Proform Treadmill Overheating | Reasons Explained

Are you facing any issues with overheating your Proform treadmill? Are you searching for the solution because you need to resolve it immediately?

If you agree with my question then let’s discuss and resolve the issue.

Proform treadmills are the most reliable treadmills in the world of fitness freaks and professionals.

The manufacturers of Proform introduce durable and leading fitness gears.

They have a variety of fitness gears including treadmills, bikes, rowers, ellipticals,s and many more which are equipped with high-quality fitness applications and technology.

Walking and running on a treadmill play an imperative role in shaping our physique and shedding extra weight.

We cannot deny the importance of treadmill in losing weight.

But sometimes trouble in machines like overheating, console buttons issue, running deck cracking, etc. create hurdles in attaining weight loss goal.

So, we will troubleshoot and resolve overheating in the Proform treadmill. You will definitely find better solutions.

Proform Treadmill Overheating

How to Troubleshoot the Overheating in Proform Treadmill?

Malfunctioning of the treadmill is not a big issue.

It happens when we frequently use fitness equipment.

Let’s discover the basic problems that why treadmills overheat when we are using them.

We are detecting and solving major reasons for overheating of the Proform treadmill below:-

Non-Greasy Running Deck

Is your running belt not smooth enough or you’re feeling a bad burning smell?

Well, most probably it’s because of overheating of a motor.

We cannot ignore the friction factor between a motor and a running deck.

Frequent use of Proform treadmill at home or a gym also requires maintenance too.

The non-greasy running belt consumes more electricity and reduces the speed.

Which results in overheating and an increase in friction. If the friction increases to a certain level then treadmill slows down and will power off.

Most probably treadmill stops working.


I will suggest lubricating your treadmill running belt once every 3-6 months.

Lubrication will decrease the friction and it will provide a smooth run for the users.

A greasy running belt also reduces electricity consumption. It also helps to maintain the health of the lower surface of a treadmill.

100% silicone is used worldwide for the lubrication of a running belt. It is available in spray and a liquid forms.

Silicone gives life to the belt and also reduces and turns down the overheating of a treadmill which occurs due to friction.

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Improper Adjustment of a Belt

If you are facing slippage, misalignment, tightness, or lose running belt then it is due to improper adjustment of a running belt.

Overly tightening or loosening the belt may cause trouble in motor, and it gets overheated.

Too much tightening of a running belt will increase friction on Proform treadmill. It will create high damage to the motor.

Likewise, too much loose running belt will slow down the treadmill, and eventually, it will stop working.

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On the side of the machine lift the walking belt up to 3-4 inches from the middle of the deck.

If belt can be raised more than 3-4 inches, then your running belt is loose. And if it doesn’t lift up to 3 inches then the belt is tight, you need to lose it.

For tightening and losing the running belt use the Allen wrench.

But remember that a too-tight belt will result in a motor burn or overheating.

Dust and Debris

Dust, debris, and hair cause serious problems to the treadmill.

It clogs the motor, and it will get overheated and eventually stop working.

Motor of a treadmill needs proper maintenance.

People use to throw garbage around the treadmill or don’t care about the dust or hair strands which in result damage the motor’s working condition.

If you feel a burning smell in the treadmill and are not able to figure out what’s happening just shut down the machine.

Maybe this smell is caused by the dusty surface of the belt which needs to be cleaned.


Remove the motor hood, there must be screws around it.

Now take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the dust around the motor and lower body of a treadmill.

If somewhere you need a cloth then take a clean cloth or a brush to wipe off the dust or dirt.

Grease the fittings if required. An unclogged motor will perform perfectly, and you will not face the issue of overheating.

Fluctuation in Voltage Supply

We cannot run a motorized treadmill without involving a motor in it, and we all know that we require a power supply for running an electric machine.

Mostly, DC motors are used to power home treadmills.

According to experts, most of the treadmills come with 80-260 VDC motors with an appropriate HP rating.

Belt speed and continuous pace on running deck are changed with help of PMV motor speed controller.

But sometimes the substandard supply of voltage results in overheating of motor. So, that motor stops working immediately.


Keep an eye on the voltage supply of your home treadmill.

Home treadmills usually require 120 volts through dedicated and grounded power sockets.

If you are placing a treadmill far from outlet location then always use a high-quality surge suppressor.

Always buy a treadmill with a high-quality DC motor because it will directly respond to the speed, incline, and weight.

Proform treadmill deals with high-quality motors only.

Safety Measures

  • Always unplug the treadmill if you’re feeling any smell.
  • Never touch the motor bare-handed when it’s on.
  • If you are unaware of electric components then take professional advice first without harming yourself.
  • Always use 100% silicone while lubing the belt, it will increase its life.
  • Never place the treadmill on a moist or dusty surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often we should lubricate the running belt?

It depends on the condition and the mileage of the treadmill belt.

Every 150 miles you need to check the lubrication of the treadmill. The best is to lubricate every once in 3-6 months.

Do fitness gear manufacturers provide a motor warranty?

A motor warranty is always provided with the treadmill.

It varies with a model and brand of the treadmill you can ask from the vendor, or it is also written in the user manual.

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Proform treadmills are provided with fully equipped high-quality electric components and motors.

It is not difficult to deal with it. But if you require any help you can call the professional assistant or check the user manual

Overheating is mainly caused by the low maintenance of the treadmill.

If you maintain your treadmill and clean it every once a month thoroughly it will work longer.

Hopefully, we have provided you with all the possible reasons and a solution to the overheating of your Proform treadmill.

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  1. Hello
    I read your article and it really cleared up my questions and it solved my problem in my treadmill. As your article suggested it was the belt that was not lubricated. The motor was hot and it began smelling, also I noticed that the tread slips(slows down, may be due to the motor not getting enough voltage due to the friction on the tread belt without lubricant?) but after applying some lubricant, indeed the motor runs smooth and does not heat up. I thank you for the great article. Please keep writing!
    I found the following information why the motor gets hot.

    “If the voltage is too low it makes the motor draw more current causing it to overheat. If the voltage is too high it will saturate the steel or cause the motor to run too fast, both of which can cause the motor to draw excess current and then overheat.”

    • Hello Seung,
      Thank you for commending on write up & sharing further information that could help our users. We shall keep addressing more issues pertinent to the malfunctioning of the Treadmill.


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