Proform Treadmill Stuck on Incline | How to Calibrate?

Are you worried about your proform treadmill being stuck on the incline? There is no need to freak out! We have a fix to set treadmill jammed at an incline.

It is not uncommon for users of the Proform treadmill to experience issues with the inclination feature.

But, here I got you covered with all the solutions to help you. So, let’s get straight into it without wasting any time further.

Why did your Proform Treadmill Stuck on Incline?

In the fitness business, ProForm treadmills are famous as creative and cost-effective home workout equipment.

During your workout, if the inclination motor suddenly stops working, you will immediately stop your exercise.

There can be many reasons behind it, such as:

  1. The machine needs calibration.
  2. The power is not enough.
  3. The belt is worn out.
  4. Any mechanical problem

What To Do If Your Proform Treadmill is Stuck on Incline?


If the motor on your incline machine stops working, the first thing you need to do is readjust the calibration of the entire system.

First, there will be a little pause, and then the key will need to be reinserted.

Then the incline motor of the ProForm treadmill will automatically recalibrate itself to the lowest level.

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Mechanical problem

It is possible for the inclination motor to fail, causing the incline motor to break down.

The manufacturer of the treadmill, ProForm, recommends that you always keep it free from dust, liquids, and humid surroundings.

proform treadmill stuck on incline

If there are any impurities in the machine’s mechanical or electrical components, they are possible to cause irreversible damage.


Determine whether the warranty can still be used.

If this is the case, then you should avoid doing anything that would cancel the warranty of the product.

If the item is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you can contact the company through phone or email to request that they send someone to fix it. Always ask anyhow.

You can send an email or give the manufacturer a call if you want to download some manuals.

Motor power

treadmill motor


Always start with feet on the side rails, avoid humidity, regularly lubricate, and it is compulsory to vacuum out dirt from your treadmill on time.

There are a variety of things that could affect how well the incline motor works.

It is possible for the motor itself to become faulty and might need replacement. Also, maybe the motor’s pathway is dirty.

You might need to replace the electronic board that drives your motor or the photoswitch.

Alongside that, it tells the console the angle at which the incline is set. This way, you can repair it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell whether the lubrication in my treadmill needs to be changed?

If the deck of your treadmill starts making a loud noise, or if the belt seems as though it is slipping or sticky. Then this means that the belt on your treadmill needs lubrication.

Additionally, if you are located in a warmer area, the lubrication on your machine may dry up more quickly.

Then it will require you to apply it again more regularly.

What issues can arise if you neglect the lubrication of the treadmill?

If you don’t lubricate your treadmill, you risk your treadmill. As a result of that, it can also face severe conditions.

For example, it can cause the belt, deck, and drive motor to worn out.

Your treadmill will be exposed to additional stress, which will have a negative impact on its functioning if you do not lubricate it.

Do treadmills arrive with the lubrication already applied?

Before you use a brand-new treadmill for the first time, it is recommended that you apply 5 milliliters of silicone oil on the treadmill’s deck.

Even though treadmills are pre-lubricated by the company, the machines may have been stored for a longer duration in a warehouse.

This can reduce the effectiveness of the initial oil applied to the running deck.


To conclude, I must add that without a treadmill even for a week, your exercise routine may be affected. So, you must perform routine maintenance on your treadmill if you want it to operate at its best level.

Other than that, always take safety precautions before trying to repair a treadmill stuck on an incline.

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