Massage Gun Not Turning ON

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 04:27 am

If your massage gun is not turning on or it has stopped working suddenly after few days or months, then go through this article.

Now firstly, let me tell you that it is not a common problem which you have faced. Most buyers of massager machines claim this issue that their machine keeps stopping.

Where do most people make mistake? It is when they use machine without reading instructions and in any case if it is overcharged it might show some problems.

So, to make it through years smoothly kindly first read the instruction manual that comes with every electronic device.

Although good massage guns that are costly perform well, they have less chance to get out of order quickly. But everyone can not purchase it easily after it gets out of order. So we will try to do massage gun troubleshooting on our own which could be fixed at home.

Now let’s see the main points that are the reason your’s one is not turning on. So that chance of fixing the issue on your own can be higher.

Massage Gun Not Turning ON

Why my massage gun is not turning ON?

There might be several reasons that your massage gun is not turning on like motor might be seized, it is not charging.

I will tell you the solution on the basis of issues I had faced while using a massage gun. But if still after reading this you can’t fix the issue, kindly contact manufacturer if product is still in warranty.

Power button is not turned ON

This is one of the most common issue most people face. Because we have routine of switching things on by just one click. But massage guns are switched on by holding the power button for few seconds(hold on for 6-8 sec).

Why Massage Gun Motor not Working

Massage guns are designed to provide user with relief after exercise or to relax stressed muscles quickly.

Its working mechanism is designed to use this in small sessions after intervals.

Since these devices have small motors and are prone to overheating. If kept ON for long sessions their motor can turn OFF and stop working.

My Massage Gun is Overheating

Some massage guns(of reknown brands or costly) have integrated phenomenon of turning off when they are overheated. If they are continuously used for 40-60 minutes their motor stops working and they automatically turn off.

In order to use machine effectively operate it at regular intervals of approximately 30 minutes and give rest for 5-10 minutes to cool down. Use machine at 30 minute intervals because it is considered as a good practice.

But if machine is already overheated(been running for an hour) give it rest for 25-30 minutes to cool down and then reuse it.

Read instruction manual to get idea of normal running time of massage gun. Because it could vary from model to model.

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Low Battery

Low battery(this can be indicated by the LED bands present on the massager gun) can be the reason that massage gun is not turning ON. The LED bands will let you know when battery is full.

Battery is full when LED bands stop flashing and remain illuminated.

These massage guns comes with the long lasting battery life of 6-8 hours due to the lithium-ion batteries. Most probably the run time is upto 6 hours depending on the speed level and pressure applied and the model of massage gun.

NOTE: Some massage guns come with the built-in feature of not turning on if it is plugged in for charging. So make sure if your massage gun is on the charging slot and you’re trying to switch it ON, but it’s not switching ON then first unplug the massager and then try.

One more tip related to the battery of massager gun is not to fully deplete the battery to red light band.

If still not turning on it might be some other problem. In that case, you can do following steps.

Contact the customer support

Firstly, check all the things(i.e: battery is fine, massager is cooled down after overheating, power button is checked, and motor is working fine). If machine is still not working then you have to seek help of an authorized technician from the company to get the massage gun repaired.

Do not try to set hardware yourself

Do not remove screws or try to disassemble them, always contact the support team of company in order to avoid any inconvenience.

To prevent any termination of the warranty don’t try to fix it yourself or from any unauthorized person of the market because it will always result in the termination of warranty. Because mostly brands provide a warranty for the machine system not working. If machine is misused or mishandled(i.e: dropped on the ground and broke) then your warranty won’t be entertained.  So always contact the authorized team to repair it to avoid any inconvenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Here are a few common questions asked by most massage gun users.

Why Legiral Massage Gun not Turning ON?

Legiral has best massage guns in the market. But due to lack of knowledge, we don’t use massage guns in an appropriate way. We don’t handle them with care.

That’s why these Legiral massage guns stop working suddenly and sometimes don’t turn ON again. We have explained troubleshooting tips for these massagers above.

The reason is simple the continuous usage of massage gun turns its motor OFF due to overheating. So, to turn ON the Legiral massage gun we should use these massagers in short intervals.

There can be multiple reasons for malfunctioning if your massage gun is not turning ON or keeps stopping. Like seized motor, battery issues, motor overheating, etc.


In my experience, there are more or less 3 steps you can do to run the massage gun if it’s not working properly. They might involve battery issues, power button issues, or motor has stopped working(overheating). That’s all you can do on your own.

If the issue is still not resolved then seek help from a professional.

Hope you have understood how to fix your massage gun that was not turning ON!

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