Rowing Machine Display Explained

Rowing is a great way to burn fat, but it can also hurt you if you do it wrong. These days majority of people are looking for ways to know rowing machine display, so we are here to sort it out in minutes for you.

Here, we’ll quickly go over what each of these numbers on the rowing machine means.

Meanwhile how they can be used to get the most out of them.

You should choose the units that will help you reach your training goal in the best way possible.

When rowing, skiing, or riding, you can press Display or Change Display to go through the different displays.

How to read the Display on the Rowing Machine

Firstly, it will show you how many strokes you do in a minute, and how far you went during your workout.

Additionally, how long it would have taken you to run a row of 500 meters.

Moreover, how long you’ve been rowing and when you’ve been rowing. Meters, calories, and watts are usually the work units shown.

All data

According to the type of workout (e.g., time, distance, or interval), when you look at the All-data display, it shows:

  1. The amount of time or distance has passed or is still to be done.
  2. The number of strokes per minute.
  3. Workout intensity, presented stroke by stroke and indicated in pace per 500 or 100 meters for the BikeErg, calories, or watts.
  4. The average intensity of your workout. It can be (speed per 500 or 1000 meters, calories, or watts). Alongside the total time/meters of your activity.
  5. In this case, you can divide up the length of the run-in meters, the speed, the calories, or the watts.

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Force Curve

The Force curve is a graph that shows how much power you used during the stroke right away.

Performance monitor shows workout data on the top half of their Force Curve displays.

Furthermore, the force curve for each stroke is present on the bottom half.

Rowing Machine Display Explained


The PaceBoat/PaceSkier/PaceRider display lets you row, ski, or ride against a target pace. This is shown by either a pace boat or a pace skier.

In this, the PM shows workout data on the top half of the screen.

On the bottom half, there is a pace boat, a pace skier, or a pace cyclist. You must make sure that you write down a target pace when you start your workout.

You can also use the ReRow, ReSki, or ReRoll function to set the target pace to target pace. This is from a workout that you’ve already done.

If you don’t set a target pace, the pace boat or skier/rider will keep up with your workout pace.

Bar Chart

The Bar Chart display shows how much power you use by painting a bar chart/graph for each stroke you make.

In this case, the Bar Chart shows your heart rate intensity instead and paints a new bar every 10 seconds.

If the bar is higher, it means that you have more power, or your heart is beating faster.

PMs show workout data on the top half of the screen. Each stroke’s bar chart is shown on the bottom half.

Large Print

The Large Print display shows important workout data in a big font, so it’s easier to read.

The rowing machine display not working

There can be many reasons that your rowing machine is not working, or as soon as you start rowing, the rowing performance monitor does not turn on.

  1. In some cases, you need new batteries for the monitor.
  2. Batteries can be positioned in different orientations.
  3. You must change their directions if you have put the batteries in the wrong way.
  4. The wire for the pickup may not be firmly plugged in on the back of the screen.
  5. You must make sure that the plug is in all the way.
  6. If the monitor continues to be unresponsive, replacing it with a new PM will be necessary.

How Can You Reset PM5 Screen?

  1. It’s quite easy to do so when depressing and releasing the “Reset” button on the back of the monitor with a paperclip.
  2. You must maintain control of the Units and Display buttons.
  3. Keep holding down the buttons for at least 7 seconds, or until the screen flashes “Setting Factory
  4. Defaults” for a few seconds. Then, let go of the buttons.

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People who want to use a rowing machine should now have all the information they need to make sure, they do it in the right way and safely.

Keep practicing your rowing technique until you can do it without thinking about it. This will make your workouts more productive and less painful.

The Display is entirely based on some keys. It’s pretty important to learn about the rower display machine working to better understand your workout.

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