How To Use Treadmill Control Panel

When we think about running or walking at a home, the first thing that comes into our mind is a treadmill. Without any doubt, a treadmill is the best machine for every size, age, and gender.  But many of us do not know how to use a treadmill control panel when we start our jog on it.

A treadmill is a simple walking machine that is equipped with the latest applications that are present in a control panel which helps us to know about the speed, incline, distance, pace, calories, etc.

If you are new to the gym or using a treadmill at home it will be slightly difficult for you to understand how the control panel will work and for this purpose we will discuss all the details about a control panel.

Use Of  Treadmill Control Panel

We have a brain that controls all the functions of our body.

Likewise, the treadmill has a control panel that controls all the functions of this machine, but we need to follow the steps of its use for shedding weight.

How To Use Treadmill Control Panel?

Steps For Using Control Panel

User Manual Of Control Panel

Do not hesitate or rush, just relax while you are starting your weight loss journey. You can become an expert on this machine.

Firstly, read the user manual for detailed information about the control panel, and you can also seek help from the gym trainer or the person near you who is aware of its use.

All the information about control panel buttons is fully written in the user manual.

Start Button On Control Panel

The start button is the most visible button on the control panel, just plug it in and start the button that is usually green in a color and sometimes has an upward arrow sign on it.

But the button varies with the design and the model of the treadmill.

It slowly starts the treadmill, so you need not worry about the speed because it just starts the walking belt and does not speed it up.

Stop Button

The stop button is usually present next to the start button in a control panel of a treadmill and is red in a color.

If you are feeling any discomfort you can just push the stop button, and it simply slows down the speed of the walking belt and then stop it immediately.

It’s not rocket science we all know the simple uses of on/off buttons of gadgets and machines we use.

Adjust The Speed

Speed buttons are prominently two buttons on the control panel with a UP arrow sign which helps in increasing the speed of the walking belt and a DOWN arrow sign which decrease the speed of the treadmill.

Everyone has a different body type, people usually shed more weight when they go with the high speed of walking or running on the treadmill.

But if you are having any knee or joint problems then I will suggest going for a slow speed.

Incline Button On The Control Panel

Very few people use the incline button on the control panel. There would be (+) and (-) buttons on a control panel. If you press the (+) button it will higher the incline level and (-) works as the opposite.

The incline button makes the walking belt a little higher and steep, so it can make walking or running harder on the treadmill that’s in result help in shedding more weight and burning calories fast.

Do not start with a higher incline in the beginning otherwise, it will cause stiffness in the calves, and you may get to hurt.

Safety Key

The safety key is another important feature in a control panel, which is really helpful during the time of an emergency.

A treadmill is a very well-balanced and fully equipped machine but we should not compromise on our health and fitness.

It’s a simple and beneficial small red key that you should insert while starting your jog in the control panel.

In the case of an emergency, you can just pull it out it will immediately stop the treadmill, and you will be safe.

Adjust The Control Panel Height

A control panel height adjustment is a simple adjustment of a console according to your height.

If you are tall you can simply press HEIGHT UP to increase its height and if you are short then push HEIGHT DOWN and, it will be adjusted according to your height.

Many people don’t use this key but if you are feeling uncomfortable with the console height you can use it.

Distance Button

The distance button plays a vital role in a control panel it can help you find how much distance you have covered during your exercise.

Like speed, distance can also be measured in kilometers and miles. Distance on a treadmill is usually checked by belt revolutions.

When you check your covered distance it will boost your mood and give you the energy to do more to shed unwanted fats.

Set Your Program

If you have just started your walking journey on a treadmill, do not start with high-level cardio programs.

The preset program is considered the best program for the newcomer to the gym. It will slowly take you through different exercises and levels.

This will also help you in cooling down and warming up without any difficulty. It will adjust your speed, distance, and incline which helps you in burning calories.

Test Run Before Starting A Program

According to the expert’s opinion, take a test run before starting your exercise program on the treadmill.

Start from the first step and test till the last level before setting your exercise program.

Follow all the steps and make sure that you can continue the program without hassle.

If you understand all the steps now you can set up your program and go for the walk.

Start Your Walk

When you learn all the buttons usage now you can start walking on a treadmill.

Set your speed, distance, and all the requirements according to your convinces and start your walk.

A treadmill will definitely play an important role when you want to shed extra kilos and tone your body.

Want to Know More?

There are other settings too in the control panel of the treadmill that can help you to go advance with your running and exercising program on a treadmill.

Advance Level Setting

  • You can check and count your calories while you are exercising on treadmill, it will help you to maintain your calories, and you can further check how much time you burn those calories.
  • HIIT is the best mode, it will make your workout program harder and boost it. This setting will help to speed up your cardio exercise and then slow down this with which your heart rate will also fluctuate. You can burn more calories if you use this mode.
  • You can also check your heart rate and pulse rate when you exercise on a treadmill. In some treadmills, there is a strap that helps us in monitoring accurate heart rate.
  • If you want to go more advanced in exercise use hill incline mode, it will make your walk harder, and you can achieve your goal in no time.
  • You can also monitor METs on a treadmill. It will enhance your cardio exercises and you know your target well to achieve. It differs from person to person according to their age, energy, and fitness level.

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Conclusive Words

I am now undeniably sure that you have enough information about the control panel of the treadmill.

Losing weight is not rocket science you just need to stay focused and use the right treadmill machine which comes with all modern apps to make your walk and weight loss goal certain.

If you do not understand or have an issue regarding the control panel read the twice or thrice user manual or talk to your trainer about the use of the treadmill control panel.

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