Is Manual Treadmill Good For Running?

Do you want to lose weight? Tone your body or maintain your body weight? If yes, then certainly you will look for gym gear like a manual treadmill for running or rowing machine, or dumbbells to lose weight.

What should we do then? In my opinion, running or walking is the best solution.

But can we run in our home? The answer is a BIG YES.

Is a manual treadmill good for running at home? Does it help in reducing weight and toning our bodies?

Let me explain to you in detail here below.

Is Manual Treadmill Good For Running?

Is a manual Treadmill Good for Running?

If you are a beginner and set out on a weight loss journey then I’ll recommend you to start from a treadmill.

The reason for recommending treadmill is it enhances the stamina of a person. And at the beginning of your weight loss journey if you’ll do intense exercise you definitely face shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, and strain as you are not used to such aerobic exercises.

We all hear the proverb

slow and steady wins the race.

So, I’ll never recommend you high intense exercise machines at an early stage.

Now the question arises in our mind which treadmill we should use? There are two types of treadmill in the market.

  • Motorize
  • Non-motorize (manual treadmill)

As I told you earlier running or jogging is the best solution for weight loss. We also know several of us are experiencing obesity in this modern era due to many reasons. Obesity is one of the biggest disasters because it leads to other major diseases like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol level
  • Different heart issues

To avoid all these problems we need to reduce weight and running is the best way to reduce our weight.

As everyone is facing this crisis of obesity, most people want to start jogging to start resolving health issues.

I explained earlier to use the treadmill at the start. Here, we also know everyone can’t afford to buy a motorized treadmill because it is expensive.

So, if someone wants to start weight loss by spending less money, or wants to jog by staying at home, then manual treadmill is a suitable option for jogging. But it is not suitable enough for high-speed running or sprinting.

But if you are a beginner it is absolute for you. In the start, you’ll build stamina a manual treadmill, that’s why I’m recommending this.

Let me clear you one thing in a motorized treadmill, you have to run at a continuous pace. But as a beginner, it is difficult to cope with the machine.

The most prominent feature of manual treadmill is it works well if we speed up or lower our pace, as it is physically operated(i.e. you can adjust your pace by your feet movement), and it does not require electricity.

In my opinion, this equipment is appropriate for jogging(for beginners) but not for sprinters who run at more than 7mph.

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Benefits of Manual Treadmill

Despite the fact, that manual treadmill is favorable in many aspects we will look for the other benefits of manual treadmill. Few are here below:-

Not everyone can afford expensive weight lose machines. So, the good news is that it is the pocket-friendly item, you can buy it for under $300 which is not worthier than your health.

The most salient feature of Manual Treadmill is that it is non-electric. So, we do not require any power source or wires to connect with it. Motorized treadmills require a power supply (i.e. 1mph/96W), so here is another pocket-friendly benefit.

It is light in weight as it has not been occupied by any motors. We can conveniently handle it and place it where we want in our home, office, patio, or even on the terrace.

Another satisfactory feature is that it is safe for everyone including pets and toddlers in your absence. You need not worry about any injury.

Due to its compact design and easy handling, it can be accommodated anywhere in a confined area.
It helps in toning our body and strengthens our gluteus, abs, and calves muscles. Running on manual treadmill also helps us to maintain stamina.

Drawbacks of Manual Treadmill

While there are a lot of benefits of a manual treadmill, there are a few drawbacks too. Which are jotted down:-

Due to continuous exertion of force by own self, studies show different opinions of people that manual treadmill cause stress in joints of our body particularly knee and hip joints are more affected by it.

The biggest drawback of manual treadmill is its construction which is not suitable for heavily weighed bodies. So apparently it is suitable for walking rather than running.

In today’s modern world, we came up with different gadgets that have built-in apps and features. But manual treadmills lack all the features which can guide us about heart and pulse rate, distance, covered miles, and burned calories. We require modern apps to calculate our speed and distance according to our BMI for reducing weight.

A manual treadmill carries a weight between 250lbs to 325lbs which means that it is not very useful for heavyweight people.

Due to continuous use, the walking belt run out of grease, and it makes the manual treadmill terrible to work on. So, we need silicon lubricant to grease it’s time to time.

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Here are a few conclusive lines for us to understand is a manual treadmill good for running or not.

  • Beginners can continue to jog on a manual treadmill easily, using a manual will help you in many ways like it can be suitable for home use(i.e. you can stay at home if the weather is severe outside) and is highly recommended for people who like less to go outside or can’t spend enough money to buy a motorized machine.
  • Due to its easy portability and sleek design you can easily carry it anywhere you want.
  • This machine is more suggested for walking or jogging rather than running because obese people would feel uncomfortable due to its design.
  • I will not recommend intense exercises like lifting dumbbells or using a rowing machine at the start of your weight loss journey.
  • It would be best to follow the instructions given by your doctor when you start running on a manual treadmill.

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