Why Renpho Massage Gun Not Charging? | 8 Step Troubleshooting Guide

Alright, folks, let’s talk about why Renpho massage gun not charging– the muscle-soothing wizard that has taken the world by storm!

So, we’ve all been there – you’ve got this Renpho massage gun, a real champ among Amazon’s Best Sellers.

Picture this: You’re all pumped up after a workout, and you’ve got your Renpho massage gun all set to charge. But what’s this? When you return from workout, expecting it to be juiced up and ready to ease those post-gym knots, it’s just sitting there, not charging. Seriously, talk about a mood dampener!

Well, don’t be furiful, because in this blog post, we’re diving headfirst into the reasons why your Renpho seems to be going all rogue on the charging front and not working properly. Let’s get to the bottom of this electrifying mystery!

Let’s dive in further without wasting any time. For quicker navigation use our easy-to-navigate table of contents.

renpho massage gun not charging

Why is My Renpho Massage Gun Not Charging?

You know, in today’s fitness-focused world, having a massage gun is practically a rite of passage for any fitness enthusiast. I mean, who doesn’t want that magical percussion massager to soothe those hard-worked muscles after a workout?

But here’s the kicker: sometimes, these amazing devices can let us down. Imagine, your trusty Renpho massage gun, or even some other popular brand massage guns like Raemo, Everlast, or Sharper Image, suddenly decides it doesn’t want to charge or starts doing a disco routine with red blinking lights. It’s like they’re trying to send us secret messages or something!

Now, I’ve got some good news for you – there’s a one-size-fits-all solution for these massage gun mysteries. When it’s not charging, the culprit often turns out to be the battery, and guess what? You can fix it! I’m about to spill the beans on what to do in every possible scenario. Just stick around for these handy guidelines.

Troubleshoot Why Renpho Massage Gun is Not Charging?

There could be multiple reasons if Renpho massage gun is not holding charge. The most prominent of all is battery not working. Let me take you through all the possible causes.

Inspect the Charging Port

Charging port is the open end of machine. Since it is exposed ot environment, it can sometime gather dust and debris. Causing blockage to the charging port. Resulting in massage gun not charging. Try plugging in different power outlet or changing the USB cable you’re using.

Restart the Massage Gun

One of the best and feasible solutions is to restart the massage gun. Just like any electronic device, a quick reset can sometimes do wonders. Turn off your Renpho massage gun if it’s on, and then turn it back on to see if it recognizes the charging cable.

Battery Drained Completely

It’s possible that the battery of your massage gun is completely drained. Leave it connected to the charger for at least 30 minutes to an hour to see if it starts charging. A completely depleted battery may take some time to show signs of life.

Ensure Proper Alignment

Make sure that the charging cable is correctly aligned with the massage gun’s charging port. Sometimes, a slight misalignment can prevent charging.

Try a Different Charger 

If you have access to another charger that is compatible with your Renpho massage gun, try using it. Sometimes, the issue may be with the charger rather than the massage gun itself.

If you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting methods and still Renpho massager is not charging or not turning on, it’s time to delve into the battery reset settings.

How to Reset Renpho Massage Gun

If you’ve given all the troubleshooting tricks a shot and they haven’t worked, don’t worry, we’ll fix it. There’s a good chance resetting the massage gun might do the trick.

Now, don’t let the word “fixing” scare you. It’s basically just a matter of adjusting and meddling with some wires after unscrewing a few bolts.

So, when do you need to perform this reset?

Well, if you’re dealing with a Renpho massage gun, or even a massage gun from a different brand, and it’s still acting up i.e: not charging or not working despite trying other solutions, then it’s time to consider a complete reset.

If these are the some of indications with your massage gun, you need to follow our guide with pictures to reset massage gun.

  • Battery Goes too Low
  • Problem with the Software
  • Renpho Not Holding Charge

Tools You Need to Reset Massage Gun Not Charging

To get your massage gun’s battery back in action, you’ll only need some basic household tools.

  • A screwdriver(to remove massage gun screws).
  • Strategy to Remove Lid of Massage Gun(Turn the lid anti-clockwise). It’ll come out easily.

Process to Reset Renpho or Any Other Massage Gun

The process to reset Renpho or Renpho mini massage gun not charging is simple. Just follow the below provided steps to get your Renpho again in working condition.

Step1 & 2 (Remove Screws)

Remove all the screws of massage gun. Most probably one screw holds the back lid of massage gun. And some other screw at the head & body of massager under rubbers.

Step 3(Remove the Lid of Renpho Massage Gun)

After taking out all of the screws remove the lid of massage gun to reset the faulty battery that’s not charging.

Step 4(Separate Upper Halves of Massager)

Remove the steel ring that holds the both halves of massage gun together if present.


Step 5(Disconnect Wire to Separate Battery)

Disconnect the wire of massage gun that attaches the upper(mechanical) portion that provides vibrations to massager head.

In this way you’ll separate the battery of massage gun.

Step 6(Remove the Lid of Battery)

To reach to the battery, there is another lid that is screwed with the body of massage gun to keep battery of massage gun protected. Remove that lid by unscrewing bolts.

Step 7(Detach Wires from Battery)

Remove a pair of wires attached to the battery. Wait for 20-30 seconds.

Step 8(Reattach the Wires)

Reconnecting the two wires to the battery—Voila! That’s all there is to it. Now your battery will kick back into action and start charging again like a champ.

This fix is like a universal problem-solver, whether it’s your trusty Renpho cordless massager or the compact Renpho mini massager that is not working. In about 99% of cases, this will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

how to reset massage gun,, renpho massage gun not charging

Some Other Possible Reasons if Renpho Not Charging Properly

  • Charger has failed
  • Incorrect Charger 
  • Battery Out of Order

How to & where to get Renpho Battery Replacement?

If you’ve tried resetting Renpho massage gun, and gone through whole process and still found no luck (which is quite unusual), it’s time to turn your attention to the battery.

Chances are, it’s completely drained and done for. In that case, you’ll want to swap it out with a shiny new replacement.

Tip: Renpho Massage Gun Not Working! Try This

Here’s a top-notch trick if your massage gun doesn’t work. I stumbled upon this trick while fiddling with my Renpho massager, and it’s a game-changer if your massage gun is plugged in but still playing hard to get.

Plug in the charger and keep an eye on it. As soon as it hits 20, swiftly unplug it. And there you have it! Your massager will spring back to life and start working again.


Q. Renpho Massager Charging Time?

Renpho active massage gun deep tissue percussion massager has a litium ion battery of 2500 mAh which gives you 6 hours of use. And have about 2-3 hours of charging time.

Q. Is Renpho Massager Worth It?

Renpho percussion massager stands out as an Amazon’s Choice and one of the best-selling options. It unquestionably ranks as a top-tier choice for relieving pain and soothing muscle aches for athletes and runners, backed by an impressive track record of over 30,000 reviews on Amazon.

Q. Why Renpho Mini Massage Gun Not Charging & Red Light Flashing?

If your Renpho massager flashes red light, it indicates that battery is low and it needs to be recharged.


These insights should equip you with ample knowledge to revive your Renpho percussion massager and have it charging like a champ once again.

Remember, these tips aren’t just limited to Renpho; they apply to various percussion massagers from different brands like Raemo, Everlast or Sharper image

.This versatile method is a go-to solution for most cases.

With all these details at your disposal, you’re well-prepared to tackle any issues with your Renpho percussion massager. Fix it swiftly, and bid farewell to the frustrating question of why your Renpho massage gun is not charging.

In conclusion, maintaining your massage gun’s charging capabilities is essential for an uninterrupted relaxation experience. By following these troubleshooting steps and battery reset techniques, you’ll ensure that your Renpho massage gun, or any other brand, remains in top working condition, ready to provide the relief you need after those intense workout sessions. So, keep these tips in your toolbox for whenever you encounter charging issues with your massage gun.

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