What is Rowing Machine Distance Per Stroke? Explained

The rowing machine distance per stroke doesn’t have the same value on each strike. If you have a rowing machine without a display meter, find how much distance is covered per stroke. You have to use this rowing machine distance calculator formula. This formula can also be referred to as the rowing machine strokes distance calculator.

S= (Cal-300)/9.6367)1/3 * T

“S” represents the distance, “Cal” is the number of burnt calories per hour, “T” belongs to the workout time in seconds, and 1/3 is the power value of the factor.

So, this is the manual method of finding the distance per stroke on a rowing machine. Further, I will tell you about stroke rate, the distance concerning workout time, and some common mistakes that most people make while Rowing.

What is meant by Rowing Machine Distance per Stroke?

The amount of strokes you take in 60 sec is known as the stroke rate or strokes per minute. A number displayed on the monitor’s upper corner is the stroke value per minute or spm.

How much is the Rowing stroke distance per minute?

It is natural for one to think about what I’ll accomplish in one minute of rowing. Normally, the distance in one stroke is 11m if you have normal speed and resistance.

And typically, a normal person can hit 25-29 strokes per minute.  So, the distance covered in one minute of rowing strokes will equal 300-350 meters.

Distance covered in rowing 30 strokes per minute?

Rowing 30 strokes in a minute on an indoor machine with high resistance can make you cover 500 meters. So, 30 spm is a reasonable rowing machine distance per minute for a new person. 

If you wish to perform 30+ spm, then more energy is required. Maintaining an even body posture while working out on the 30+ stroke rate per minute is challenging.

Here is a tip for the new rower: if it’s challenging to maintain 30+ spm at the start, follow these steps; it will help you gradually achieve your goal.

  • Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Perform 15 to 20 spm for 5 minutes.
  • Now, level up and try to perform at least 30 spm for 2 minutes and gradually increase the time for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Take some rest and repeat the same steps three times.

What Distance is covered in rowing 25 strokes per minute?

For a longer workout, 25 strokes per minute are the best option, and it will help you increase stamina. The most appreciable benefit of this range is that you can easily maintain your recommended body posture during exercise.

The distance you can cover in 25 strokes normally is 250 meters and can be enhanced up to 350 meters by increasing the resistance and speed.

This range is not only good for your maintaining your even body posture during excises, but it will help you to get proper knowledge of how and when to apply force during Rowing to give you maximum output and avoid back injuries.

Rowing Strokes per Minute

While training for beginners, 15 to 30 strokes per minute will help you increase stamina, and you will be able to perform a high distance and steady workout.

30 to 40 strokes per minute are maintainable on short-distance work out hard to perform in case of long-distance workouts.

The demand of this range is an intermediate level of experience; it’s a best practice for your muscles because sprinting in this range is performed more rapidly than 30 strokes per minute.

40+ strokes per minute is a game for experts and athletes. The world record for fastest Rowing is 47 spm.

This range is also a short-distance rowing workout. This range is tough to achieve and maintain. You must use your large muscle-like legs, which consume much energy to perform at this range. So, this speed is not recommended for daily workouts.

5 minutes rowing machine distance

The three sets of 5 minutes of a rowing machine with the 20 strokes per minute daily will help you lose up to 0.3 kg per week. You can cover the distance of 1300m to 1500m in 5 minutes on the rowing machine with a stroke range of 25 to 30 spm.

10 minutes rowing machine distance

In 10 minutes of Rowing, you cover a distance of 1500 to 2000m with an intermediate range of spm, and the three sets of 10 minutes on 30 spm will help you melt about 600 calories every week.

Now, I will tell you about common mistakes that most people make while working on a rowing machine.

Mistakes while using the rowing machine

Common work out mistakes while using rowing machine
  • Relying too much on your foot straps to pull yourself back will cause your hip pain and disengage your core from helping to perform the stroke.
  • To avoid this mistake, strip off your feet and try to work out without putting the feet in strips. But if you’re a beginner, you might struggle to row without putting on foot straps. So, learn to adjust your footstraps appropriately.
  • Using the force of just arms while rowing is another mistake; most people pull the handle more forcefully to complete the stroke. In this case, the lower body improvement is slower than the arms and upper body. So, to avoid this, use your large and small muscles evenly.

Follow the guide to learn rowing machine workouts.


Now, you can calculate the rowing machine distance per stroke even if you don’t have a meter.

If you cannot do that calculation manually, there is an option for an online calculator; you need to fill in the required information in the text box of that calculator and get the distance per stroke.

Keep your eyes on improving an even and steady workout instead of many blind strokes. Increase your SPM gradually and maintain your recommended body posture for an even muscle result.


How Far Is 500 Strokes On a Rowing Machine?

Increasing the stroke count can lead to shorter distances (11m per stroke dropping to 8m) covered per stroke due to fatigue and technique challenges. Completing 500 strokes might still cover roughly 4000 meters (4 km or 2.8 miles).

What Is a Good Distance for 30 Minutes on a Rowing Machine?

A reasonable distance for 30 minutes of rowing for a person in their early 30s with an intermediate skill level is approximately 7578 meters at a stroke rate of 25-31 SPM, with a distance covered per stroke of 8-10 meters.

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