How to use Matrix Rowing Machine?

The Matrix rowing machine offers a beneficial full-body workout with low intensity. Your ability to achieve the desired effects depends on how effectively you utilize this equipment.

Here we, will give you simple steps on hoe to become a pro from noob.

How to use Matrix Rowing Machine as a Beginner?

Before workout, do simple warm up rowing exercises. Do not overdo exercises unless you want to do it for just one day. Take slow steady steps, start rowing for 5 minutes a day and increase the pace of quality workout over two weeks.

Putting extra effort in trying to perfect the stroke won’t be necessary until your second week. As this may cause health issues. So keep the Stroke Rate from 24 to 30 s/m.

What is the proper rowing technique?

There are four phases to using a rower properly.

  1. CATCH: Hold onto the handles evenly. Slide the seat forward so that your calves touch with the back of your thighs and knees touching your chest. Make sure to align your knees with feet. (PS: how to sit properly? Grab your buttocks and stick them out, you get the idea. This will prevent back pain while rowing)
  2. DRIVE: Put pressure on foot plates and slide back until legs are straight, but not locked. Make an angle of 90 degrees between your torso and legs.
  3. FINISH: Push the feet plates and grab the handles toward your stomach, lean backwards surpassing the angle of 90.
  4. RECOVERY: Undo every step to get back to phase one(CATCH), which is sliding forward, Tucked knees, and straightened arms.

How to use a Matrix Rower to become a pro?

Moving on from the beginner phase, try to make your stroke perfect and more effective. Matrix rower is said to be a legend when it comes down to low-intensity and full body workout.

What is the proper rowing technique to perfect your stroke?

There are two phases in order to achieve a perfect stroke.

Drive: It includes three steps.

  • Sit straight with stretched arms, place your feet on foot plates and apply pressure through your whole body.
  • Motion of hands/arms is linear, to and fro motion makes rowing effective.
  • Shoulders remain low and relaxed which means you will be leaning backwards. Rowers handle will be held close to your ribs.

Return: It has two steps.

  • Straighten your arms and lean forward from hips.
  • Once your hands are beyond your knees, bend your knees and slide forward.

What do the settings on the Matrix Rower mean?

As far as how to use Matrix rowing machine is concerned, it is described in the above heading. Now, how can you monitor the effects of your efforts?

On the Matrix rowing machine display screen there are numbers that describe how many calories you are burning based on various calculations. The raw data  for these calculations to occur are given in Manager Mode.

How to use Matrix Rowing Rowing Machine


To enter manager mode, press and hold both the arrows at the same time for 3-5 seconds. The menu you will be presented by will have the following data:

You can define the default timing for workout and pause, and the distance you want to cover.


Fill in the personal info like age, weight, height, and gender.


What units are going to be used on the console? Set that to standard units.


Version, version updates, troubleshooting and service options are available.


These are, as the name shows, general settings. Where you can see total distance, strokes, and time covered.


This Rower sure is versatile, you can choose language too.


This option acts like a form to gather information about machines. In case you lost the serial number and out of order options used for service, you will have this machine diary.


You can adjust various display screen brightness settings.

After you have played around the manager mode settings, you can exit by pressing and holding the menu button for 3 seconds.

Matrix rowing machine resistance levels

Matrix rowing machine offers 10 precise magnetic resistance levels. For cardiovascular workout, the best resistance range is 3-5. Starting with high resistance can cause knee injuries.

But for pros, they can challenge themselves to push beyond their limits. That’s what challenging resistance levels are for.


This menu setting is optional. You can fill out personal info in these fields if you plan to wear a Wireless Heart Rate Receiver strap to calculate the burnt calories more accurately.

What do the settings on Display Screen Mean

In a rower, heart rate is an additional feature not a medical device. It helps keep track of general heart rate trends during workout.

Wireless Heart Rate Receiver is used in collaboration with wireless chest transmitters to transfer your heart rate readings on the console.


There are 5 default workout settings/softwares. You can start with any of them. In my opinion, you should give ’em all a try once to find which one works better for you.

Quick Start:

Just put your feet in foot straps and begin rowing, the display screen will start readings automatically. I know this is a random start, but if you are sure of your workout routine, don’t stop.

Manual Program:

If you like to delay things deliberately and a deadline works for you, this program is for you. Set timer for workout and check to confirm.

Press Menu > Manual > Check to confirm. Use arrows to select the deadline, Check.

Interval Program:

You can schedule your workouts on the basis of work and rest intervals, and total number of intervals in this feature. This feature is effective if you are a beginner or a person who gets tired easily.

Press menu button > Interval > Check. Choose time for work and rest intervals > Check. Choose number of intervals > Check.

Challenge Program:

This setting is to enhance your speed by setting target time. But it’s only efficient if your rowing is a quality workout. Trying to increase pace without proper rowing technique is useless.

Press Menu > Challenge > Check. Choose time and distance > Check.

Summary Screens:

After your workout, you can view the results on the machine’s display by pressing the menu button. This might include information like time, distance, SPM, HR and Watts etc.


How to wear a heart rate monitor chest strap?

Moisten the two rubber electrodes of the chest transmitter with water, then wear it. Place the chest strap just below the breast in the centre with the logo facing outwards. Chest strap can measure values correctly and consistently if it sticks tightly in place, loose strap will give faulty readings.

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