NordicTrack Treadmill Stuck On Incline| Issue Resolved

NordicTrack treadmill incline is helpful for intense exercise but can stuck due to any malfunction in the machine. NordicTrack produces good-quality treadmills that are customized with a wide range of features.

It is not unusual that treadmills can get stuck on inclines. Proform treadmills also get stuck sometimes. Treadmills are expensive items if added to the household. You should not startle if it does not work properly. There can be many possible reasons for the Nordictrack treadmill being stuck on an incline. Some can be fixed at home without any hustle while others need an expert inspection.

This article can help you to find the core problem and fix the issue.

Why is the Nordictrack Treadmill Stuck On Incline?

You can look for the following problems at first if your NordicTrack treadmill incline is stuck and does not move.

Hanged software

If you press too many buttons at once, the software will hang. It will not perform any task including incline adjustment.

So, take the plug out of the socket to power the treadmill. Turn it on after two minutes. It will reset all the guided functions and the hanged software will start working again. This is a simple and very first step for fixing stuck incline.

Lack of lubrication

Friction between hinge points of the incline assembly may stick to the incline of the treadmill. It causes difficulty in moving a belt around the incline motor.

You can check the amount of resistance the belt is offering then add grease accordingly.

Poor incline sensors

If your treadmill is working properly but its incline keeps messing up then there may be a problem with its sensors.

It is known as minor default in which you just have to replace new sensors. It is a cheap repair for the treadmill.

NordicTrack treadmill stuck on incline

Faulty incline motor

NordicTrack treadmill comes with an installed incline motor. If all of the above possibilities are working properly then perform a Bench test to check the motor for stuck incline. Take out the motor from the deck and inspect the gear on the motor shaft.

You have to change the motor if its gearbox, electronic board, or photo switch is not working. Always seek professional help to replace a new motor.

Lower incline manually

You can lower the incline manually by removing the bolt from its side. Decrease the incline to the desired position and then put the screw back to lock the incline.

How To Calibrate Incline of Nordictrack Treadmill?

If you have a functional motor but your NordicTrack treadmill incline calibration is not working properly. You can reset it, Detailed guide is also available.

Calibration is possible by two methods:

Calibrate Incline Nordictrack Treadmill


Push the stop button and hold it for 30 seconds. Then you have to insert the safety key to turn on the calibration mode. Now press the stop button. Use the incline up or down button for starting the process. Remove the safety key when it reaches your desired position.


Insert the safety key while pressing the stop and speed buttons for about 30 seconds to switch on calibration mode. Now press the incline button to start calibration. You have to remove the safety key to exit calibration mode.

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NordicTrack treadmills are complex machines that have several mechanical and electronic parts. Your treadmill incline may stick if any part malfunctions. You can root out the problem easily with the above-stated reasons.

Always look for the warranty of the machine first. This check can save your expenditure.

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