Shoes Slipping On Treadmill | Reasons & Solutions

Are you struggling with the shoes slipping on a treadmill? Does it hurt your feet?

Daily walking and running outcome in mental and physical stability.

Treadmills are foremost and complex machines that are supplied with different components.

Treadmills come in different sizes, functions, and applications.

But basic settings and body parts are almost the same in all the machines.

It’s a great investment to improve our health and reduce extra pounds.

Sometimes on a rough or slippery surface, we feel uncomfortable while jogging or running.

When it’s a matter of health and safety never compromise on the quality of a treadmill.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that why we face shoe slipping problems on a treadmill.

And definitely, we are here for you to settle down the problem too.

Shoes Slipping On Treadmill

How to Overcome Shoes Slipping on a Treadmill?

Various factors are involved in shoes slipping on a treadmill.

Most of the time it’s about the running deck, cushioning of the belt, running trainers and size of a belt, etc.

We cannot deny the fact that running and jogging has a direct effect on our knee and joints.

Some people ignore their health conditions and walk on slippery surfaces on a treadmill sometimes just to reach their weight loss goal.

But as a result, we face adverse effects on bones. Now let’s resolve these issues.

Running Trainers

The comfort of your feet comes in the first place when you start running or jogging on a treadmill.

The right choice of shoes makes your journey easy and can help you to prolong your workout.

We add different workouts and increase the incline level according to our stamina.

But if you choose shoes which are too big or small, or their sole is thin you cannot work out properly.

For this purpose, many famous shoe-making companies design running trainers that are light weighted and comfortable for walking.

The right pair of shoes should be comfortable, durable, and give the best support to your feet.

Few top brands including Reebok, Nike, Adidas, etc. offers trainers that are suitable for your feet during the walk.

If you are not certain about the right choice, ask for specialist help otherwise it leads to serious health issues like sciatica and osteoarthritis.

Ideal Belt Size of a Treadmill

The belt should have the right width and length which help you run freely.

The standard size of a treadmill belt is 16″ and 20″ in width and 40″ to 60″ in length.

Assure yourself that the belt has a non-slippery surface so that it cannot hurt your joints and back.

Most treadmills come with the standard-size belt mentioned above.

The comfort of your feet depends on the thickness of the deck of your treadmill.

Choose a treadmill that has a durable deck and is lubricated enough to minimize the friction between the deck and the belt for a smooth run.

It will help you to walk smoothly without slipping on a treadmill.

Excellent Cushioning 

Before purchasing a machine make sure that you have researched enough about the suitable and under-budget treadmill for you.

The treadmill belt is the most important part of the treadmill. Many times we face slipping on a treadmill due to an intolerable running belt.

Cushioning in a treadmill is located below the belt and the deck.

Cushioning in my opinion is a vital aspect when we are buying a treadmill.

Its major function is that it absorbs the force of impact on the knee, back, and joints.

So, you can run without strain and it provides safety and comfort to your walk.

The addition of handrails in the treadmill also helps to entertain heavyweight users.

As they feel safe while running on the belt.

3 Reasons for a Shoe Slipping on a Treadmill

Let’s diagnose and fix a few issues of the shoe slipping on a treadmill.

Loose Belt

The most common issue is that the walking belt might be loose.

If the belt is loose then take Allen’s wrench and tighten a couple of the holes at the back of the treadmill.

Tight it half a turn clockwise on both sides of the deck.

Do it evenly and now check, the belt will be tightened. If not then repeat this process.

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Friction Between Deck and Belt

Another reason is the friction between the deck and belt.

It is due to the dry surface under the belt.

So, lube it well with 100% silicone.

And it will reduce friction and you can walk smoothly withing slipping.

Condition of Drive Belt

There is a belt between the motor and the front roller.

Check if the belt is worn out, because if so then it’s the reason for slipping on a treadmill.

Remove the screws from the base of the treadmill and then remove the motor hood.

Unscrew the bolt from the front roller with an Allen wrench.

Remove the front roller and replace the motor belt and reinstall the front roller to the frame.

Now, screw the bolt into the front roller.

Connect the belt from the motor to the roller.

Now assure that belt is aligned to the center of the motor and front roller.


In the aforementioned information, we have likely covered all the possible reasons people face slipping on a treadmill.

So if you sweat a lot then wear headbands, and wristbands and use a towel to wipe off the sweat.

Always purchase a high-quality and durable treadmill to avoid any injury while running.

And last but not least consult your orthopedic doctor if you face any serious shoe slipping on a treadmill.

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