Massage Gun Not Turning ON- It Stopped Working

After a busy and stressful day like mine, a massage is certainly inevitable. One day I reached home and I was all set up for relaxing my tendons and tissues for better blood flow I realized that my massage gun is not turning on. I couldn’t be more frustrated.

When I started skimming through the available solutions to fix my massager, I ended up fixing my massage gun by troubleshooting some basic steps. In this article, I will walk you through every possible fix to make your massage gun-running.

Where do I & most people make a mistake? It happens when instructions on the user manual of the device are overlooked.

Overcharging the massager or keeping it on for longer sessions can cause damage.

Let’s probe through the amicable solutions to your problem.

Why my massage gun is not turning ON?

There might be several reasons that your massage gun is not turning on like the motor might be seized, and it is not charging.

I will tell you the solution on the basis of issues I faced while using a massage gun. But if still after reading this you can’t fix the issue, kindly contact the manufacturer if the product is still under warranty.

The power button is not turned ON

This is one of the most common issues most people face. Because we have a routine of switching things on with just one click. But massage guns are switched on by holding the power button for a few seconds(hold on for 6-8 sec).

Do You Know There are Two Switches of A Massage Gun?

Well being a newbie it is understandable that you might overlook some basic things. 

There’s one button on the back head of the massage gun. If you are pressing or touching it but it’s still not working, then you should tilt it over and locate an ON-OFF switch on the bottom of the handle.

You need to turn that ON-OFF switch ON. Then touch the button on the touch screen or press it if it’s not a touch screen massage gun. There you go!

My Massage Gun is Overheating

Some costly massage guns(of renowned brands) have an integrated phenomenon of turning OFF when they are overheated. If they are used continuously for 40-60 minutes their motor stops working and they automatically turn off.

In order to use the machine effectively operate it at regular intervals of approximately 30 minutes and give rest for 10-20 minutes to cool down.

But if the machine is already overheated(been running for an hour) let the motor cool down for 30 minutes.

Read the instruction manual to get an idea of the normal running time of the massage gun. Because it could vary from model to model.

Massage Gun Not Turning ON

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My Massage Gun Stopped Working. Is it Manufacturing Fault?

We have heard from the majority that my massage gun stopped working and they threw it away. It is never a good idea to dispose of any machine before it’s completely broken. You might think that the massager is not usable but YES due to some manufacturing fault, it can malfunction and it is fixable.

There’s a simple hack to such massage guns. You can bypass it in three easy steps.

You are going to need a charger. 

First Step– Plug the charger into the charging hub of the massager, while the ON-Off switch remains off. 

Second Step – Once the charging cable is plugged in then turn ON the ON-OFF switch. 

Third Step – When you notice the charging light going blue and charging going from 20 40-99 just unplug the charger right away when it reaches 20. Keep the On-Off switch ON before detaching the charging cable of the massager.

Now touch the start button on the touch screen of the machine and it will start working.

You might notice that the charging light might stay on(red). It’s just a simple fault on the manufacturer’s end. 

Drained Battery

Low battery(this can be indicated by the LED bands present on the massage gun) can be the reason that the massage gun is not turning ON. The LED bands will let you know when a battery is full.

The battery is fully charged when the LED bands stop flashing and remain illuminated.

These massage guns come with a long-lasting battery life of 6-8 hours due to the lithium-ion batteries. Most probably the run time is up to 6 hours depending on the speed level and pressure applied and the model of the massage gun.

NOTE: Some massage guns come with the built-in feature of not turning on if it is plugged in for charging. So make sure your massage gun is on the charging slot and you’re trying to switch it ON, and if it’s not switching ON then first unplug the massager and then try.

One more tip related to the battery of the massage gun is not to fully deplete the battery to the red light band.

If still not turning on it might be some other problem. In that case, you can do the following steps.

Contact the customer support

Firstly, check all the things(i.e: the battery is fine, massager is cooled down after overheating, power button is checked, and motor is working fine). If the electric massager is still not working then you should reach out to the company.

Check for the warranty

Do not try to disassemble the massage gun if it still has an ongoing warranty, otherwise, the warranty will be void.

Usually, all brands have a warranty & support for up to 1 year. If it is misused or mishandled(i.e: dropped on the ground and broke) then your warranty won’t be entertained.

If the warranty period is over then you can look for the DIY mentioned below.

Loose Screws in the Massage Gun

A loose screw in the massage gun can cause the massager not to work properly. 

How to Fix Loose Screw in The Massage Gun?

All you need to do is that you have to tilt your massager over and you will find the screws on the lower side of the gun, unscrew them all. 

You will be needing a manual or electric screwdriver and a tweezer

There will be one screw on the massage head on the back, at the bottom of the speed settings button also unscrew that. Twist that back head antilock wise and it will pop off and open, then lift off the upper cover and you will notice a loose screw on the top side, just tighten that and assemble the gun. 

Tightening the screw will fix the play, and rattling noise, and the massager will turn on properly.

Why Massage Gun Motor is not Working?

Massage guns are designed to provide users with relief after exercise or to relax stressed muscles quickly.

Its working mechanism is designed to use this in small sessions after intervals.

Since these devices have small motors and are prone to overheating. If kept ON for long sessions their motor can turn OFF and stop working.

The power Light ON but no Data on the Screen 

You might experience that the power light of your massage gun is ON and nothing is displaying on the screen.

It is possible that there’s a detached cable inside the massage gun. Unscrew the back head and pop it open you will see the detached cable. Reattach that and you will be able to use your machine effectively. 

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Stopped Charging

It is frustrating that you completed one massage therapy using your Bob and Brad C2 massage gun and when you put it back on the charge for the next one it seems like massage gun stopped working. 

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. You might not be using the right charger type. If you are using a type C to C charger then it won’t work. But if you use type A USB to type C charger then it will start charging. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

People also ask these questions frequently.

Why Legiral Massage Gun not Turning ON?

Legiral has the best massage guns on the market. But due to a lack of knowledge, it can malfunction.

The pain point of your concern is simply overusing it in a single session.

Theragun Keeps Turning Off

A Theragun keeps turning off after using continually, it is due to a by-default function in it. The Theragun comes with an automatic reset thermal limiter. It keeps it from overheating and firing. It can be turned on if you let it cool down first.

Thera Gun Keeps Turning OFF


If your massage gun stops working suddenly, it’s NOT ONLY pertinent to a damaged motor(due to overheating), a power button issue or you need a battery replacement.

Malfunctioning can also happen due to the manufacturer’s fault, overcharging the massager, or due to some detached cable inside it.

If you think that your massage gun won’t turn on and you are ready to throw it away, just STOP!

You need to know the hack of fixing it. Read the “manufacturer’s fault” heading thoroughly. If it isn’t applicable to your massager then you can troubleshoot it by knowing the other loopholes in the article above.

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