One Hour On Treadmill Everyday Results

Spending 1 hour on treadmill daily can yield beneficial results within one month.

The normal time to see results is one month.

If you expect to lose weight using a treadmill for one hour daily for one week, then you’re mistaken.

In exercise, you must follow the routine. A person should gradually increase the workout whether he is aiming for weight loss or muscle building.

Because if someone does hard exercise enough on the first day, his muscles will start aching. Because he is not used to the exercise previously.

One Hour On Treadmill Everyday Results

Results of Giving One Hour on Treadmill Daily For a Month

First of all, let me assure you that this is not a very difficult task.

Walking on a treadmill continuously for one hour is a little bit hard task but it is doable. It’s not impossible.

If a person walks for one hour on a treadmill routinely for one month he can lose considerable weight and can see a nice change in his body.

Before discussing the results of doing exercise on a treadmill, I’ll be explaining to you the major factors that can help in weight loss.

Walking or Jogging? Which One Is Better For Weight Loss?

It is up to you whether you want to do a one-hour workout by walking or jogging.

But the jogging workout is more effective.

In my opinion, if you are obese and are exhausted from being overweight, you should do jogging to get results quicker.

Although, jogging will be hard for you in beginning(you might face shortness of breath).

The shortness of breath could be because you aren’t used to jogging for such a long time. But if you are determined to lose weight, then you have to do jogging.

Soon you will get used to this and the benefit of jogging is you will start seeing results earlier than your expectations.

Doing jogging continuously for an hour is quite difficult for a beginner.

To make it a little bit easier, I’ll suggest you divide your workout into short intervals. I’ll tell you how you can make short intervals.

When you start your exercise, do 10 minutes of jogging and then take a break of 2-3 minutes. Again repeat this until you complete your one-hour workout. You can also do this for 30 minutes on treadmill daily.

There is no pressure on you in doing a jog. You can also get results by walking on a treadmill.

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Walking For One Hour a Day for Whole Month on Treadmill

Walking is really not a tough job to do on a treadmill. It is easy therefore the results will also be not so fruitful if you only walk on treadmill.

There is one more thing to consider; the walking speed.

The average person with good health normally walks at speed of 3-4 mph. It can vary from person to person depending on multiple factors like health, fitness, etc.

The fitness freak who aimed to lose weight by walking on treadmill, he should do following two steps.

  1. The minimum walking speed of treadmill should be kept at least 3.5 mph if you are physically fit.
  2. In case, there is some joint pain or another kind of health issue, then you can also start from 2 mph.
  3. In case you feel you will get tired by walking for an hour continuously. You can divide your walk time into three shifts or four(recommended).

The amount of calories you can burn by walking an hour on treadmill is normally between 230-350.

Jogging One Hour a Day for a Whole Month on Treadmill

Jogging is a little bit tough to do but more effective to lose weight moreover it tones your body well and burns fats.

But if you want to lose weight you should burn calories more than consuming. Make jogging a habit to get useful results.

You need to do jogging on daily basis to lose the extra pounds you want. In order to lose one or two pounds a week, you should burn 500 calories more than consuming every day.

More the calories burnt a day the more pounds you will lose a week in order to gain a perfect body with a perfect smile.

Increasing the jogging pace lessens body fats:

  1. For 160 pound weighing person running 3 miles every day for a week at a 6 m/h pace results in burning 400 calories.
  2. Increasing the incline by 5 percent boosts the results of burning calories by 50 percent.
  3. If you want to lose weight faster you can run less each day but increase your speed of jogging on a treadmill.

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Mistakes to Avoid

If you are obese you should get onto tough workouts gradually. You have to enhance your pace of jogging gradually.

Don’t rush at any level. Because if you rush you will be focusing on aerobic exercise(which increases your heartbeat and breath only) instead of losing weight.

At the start of a fitness journey, people in excitement rush over and work out intensively without knowing the proper technique.

As a result, they end up losing lean tissues instead of losing belly fat.

If you are obese and determined to lose weight you should get onto it slowly.

Take slow steps: start by walking then upgrade to jogging and gradually increase your jogging pace too.


If you are a beginner and want to avoid breath shortage and body aching start walking on treadmill.

But once you get used to it move on to jogging as it is a more efficient way of losing weight than walking on treadmill for an hour every day.

So comparing both we get to know that jogging is better than walking on treadmill.

Consequently, I prefer from my personal experience you should do jogging. But if you are a beginner at gym I would advise you to let your trainer tell you from what speed and what incline you should take the start.

I assume now you have understood the idea of utilizing your one hour daily for a month efficiently on treadmill. The aforementioned are the techniques to get results in much less time(i.e: one hour daily for a month). Take care and achieve your goal with perfection.

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