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Sole manufactures best-quality treadmills, and F63 is no exception. It paves convenient ways for your fitness journey. It is suitable for people of all ages, as it can reduce joint pain by 40%

Although Sole F63 treadmill offers a 3-year deck and 1-year labor warranty, it is quite normal for a machine to get into trouble. Here I will discuss the major reasons that I’ve faced why Sole F63 can malfunction and how to troubleshoot them. After reading this guide you’ll be able to catch the culprit yourself.

F63 troubleshooting

Regular use of the F63 treadmill can cause occasional impairment over its lifespan. And there are several ways to troubleshoot the problems that you are encountering with your treadmill. 

General Troubleshooting

The first stage of finding problems is to check the power outlet where treadmill switch is connected.

  1. You can check your power inlet by plugging another device into the outlet and check whether it is receiving power or not. Mostly, treadmills have a fuse in their adaptors. It blows out if the treadmill is sucking more voltage.
  2. The second case, is if power outlet is working fine then the power cable may be worn out and may not pass the current to the treadmill.

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Sole F63 troubleshooting

Treadmill belt Troubleshooting

The treadmill belt needs lubrication after some period of time. Some treadmills require lube even before first-time usage. Sole F63 also requires maintaining smooth movement of the belt on the deck. Improper maintenance will chip off the sides of the belt. 

Your belt may start skipping or slipping if you have lubricated it beyond an extent. It can lose its place and decenter. It shifts in the sides of the deck and as a result, gets stuck. 

If you turn on your Sole F63 and does not work then first look for the troubling belt. You can easily adjust treadmill belt problems with a few steps.

  • Pull the belt off the deck to check the tension. It should lift to 2 to 3 inches. If the pull is beyond the range, tighten the belt with an Allen wrench.
  • You can avoid the belt slipping with water and soap. 
  • You can add lubricant to enhance the performance and age of belt.

The console doesn’t power up| Troubleshooting

There could be multiple reasons for an unpowered display of Sole F63 such as a disconnected plug, circuit breaker tripping, the cord being misplaced, or a fuse problem. 

Check the power cord, and length of the wires, and replace the crinkled ones. 

Bootless motor

Remember not to overwork your F63 treadmill. Its motor has to control incline and speed at the same time. If you try to pursue a heavy workout, there are chances of erratic speed and an unfunctional motor.

If there is a problem with your motor, look for professional help. Because this is a technical issue and demands a technical person. There can be only one wire that needs replacement rather than the whole motor. 

Try to protect your motor because it is the most expensive part of the treadmills.

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Display stops suddenly

Occasionally, users complain about the sudden shutdown of the display with an electrostatic shock every time they touch the console.

The sole reason is that your F63 is not grounded. 

Tripped circuit in treadmill

Our houses mostly have GFCI or AFCI power outlets that do handle high voltage ranges. F63 consumes about 600-700 watts and above.

Heavy workouts can use more voltage and might result in circuit tripping. 

Error code display

After routine usage of the sole treadmill, you have two common errors that are incline error and erratic speed sensor. Treadmills showing incline error and speed error simply needs calibration.

Firstly, turn off the treadmill, remove the safety key, hold the start and speed buttons, and then enter for calibration. Once your treadmill is calibrated, the errors are removed.

Troubleshoot Why Sole F63 Buttons not Working?

If your Sole F63 buttons aren’t working, you should check the wires that are connected to the console buttons and to the control board of the treadmill. If there are any disruptions in wire connections you need to fix them out. Check detail to troubleshoot why console buttons aren’t working well.


These are the major possible problems that can pop up while using the Sole F63. You can easily fix them all by yourself, but safety is the always priority. So, keep the following precautions in mind while repairing the machine.

  • Keep your treadmill unplugged during maintenance.
  • Reassemble the machine completely before operating it.

If you are unable to troubleshoot the cause for disturbance in your Sole F63 treadmill, then go for professional help

Hope this helped.

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