Proform Treadmill Belt Not Moving

There are many factors that are involved when the Proform treadmill belt is not moving.

You need not get panic about it. It usually happens on the treadmill when suddenly the belt stops moving.

ProForm treadmills are one of the best treadmills. They are famous for their durability and high quality.

Still, it’s a machine and can collapse at any stage.

It is really a disturbing situation for a user who workout daily.

DO NOT WORRY we are here to detect all the reasons and resolve them.

Because we cannot compromise on your fitness routine even for a single day.

Reasons Behind ProForm Treadmill Belt Not Moving

There are a few reasons that are not big to be unsolved.

We have analyzed that you can hunt out the problem of a stuck treadmill belt and resolve it at home.

Tightness Of A Belt

The belt of a treadmill is wrapped around the motor. Definitely, the belt will move when the motor gets started.

But if you feel that despite the motor being on but your belt is not moving. It is normally due to inappropriate tension in the belt.

It may be too loose or too tight that stuck on the running surface.

If it is too loose then it will slow down the running surface so that you can’t even take a step.

And if it is too tight it will move forcibly and cause strain to your legs.

How To Adjust Belt Tension On Proform Treadmill?

Let’s discuss the step-by-step process of adjusting the belt tension.

  • Unplug the machine from the socket
  • Check the belt if it is lifted by almost 2-3 inches with the help of your fingers.
  • It won’t happen if it’s too tight or too loose.
  • Now find an adjustment bolt.
  • Take an Allen wrench to fix it.
  • Now adjust the bolts for the quarter of a turn.
  • Lift the belt with the help of a finger.
  • And check the belt is properly positioned and can be lifted 2-3 inches if not then again repeat the process.

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Proform Treadmill Belt Not Moving

Disrupt Non-Lubricated Belt

You will notice, that after a certain period of time your treadmill is making terrible noises. This is mainly due to the non-lubricated belt.

When we use the treadmill for long workouts friction is produced. And excess friction on a running belt results in heat-up.

With the increase of friction treadmill belt stops working and the machine sets the power off.

That’s why we need to lubricate the running belt for protecting it from sudden erosion.

The non-lubrication is a very basic problem of the motionless belt.

After every 3-6 months treadmill belt requires grease.

Some frequent users apply lubricant every 150 miles for smooth running.

It enhances the performance of the machine.

How To Lubricate ProForm Treadmill Belt?

Now we will discuss the method to lubricate the walking belt.

  • Unplug the treadmill.
  • Stick your finger between the treadmill deck and its belt.
  • Pull the belt a little higher and separate the two.
  • Spray an abundant amount of silicon spray between the belt and the deck.
  • Always shake the can before using it.
  • Repeat the process of greasing on the other side of the treadmill.
  • Now turn the machine on medium speed for 2-3 minutes for spreading the grease evenly.

Off-Center Treadmill Belt

The treadmill is the most efficient way of losing weight.

Most of the problems with treadmills are caused when we start using them without knowing the weight capacity of the user.

Poor construction or low-quality belts cannot bear overweight users.

After frequent use of a treadmill, its belt starts bending. So the belt will no longer be in working condition and it may break.

It is common in the treadmill that has been used for years.

As we do not change running belts on yearly basis. By keep using the same belt for years the treadmill belt shifts left or right.

Eventually, it stops working the running belt.

How To Center ProForm Treadmill Belt?

Here we will perform steps to center the treadmill belt.

  • Plugin the treadmill switch
  • Carefully identify at which side the treadmill belt is turning.
  • Locate the bolts to adjust at the rear of the machine.
  • Take a hex key.
  • Turn the adjusting bolts 1/4 of the turn clockwise.
  • Now turn the bolt 1/4 of the anti-clockwise.
  • If it still not moving then repeat the process.
  • It will definitely adjust the center of the belt.

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Hopefully, with all the above methods, you can now easily solve the issue of stuck belts.

Treadmill needs attention and proper care to get long-term benefits.

It’s not only the case with Proform treadmill that its belt is not moving, other treadmills like NordicTrack, Horizon, etc. can also face issues, that belt stops suddenly.

It is not specifically a Proform treadmill, any treadmill can become motionless at any stage.

The user manual is provided with the treadmill to detect and resolve the issue.

If the issue arises before the end of the warranty you can take service assistance.

Take safety measures before inspecting the problem on your own.

Lubrication and proper maintenance can resolve the issue of the Proform treadmill belt not moving.

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