NordicTrack Solaris Treadmill Troubleshooting

You are not hoping to have troubleshooting in your NordicTrack Solaris treadmill just because it’s the world’s best-selling treadmill series?

Relax guys there are various factors that are involved in troubleshooting a treadmill.

NordicTrack is the finest and foremost company introducing the best fitness equipment.

They offer us treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and other strength-building equipment.

But sometimes you face troubleshooting in the machine that creates a hurdle in your workout.

It’s not a big deal you can resolve many treadmill problems at home.

NordicTrack Solaris Treadmill Troubleshooting

How to Troubleshoot the Problem in NordicTrack Solaris Treadmill?

We will discuss and sort out the malfunction of your NordicTrack Solaris treadmill.

Steps may vary with the model you keep, but a basic setting is common in all treadmills.

There are a few common problems that you can resolve at your home like control panel setting, speed errors, lubrication, etc.

After going through following common problems of NordicTrack treadmill, you will troubleshoot the issue.

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Power Supply

First, check the power of the console, if the treadmill is not working probably it is not receiving a power supply so plug in the treadmill cord to the wall outlet.

If you are placing a treadmill farther from the outlet make sure that the surge suppressor is of high quality.

Sometimes turning the On/Off switch may resolve the issue.

If not then unplug the cord from the outlet and wait for seconds then again plugin.

NordicTrack Solaris treadmills are not compatible with the GFCI outlet.

So, avoid using GFCI outlets as warned by manufacturers.

Insert the Magnetic key

For safety purposes, the NordicTrack Solaris treadmill comes with a magnetic key.

For the activation of the console, we need to insert the magnetic key in the magnetic hole that is fixed in the console of the treadmill.

After plugging into the outlet, if still, your treadmill is not responding then pull the magnetic key out and reinsert it. Now press the reset button it will fix the problem.

Console Settings

If the displays of the console are not working properly the reed switch may need to be adjusted.

Make sure that your magnetic key is tightly fitted to your console when you start the treadmill.

If the console is not responding or it reads only zero it means that it is not functioning properly.

Unplug the treadmill and remove the motor hood, locate the speed sensor reed switch which is usually located near the drive roller pulley.

The reed switch should be adjusted 1/8th of the magnet inside the roller pulley.

To adjust the position of the reed switch lose the sensor bracket screw but do not remove it.

Now position the roller of the magnet adjacent to the sensor. Reposition the roller so it comes 1/8th of the magnet of the pulley.

Tight the sensor bracket so that it holds the sensors in place and place the motor hood again.

Belt Adjustment

If you are feeling that your treadmill is getting slower while running on the NordicTrack treadmill.

Most probably it is due to the adjustment of the belt.

As a result, the belt may skip or hesitate, and use an Allen wrench for belt adjustment.

Start belt adjustment by making a 1/4th turn clockwise on each side, if the belt is still loose then continue with 1/4th turn, it’s also possible for the belt to shift off-center.

To straighten the belt turning the treadmill on 2-5 MPH make a 1/4 turn clockwise to whatever side the belt has shifted to.

Wait for 2 mins as the belt shifted to the center. Repeat the step until the belt is centered.

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Recalibration of an Incline

If the incline of the treadmill is not working properly we need to adjust its incline.

For this purpose, press the incline button and remove the safety key.

Now hold the stop button and the speed-up button simultaneously then we will place the safety key again.

After that, we will release the stop and speed up button. The incline will recalibrate by moving to maximum and then minimum incline level.

In new models of Nordictrack treadmills, there is the option of calibrating incline on the touch screen in the setting.


Health and fitness are more than just physical exercise and Nordictrack treadmills are provided with all the modern technology.

But every machine requires upgrading and maintenance too.

I am hoping that you got your answers to basic problems in your treadmill.

The user manual is also provided with the treadmill which can assist you in sorting out the issue yourself.

If you are feeling hesitation while doing it yourself or you are a non-technical person then please contact professional assistance for NordicTrack Solaris treadmill troubleshooting.

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