NordicTrack Treadmill Won’t Start Just Beeps| Reasons & Solutions

If your NordicTrack treadmill won’t start just beeps, you have to press the start button, but it doesn’t show any response; there is no need to worry about this issue. Also if your treadmill turns on but won’t run. Just read this article up to its last line. You will definitely get a proper and effective solution for your problem.

As a technician of exercise equipment, I have some fantastic tactics to share with you that will help you to solve most of your treadmill problems by yourself. So, let’s start.

NordicTrack Treadmill Won’t Start Just Beeps

Before talking about the solution to the treadmill’s beeping, let me tell you about the reasons for the treadmill beeping. Multiple causes make your treadmill beep but won’t start. It’s maybe a cable problem, calibration issue, or software fault.

Why Treadmill Beep?

Manufacturers install beeping buzzers in approximately all electrical devices. The purpose of the installation of this beeping buzzer is to alert the user about any fault that occurs in equipment. In a simple word, this beeping buzzer is installed as a safety feature.

Mostly these faults are related to the circuit board or motherboard. Due to dirt and other reasons, a malfunction occurs with the motherboard or cables. Don’t panic; open the console cover and blow the dirt.

This problem is just a common problem, but there are some significant problems, and solutions to these problems are not as easy as blowing the dirt.

Treadmill Beeps But Won’t Start.

If your treadmill won’t start just beeping still, it needs a minor surgery to be quiet and working correctly. For this proper solution, perform the following steps:

  • First, detach the console from the treadmill and remove its back.
  • A ribbon cable that leads from the control board to the button pad detaches this cable and reattaches at the same slot.
  • Perform the same step with all other connections and cables.
  • Now replace the console on the treadmill.

After the replacement of the console, now it’s time to calibrate the treadmill.

How To Calibrate Treadmill?

Perform the following points to calibrate your treadmill;

  • Hold the stop button and speed ^ or + button simultaneously, and keep the key off.
  • Now the on the key and leave the buttons.
  • Press the stop button.
  • Press the speed ^, or + button lets the speed reach up to 85.
  • If the maximum speed of your treadmill is 15 mph, it should be read about 14.8 to 15.2.

How To Stop The Treadmill From Beeping?

The beeping sound is pretty annoying and punching; if you want to know how to manage this beeping. I’ll tell you. This beeping sound is produced through a buzzer; we will hack or shut down the buzzer by performing some simple tricks.

Typically, a beeping buzzer is mounted on the back side of the treadmill console.

I have seen almost the relevant issue in the Proform treadmill that starts but won’t run.

Without talking anymore, let’s come to the point.

How to calibrate treadmill?

How To control Treadmill Beeping?

  • There is not any button to control the beeping sound. So you want to silence its beeping sound and cover its buzzer with a sponge or a multiple-layered thick piece of cloth.
  • By cutting the power supply wire of the buzzer, you can permanently shut down the treadmill buzzer.
  • If you don’t want to turn off your treadmill buzzer, place a switch on the beeping buzzer. Cut the power supply wire of the buzzer and connect both ends with an on/off switch. Now, you can turn on/off your treadmill beeping buzzer when you want to do.
  • If you want to silence the beeping buzzer, cut the power supply cable and connect both ends of the wire with the sound controller switch. Now you can manage the beeping sound of your treadmill.


Don’t be tense if your NordicTrack treadmill won’t start just beeps and beeps on pressing any button. Properly go through this article and find the answer to all your quarries about this problem.

How to stop the beeping of the treadmill, how to control the beeping volume, how to calibrate the treadmill, and much more interesting information you will get to know in this article. There are just a few simple steps to solve this issue. You can efficiently perform these steps yourself.

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