Can You Lose Weight By Running On a Treadmill Everyday?

Everyone wants to lose weight, get slim, and look beautiful, but it becomes tough for us to hit the gym every day. A simple question arises in our mind that can we lose weight by running on a treadmill at home?

Definitely, hard work always pays off, but there are numerous things which we should follow to lose weight like we need exact gear to lose weight (i.e. treadmill, stationary bicycle, crunch machines, and many more).  Weight loss journey can never be easy for anyone.

We daily watch several ways to lose weight. Different apps and sites like Youtube and Instagram give us information about role of a treadmill in losing weight.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the beneficial role of running on a treadmill in losing weight.

Can You Lose Weight By Running On a Treadmill Everyday?

How Running On Treadmill Helps In Weight Loss?

In today’s world losing weight become a passion for almost everyone.

People are trying many things to burn their calories and for this purpose, they need to do some physical exercises.

Running, walking, swimming, cardio, and many more physical activities aid in losing weight.

When we hear word RUNNING we think of losing weight and getting into shape as fast as we want.

But can simple running make a difference? Or can we do running at home? Do we need any equipment for running inside? Or does a treadmill help us in achieving our goal?

Physical & Mental Health Improvement

Treadmill helps you in developing stamina and improving your fitness level to achieve your weight loss goal.

Running every day on treadmill makes a major difference in your body. It helps in losing weight, burning calories, and toning your body.

A significant feature of running on treadmill is that we sweat a lot, and it helps in removing toxins from our body.

It can fill our body with energy that kicks our internal lazy person to do anything.

Compact & Easy to Handle Machine

A treadmill is widely liked by people, it is an easy-handling machine that can give better results and is suitable for every age group.

Its compact design includes handrails that prevent you from stumbling.

Everyone’s weight loss plan is different. You can see major progress in your body if you add aerobic exercises too.

Portable Gear

Sometimes you can lose interest in walking or running at the same place, to overcome boredom you can place this portable machine in a front of a television to enjoy your favorite music or watch your favorite show.

You can reach your goal when you will choose right type of treadmill according to your body weight.

There are two types of treadmill that are available in the market:

  • Motorize Treadmill
  • Non-Motorized Treadmill (manual treadmill)

Motorize Treadmill

Motorized treadmill is a type of treadmill which involves an electric motor and power supply.

It is usually the most preferable treadmill for losing weight as it gives desirable results in less time.

Motorized treadmill has all the latest apps and features which tell us about exact weight, speed, distance, and burned calories.

We can easily place it in our home. In addition, it is more effective for heavyweight people.

Non-Motorized Treadmill

As it is clear by the name of non-motorized treadmill that no motor or electricity involves in this type of treadmill.

It is not costly, so anyone can afford it. But it doesn’t carry heavyweight people due to its compact construction.

It is only helpful for people with a weight under 300lbs. It doesn’t have any features or built-in apps.

But it is favored by the people who have young kids and pets as it doesn’t cause any injury.

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Key Points To Lose Weight By Running On A Treadmill Everyday


Consistency is a major key to achieving any goal in life that’s why running on a treadmill daily to lose weight needs consistency to shed unwanted fats and get a toned body.

If we exhibit our passion and patience towards losing weight, treadmill will play a notable role.

Proper Shoes play a vital role in running on treadmill. As the famous actress and fashionista, Marilyn Monroe said  “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

Just like that, we can’t run on treadmill with our bathroom slippers, so we should wear shoes that have a proper grip on flat surfaces like joggers or breathable trainers which helps us in running.

Otherwise, it will cause blisters on the feet.

Time Duration on Treadmill

Running time in my opinion is that we should cover a mile in 10 min on treadmill.

Study shows that 1 mile a day burns almost 80 to 100 calories which is very good at start.

We didn’t gain weight overnight, therefore we can’t lose it in a day.

Gradually you can speed up your pace and time like start with 10 min then 15 then 20 and increase your running time as per your convenience.

Precautionary Measures

Precautions should be taken before starting running on a treadmill.

Everyone has different body types and issues regarding health, some people face back and knee pain due to excessive exercise.

So, you should take proper care of your health before running.

Fitness Training Program

A Workout Plan is imperative in weight loss, only treadmill can’t do anything if you do not set a proper diet plan by a dietician, obviously.

You should set a day off in a week, all seven days are running might be a result in rupturing of muscles and cause stiffness in legs.

Increase in an Incline 

A gradual increase in the inclines will show a better result if you start your jog on a treadmill for 10 min.

You can increase your incline gradually, starting with an incline level 1 at 3.5 mph aligning your hips in your running direction.

Do not rush in the beginning, move to level 2 with a slight change in speed, and you will feel that your feet start a natural walk with the belt.

And at any point of running, you feel that an incline is getting a tough stay there for 10 min.

Maintain your speed every day, increase your incline and add cardio exercises, you will feel the difference.

Calories Count

Managing your calorie intake can play an important role in losing weight. We need to cut down the right amount of calories for weight loss.

Our weight loss is directly proportional to what we eat and how many calories we consume in our daily life.

So, to see a prominent result of running you should limit the size of your plate, eat your food intake in a small portion, and consume less calorie food.

Diet Plan

Add a low-calorie vegetable and fruit to your diet, our body needs a sufficient amount of carbs, protein, and other nutrients to work.

Once we calculate and identify our calories and control it will give a boost to our weight loss while running on a treadmill.

In addition to aforementioned key points, the major techniques that can intensify your workout and can pay you off are increasing incline and taking a balanced diet.

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Now as we are heading towards our journey of weight loss by running on a treadmill we come to the closure that:

  • We need patience while losing weight as patience is a key to success. We can achieve our goals by balancing our daily routines.
  • Do not stretch your work-out for hours at the start it will damage your muscles rather than getting to desired results.
  • We need to run more, do some cardio exercises, control our diet, require water intake, and add necessary multivitamins as prescribed by our dietician or doctor
  • Use right type of treadmill for running: motorized or manual as demanded by your body type.
  • If you are facing any joint pain i.e. fractures, Osteoarthritis, or back pain i.e. sciatica you must consult your doctor first.
  • Therefore, we got our answer now that YES running on a treadmill on daily basis can help in losing weight but, we can’t ignore above-discussed facts too.

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