Why Proform Treadmill Turns On But Won’t Run | 7 Troubleshooting Tips

Owning a treadmill involves the responsibility of maintaining it. There is a lot of confusion regarding a proform treadmill that turns on but won’t run?

At-home workouts are one of the most efficient and convenient ways to fit in today’s world.

Because many overweight or gym-bound individuals do not want themselves to come in public eyes.

Concerning the problems that many people face at home, in this article, we will discuss and resolve them all individually.

Why does my proform treadmill turn on but won’t run?

For a direct approach, there are two conditions that you need to do when this situation takes place with your proform treadmill:

  1. You will need to replace the drive motor if the motor control board engages the engine, but the drive motor does not run once it is on.
  2. Also, you will need to replace the drive motor if you can hear a buzzing sound, but it will not run.

Well, I would like to provide you with further relevant information if your treadmill won’t start and just beeps. You might also like to look for this solution.

7 Proform Treadmill problems with their solutions

To make the search easy for you, here are the detailed solutions to troubleshoot Proform treadmill problems:

1. Treadmill not starting

If the treadmill doesn’t start, check the power cord. Please look at your surge suppressor to ensure it isn’t turned off or plugged in securely.

Ensure that the key is in the console and that you have pressed the power switch on the frame to the right.

If the machine does not start up, it should disappear five minutes after pressing down on the switch’s right.

2. Treadmill stops working

If the treadmill stops working during an exercise, look for a faulty power switch.

After waiting five minutes, press the switch to the right to activate.

Remove and reinsert the key to ensure that the power cord hasn’t come free.

proform treadmill turns on but won't run

3. Treadmill console not working

If your treadmill’s console display isn’t working correctly, you may fix it by removing the motor hood from the front of the machine.

  1. Remove the machine’s key and unhook the power cord.
  2. Remove the five screws around the hood using a Phillips-head screwdriver, then raise the hood from the machine.
  3. Make sure the magnet on the side of the pulley is aligned with the switch that is coming out from the middle of the motor as you turn the pulley.
  4. Reinstall the hood, tighten the screws, reconnect the power cord, and turn the ignition switch on.

4. Treadmill walking belt issue

Use the hex wrench provided with the treadmill to adjust the walking belt if it’s too loose, too tight, or slipping to any side.

Unplug the computer and remove the console key.

Using a hex wrench, spin each of the treadmill’s idler roller screws one-quarter turn counterclockwise. It will loosen the treadmill belt.

Tighten the belt by rotating the two screws counterclockwise by a quarter turn.

If the belt is too far to the left, rotate the left roller screw one-half turn clockwise.

If the belt has shifted to the right, spin the right screw one-half turn.

treadmill console not working properly

5. Treadmill display not working

When console display issues arise, the solution is typically straightforward.

Power cords and visible wires should be checked for treadmill console display issues.

Batteries and wires worn out or crimped will need to be replaced.

A comprehensive examination of the treadmill’s flywheel magnetic pickup is required before any repairs can be made.

It is possible that the magnet may have come loose.

Circuit breakers may need to be reset when the console gets static. You can resolve this issue by unplugging the power cord for 60 seconds.

6. Treadmill Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from the treadmill could be a sign of more severe problems.

You must turn off the treadmill and unhook it from the wall as soon as possible.

Traces of a short in the wiring, electronics, or motor are common reasons for a treadmill’s burning scent.

Also, it is essential to repair a treadmill as soon as possible due to the fire risk.

7. Treadmill motor not working

fix faulty treadmill motor

If the treadmill motor doesn’t operate, it can be one of the most expensive repairs an owner has to do.

If the motor cannot be adjusted and runs at full speed, it may need to be replaced.

Treadmills that start up and run at full speed are frequently a result of circuit failure, which shows a safety risk.

Repairing or replacing the circuit or motor may require the services of a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my treadmill incline work but not the belt?

Over time, the belt of a treadmill can move to the right or left. Because of this, the belt can stop driving if the shift is significant enough.

Check the belt while standing at the machine’s tail end. Check out a detailed guide on why my treadmill belt is not moving.

How do I fix a slipping treadmill belt?

You may re-center the belt on nearly every treadmill, including Horizon and ProForm machines.

So, the sliding belt can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the roller bolt on the side. Slipping treadmill belt can also be made functional by doing lubrication.

How do you move a Proform treadmill?

Pull the handrail to balance the treadmill on its wheels. Carefully move the treadmill.

Place one foot against a wheel once it’s in place. Lower the treadmill till it’s stable.


To conclude, I would like to add if troubleshooting fails, call the phone number on the back of your owner’s handbook to get the treadmill fixed by a technician.

Before using the Pro-Form treadmill, read the owner’s instructions to ensure your safety.

I am glad to find maximum solutions for you, including the question you were looking for that your proform treadmill that turns on but the belt wasn’t moving.

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