Incline Treadmill- 9 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages

Imagine having a truckload of chocolate on one side and only one bar on the other side, which would you tilt towards? Obviously the former, right? In much the same way, you don’t want to walk on a flat treadmill and limit your benefits when you can do so much more by walking on an incline treadmill. 

Walking or running on an incline can help boost your heart rate, improve your metabolism, and strengthen your body muscles and glutes. Apart from this, incline treadmill benefits also include good breathability, better body adaptation, and a more fun workout. But that is not all, there is a catch. 

When it comes to incline treadmills, there are also some disadvantages you need to look out for. In this article, we will discuss some benefits including incline treadmill benefits for glutes and some incline treadmill disadvantages. So put your best gear on: this is going to be a fun ride. 

benefits and disadvantages of walking on incline treadmill

Incline Treadmill Benefits

  • Boosts up your heart rate and improves metabolism

Ever wondered what is the best way to improve your overall health? It is an improved heart rate. People with stronger and more efficient circulatory systems tend to get less tired and be active in their day-to-day life. Walking on an incline treadmill help speed up your heart rate and make your heart stronger. 

Many studies suggest that walking on an incline treadmill at just a 15 to 20% increase can increase your heart rate to 188 beats per minute. A stronger and healthier translates into a more effective workout. Not just that, but your body experiences better circulation, which means more oxygen reaches your brain. 

Additionally, a healthier heart reduces your risk of cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular conditions. 

  • Helps condition your body to take up complex challenges

Life is not a straight and steady path; there are ups and downs at every turn. You will have to climb stairs, walk hills and even run fast. Walking on an incline treadmill helps condition your mind and your body so that it can take up any challenge without any hesitation. After just a week of using an incline treadmill, you will notice many health benefits. 

You will be able to climb stairs faster, stand up instantly, and run without feeling tired. Moreover, this also helps increase muscle endurance in your body. If you are thinking of planning a trip to a mountainous region, we recommend you train on a treadmill incline for at least a week. Your friends will be in awe of your speed. 

  • Get rid of back aches and improve your posterior chain muscles

Like a motor is heart of a treadmill, your back, and your butt are what keep your body aligned. Walking on a straight treadmill is beneficial for weight loss and general health, but it does little for your back and your butt. If you want to stand up taller and enjoy stronger glutes and hamstrings, try walking on an incline treadmill at least three times a week. 

Moreover, doing this also works your posterior chain muscles, so you can enjoy multiple health benefits like stronger resistance and greater muscle endurance. On top of that, stronger butt, glutes and back help enhance your range of motion. You get to extend your arms and your legs to a wider degree, thus getting in your ideal shape in no time. 

  • Prepares Stronger ankles that never leave your side

Ever tried running really fast only to have your ankles disappoint you? Feels terrible, right? But with incline treadmill, you can not only get stronger and more resilient ankles, but also enjoy other benefits like reduced feet pain and chronic imbalances. 

When your body experiments with stretching, climbing and pushing, it develops greater muscle endurance. When push comes to shove, you will be ready to take up any challenge thrown your way. 

  • Activate your lower leg muscles with the most natural of exercises

Strength training and body-building exercises can help boost up your strength and even improve muscle resistance. But what if we tell you there is a better way to activate your lower leg muscles? Among the many benefits of treadmill, incline is that it targets your peroneals, gastrocnemius, soleus and tibialis anterior muscles, thereby improving the strength in your lower legs. 

So if you have weak ankles, or you are recovering from muscle strain, we recommend you gradually shift to a treadmill incline. 

  • Helps you lose weight- because who doesn’t want that?

If there is one thing that almost all people using treadmills want, is to lose weight. Burning calories the regular way can be a daunting task. It can take a toll on your mental and physical health, but adding a little bit of incline can help you reach this target quickly. Research indicates that using incline increases heart rate and helps you burn fat muscles quickly. 

Many studies have also shown that people who walk on a flat surface for one hour burn up to 260 calories. However, the ones who walk uphill can burn up to 420 calories. So what more reason do you want to walk on incline treadmill?

  • Is Low-Impact but offers multiple benefits

Most exercises that offer multiple benefits also come with a catch. Strenuous exercises require you to go beyond your body’s limit and exhaust every inch of your being. However, going on an incline treadmill is different. It is a low-impact exercise that works your muscles so you don’t get any strains or pressure on your joints or your knees. 

Your muscles will start with burning carbs and then move to burn fats. Apart from this, you lower your risk of chronic pain which can make your life hell. Additionally, you can enjoy this low-impact and super-beneficial exercise if you have any preexisting injuries that prevent you from doing high-impact exercises. 

  • Incline treadmill exercises add versatility and diversity to your routine

Anyone who exercises daily knows that it can get extremely boring at times. Adding some fun to your routine can be beneficial both for your mind and your body. An incline helps boost your mood and make your exercise routine more fun and energizing. Additionally, it can help prevent goal plateaus. This happens when you do the same exercise all the time, and that leads to stagnation in weight loss. By using the incline on a treadmill, you can lose weight.

Over time, your body gets used to the routine and prevents an additional decrease in weight. Adding variation is important because it helps target multiple body parts, thereby preventing a plateau. All in all, if you are bored with your everyday routine- an incline is your best way forward. 

  • Helps you breathe better and prevent excessive exhaustion

Although you are burning a lot more calories than you would on a flat surface, you are actually breathing better. Since you are increasing your incline gradually, you are actually increasing your heartbeat gradually. 

This helps regulate your metabolism and increase your heart rate gradually. Additionally, people who want to shape their body quickly and don’t want to do a lot of cardio can enjoy the great benefits offered by incline treadmill. This is a great alternative for people of all shapes and sizes. 

Incline Treadmill Disadvantages

A great article would be incomplete if it doesn’t give you a clear picture. We have discussed incline treadmill benefits. It is now time to discuss some incline treadmill disadvantages. 

  • Increased activation can also result in muscle soreness

The incline treadmill activates your muscles and offers many other benefits, but it can also lead to muscle soreness. If you are not careful, an incline treadmill can result in multiple cramps in your body. Additionally, if you don’t drink enough fluids and fail to hydrate your body, you are inviting trouble. 

  • Expect some additional stress and strain

If you are new to using an incline treadmill, you will experience some strain and pressure on your points. But this will go away soon. The muscles that can experience some strain include the tibialis anterior, soleus, gastrocnemius, and peroneals. Moreover, some people also experience shin splints. But you can easily treat them by applying ice and resting your body. 

  • Your back benefits, but it can also suffer

Most people get very excited and increase their incline suddenly. They go from 0 to 15 or 20% without allowing their body to adapt properly. This is dangerous as your back may get strained, and you may injure yourself. To avoid this, make sure you increase your strain gradually and consult a doctor if you are recovering from an injury. 


What are the incline treadmill benefits for glutes?

One of the most well-known incline treadmill benefits includes glute strengthening. When you walk on an incline regularly, you activate your sleeping muscles, and stimulate your calves, your hamstrings, and most importantly, your glutes. You also get a toned and sleek body.


Making an informed decision when you have all the solid information available is quite easy. In this article, we have highlighted incline treadmill benefits and incline treadmill disadvantages; it is up to you to decide whether you want to take a chance or not. But if you want our take on the issue, we believe that the benefits of an incline treadmill far outweigh its cons-so go all in!

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