Rowing Machine Not Retracting

Looking for the solution of rowing machine not retracting! You hit the right spot.

It is very irritating when rowing machine is not retracting. And if you have one of the cheap rowing machines, then there are more chances that retraction not occurs.

Of course, it is annoying when you are ready to do workout and you found that your fitness machine is not working out.

Let’s see the solution for the retraction of rowing machine.

There might be any one of the following problems you can encounter related to the retraction of machine.

Rowing Machine Not Retracting


The first case is, you are pulling the handle from machine. But it does not retract (row back into the machine) and there is no tension in it when you wind it up.

If you are facing this issue, then, unfortunately, hectic and disturbing work is ahead.

Tools Required to unscrew bolts

You will need the following tools to take out the coil from the face of machine.

  1. First, you will need a 10mm spanner.
  2. And, a 16mm spanner.
  3. You can also use multitool spanner which is more suitable.

Solution for Retraction

You have to take out the face of the rowing machine in which recoil machine is present.

You might need to take the belt out to sort the issue. It may need the realignment to retract.

First check the belt, to make sure that it is still elastic and able to be retracted. Because sometimes low-quality belts or shock cords become inflexible after time.

If you have checked the belt and it is fine then it’s good.

Now start unscrewing the components, starting from the top, using a 10mm spanner.

Now unscrew the bolts at the bottom around the coil using 16mm spanner, and take the coil out. Also verify that belt is on the flywheel. If it has slipped off, just adjust it, this might resolve the issue.

And then again start attaching the parts which you have taken out, but while screwing the bolts take care that all parts are aligned and installed exactly. So that none of the parts are held loose and maximum tension could be obtained from bungee cord.

Check that all the bearings or chain roller bearings are moving freely(they are not jammed).  They should move unceasingly without stopping.

Tight all the nuts as possible.

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Mostly the basic problem faced by the rowers about rowing machines is that retraction does not occur. So, I have provided you with the solution because I also do the same when my rower belt doesn’t retract.
Hope so you have got the solution and now you’re ready to row to do your workout.

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