Scared About Abnormal Stress Test?

Are you scared about abnormal stress test? You are not the only one having this situation before going for a stress test rather almost all people feel scared about abnormal results of the test. But you must need to clear this notion that there are different kinds of abnormal results.

Only the severe abnormal results are irritating while the very little abnormality is not worrisome. I will explain to you the different stages of an abnormal stress test.

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Different stages of abnormal stress test

There are different stages of an abnormal stress test. These are categorized as mild, and worrisome.

In the first category, the stress test shows normal results but there are only minor blocking of arteries. It’s something that can be cured by medicines.

The second condition is that in which results are quite disappointing means that they show the severe blocking of arteries. In this condition, it becomes necessary to locate all the exact points in arteries which are causing problems. Because the heart risk increases due to the blocked arteries. So, in order to spot out the exact location, a special technique coronary angiogram is used which gives the real picture of blockages of arteries.

A person with the former one condition might not worry at all. But the person with a later one condition has to worry and should seek medical care at the earliest.

Scared About Abnormal Stress Test

Don’t be hesitant before going for a stress test

Some people feel it difficult before going for some sort of medical treatment. It is common as sometimes the word medical treatment often reflects the term operation. But in this treatment(stress test) you won’t need to worry at all as it is non-invasive and is continuously observed.

Stress tests are painless. There are some points jotted down which will give you confidence about not to be scared about an abnormal stress test.

Before going for a stress test if you are wondering what will happen if you fails a stress test, then have a look at previous linked article.

Assistant with you in the treatment room

At the time of stress test, there will be a trained technician with you in the treatment room who will be looking after you and observing the different conditions like a heartbeat on the ECG screen, breathing rate, and there will be a handcuff around your arm to check your blood pressure time to time.

A stress test is non-invasive

Usually, operations/medical treatments are invasive(the process in which we have to cut the body tissues with the help of surgical instruments in order to cure the problem).

Whereas a stress test is non-invasive, there is no need of entering/puncturing into the human body with aid of different instruments. Rather it involves the physical movement of the body(as you have to jog on the treadmill).

A stress test is painless

The stress test is painless as it is non-invasive. There is no puncturing/piercing into your skin in this test. There is no anesthesia given to the patient i.e. you are fully conscious and can observe the whole procedure yourself.

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