, the belt will begin to fold and curl on edges.

You can replace the old treadmill belt with a new one to prevent this problem.

Frictional deck railing

This is a prevalent reason for the curling of the treadmill belt. if your treadmill belt is frayed from the edges and the railing of the treadmill is too tight then friction causes it to bunch in the middle of the track.

Steps to fix treadmill bunching belt

You can unfold the treadmill belt by following these steps.

  • Pick the culprit, that is causing issues with the belt, you can start off by examining issues explained above.
  • Remove the front part that covers the motor.
  • Remove the tension in the belt by spinning the rear end bolt anti-clockwise
  • Do not over-loose the belt. It will become difficult to handle.
  • Take out the front roller.
  • Now, simply unfold the belt slowly.
  • Try to remove the crease formed in the belt.
  • Check the center of the belt.
  • Reassemble all the parts again.
  • Turn on the treadmill.
  • Leave it running for 1-2 mins to ensure treadmill belt rooting.

Final words

The most used part of the treadmill is its walking belt. By that time, the belt will become thin due to vigorous workouts. This thin belt can ultimately curl up on the sides of deck. You can inspect the belt by the causes mentioned above. It is very easy to unfold the bunched treadmill belt but it takes time if you do this completely on your own.

I can suggest that if it is just the issue with tension in the belt, you can tighten the belt easily, that’s not a rocket science. But after doing this, belt still folds, it’s better to call for professional assistance, bcz you have to inspect the treadmill deeply.

If you feel that the belt is at the end of its life span, it is always better to replace it to avoid other expensive losses. Hope all the solutions explained above, helped. Give us your suggestion in comments, what worked best for you.

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