Rowing Machine Slipping| 2 Solutions

I can imagine why you are here. It’s because your rowing machine is slipping and for sure this thing is irritating you.

Slipping of rowing machine backward with each stroke is an issue faced by most rowers.

Although this problem is more seen in cheap rowing machines. But I assure those who bought cheap rowing machines, you don’t need to worry at all.

This issue can be easily fixed by a single product or some worth understanding techniques which can make your workout effective and you’ll easily get rid of tension about back movement of machine.

But sometimes people get worried that they bought expensive rowing machines but still face back slipping issues.

Rowing Machine Slipping

Don’t be worried because there is a great probability it is not the issue with your machine. But it is related to the floor on which rowing machine is placed or it is concerned with better rowing techniques.

It’s because the floor is not providing enough friction or grip to the machine.

Or the most common reason is that the mat you are using is not providing enough friction or you aren’t using best techniques to row.

Following are the solution for stopping your rowing machine from moving around.

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How to control rowing machine from moving?

There are two ways we can do to stop rowing machines from moving around, especially indoor rowers.

  1. Use of high-density rubber mat
  2. Better approach to use rowing machine.

Use of Rubber Mat to reduce slipping of rowing machine

Always use a rubber mat if you are using a rower for indoor use. As the slipping of machine for outdoor use doesn’t matter enough as compared to slipping while doing workout indoor.

Although any type of mat is good because it will provide enough grip to avoid slipping back of machine.

But, better suggestion is to use mats having rounded corners because this factor will also enhance the grip.

Overall Best: Sunny Rubber Mat

Rowing machine rubber mat

Necessary Marks of Sunny Health & Fitness Rubber Mat

  • Its superb quality also helps avoid floors and carpets from the impact of heavy equipment.
  • This mat also helps increase the life of your equipment by avoiding dust from entering machine parts.
  • It does absorb a considerable amount of vibrations while doing workouts, thus reducing the noise.

Mats are highly recommended to those having marble flooring or laminated wood flooring as these kinds of floor surfaces offer less friction thus resulting in back slip.

Method to use a rowing machine in a better way

When you exert pressure using intensive stroke there are chances it will slip back. Because it will move back as your whole body is pulling the string with all might and the force is experienced in the backward direction.

If you take strap out with sudden pressure machine will slide back because of the phenomenon of inertia(the whole machine wants to move in the direction you are exerting force).

During hard workouts after recovery when you stroke suddenly, the rower moves in the direction of applied force(i.e: backward).

Doing row using proper techniques can enhance the workout and can effectively reduce the back slip of rowing machine.

Following is the technique to row better.

Recover slowly

If you increase your rowing intensity, you shouldn’t speed up the recovery. Give yourself time to recover to stable your breath. This is one of the best rowing practices.

Whether you are doing workouts intensively or normally it is always recommended to give recovery more time than the stroke.

The average ratio of stroke to recovery is 1:2. In simple words, we can say that a person should take twice the time of stroke for recovery.

Don’t use foot straps for stroke

While rowing uses your shoulders and engage the whole body except your feet to pull the strap back. The primary function of foot strap is to provide you with more layback position.

Do consider this your feet should not be bearing pressure or they shouldn’t be the sole source to move you back, they should be relaxed. Make sure to maintain your abdominal muscles and glutes in position and core body parts(like glutes, biceps, etc) should stabilize you, not the feet.

Additional betterments

You can use rubber caps to cover the feet of rowing machines in case it is second-hand or old. While new rowers already have rubber caps but if not present you should apply them.

If you are using good methods to row but still it’s moving around you might need to get concerned about your flooring.

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Final thoughts

The final words are if you use a high-density rubber mat this will effectively enhance the friction between floor and machine. Thus, providing you a smooth workout experience without getting worried about ending workout in the center of room.

Also, rowing with proper techniques and methods followed though stops the rowing machine from sliding but also makes your workout better and lets you achieve more. So now you can do workout in a better way without any hassle and irritation.

Wish you good luck with your fitness! Hope this article helped!

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