NordicTrack Treadmill Switch Turned On But Belt Won’t Run

NordicTrack treadmill usage at home is quite normal these days. You always wish for a fully functional machine. But what if you turn on the switch of the Nordictrack treadmill but the belt won’t run or with a retarded pace? Also treadmill motor runs but the slow-moving belt completely stops when you step on it. The problem is not always with the console.

There can be other reasons that your treadmill belt is not functional. These problems can be fixed at home in a few steps. You will learn about all possible causes and their respective way out in this article.

Treadmill Belt

The part of the treadmill on the stationary base that continues to move at its position is called the treadmill belt. It acts as a smooth path for running or walking. It is connected to a system that can control the speed of its movement.

The treadmill belt wears out over time. You have to change it with a new one periodically. NordicTrack also manufactures replacement belts

NordicTrack Treadmill Turns On But Won’t Run

If you have a brand-new treadmill belt, it still does not move even after flipping on the switch. Then you have to inspect other conditions and root for the solutions. All possible reasons are jotted down if the treadmill belt stops running.

Inaccurate Tension

Inaccurate tension in the belt can hinder belt continuous movement & cause the belt to stop when the NordicTrack treadmill is on.

There can be two possible reasons for inaccurate tension in the treadmill belt. If the belt is too loose, the tension will be less. It will retard the speed and may stop when you stand on it or start to walk. Another case is when the belt is too tight that it can put stress on the motor.

The extra tight belt produces higher tension that impacts the motor to burn out. As the motor requires more force to move the belt. You can check the tightness of the belt by raising it off the base. If you are unable to lift it then your belt is too tight.

There are bolts on the walking base of the treadmill. You must use an Allen wrench to move them clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the belt. If you can lift the belt to 2 to 3 inches then it has the right tension. Your treadmill will move when you turn on the switch.

NordicTrack treadmill turn on but won't run

Decentered Treadmill Belt

When the belt moves to the left or right, it gets stuck on the sides of the treadmill. The movement between the belt and sides will require more force to run than usual. Decentered belt of the NordicTrack treadmill may fray the edges of the belt and as a result, it will stop moving even when power is turned on. This is how you can center the treadmill belt yourself.

Use Allen Wrench to align the belt by adjusting the rear end bolts. If the belt is shifted right move the wrench to the left and vice versa. Turn on the treadmill at a speed of one mile per hour. Check the alignment, and adjust the bolts if the belt is still crooked.

Sticky Treadmill Belt

Friction is a major reason for the sticky belt. It requires more force to move the path. Fray ends or cracked belts can also hinder the movement of the treadmill.

Firstly, inspect the belt. If it is cracked then your treadmill needs a new belt. A completely fine and centered belt may have a frictional issue that can hinder it from moving when the treadmill is turned on. Turn off the switch and apply lubricant on the edges or rollers of the walking deck. 

Always avoid extra application of lubricant that can lead to a slippery treadmill belt.

Low Motor Power

If you have checked the belt thoroughly and are still unable to find the problem then the motor can be a reason. It is difficult to run the belt if there is a tight motor belt or low power input. The console display will be on efficiently but the belt does not move.

Motor fixation is cost-generating. Always look for the warranty first. If your treadmill is under warranty then avoid personal attempts and contact professional repair.

Why Is My Treadmill Sticking

Wire Damage

NordicTrack suggests console wire checking if the treadmill belt does not move. Console wire runs the motor board through the primary wire. The connectors click them into each other. The excessive workload can also burn the wires. 

Take off the display hood and look for the wires. Reconnect loose wires. You can install new ones against the burnt ones.

The inference

A smooth movement of the treadmill requires a potential motor, balanced tension and friction, and a belt aligned at the center. Improper safety insert or low voltage can be some minor issues.

So don’t worry if your NordicTrack treadmill turns on but doesn’t run. You can simply fix all of the above problems with little expenditure.

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