How to Use Life Fitness Rowing Machine? 7-Step Guide to Ultimate Fitness

Hey there, fitness enthusiast! Ever wondered how to use Life Fitness Rowing Machine effectively to get the most out of your workout? 

Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of using this fantastic equipment. 

We’ll show you how to row like a pro and unravel the mysteries of the display, helping you harness its full potential to supercharge your fitness journey. 

So, grab your workout gear, and let’s explore the ins and outs of mastering the Life Fitness Rowing Machine!

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What Makes Life Fitness Rowing Technique So Popular?

You’ve probably heard about Life Fitness – they’re the go-to brand for those robust treadmills, rowing machines, and all other gym gear. 

But guess what? They’ve gone the extra mile and brought some cool tech to the table with their water rowers and that fancy EX Trainer series. Now, you might wonder: How on earth do I make the most of this Life Fitness Rowing Machine

Well, my friend, that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss. Let’s unravel the secrets to rowing like a champ on these machines and get you moving smoothly towards your fitness goals!

Alright, let’s dive into the world of using a rowing machine! Let’s see what are the essentials to do before a workout or other bunch of stuff while you’re in the rowing groove.

So, let’s break it down and get you all set up for a fantastic rowing session!

How To Use Life Fitness Rowing Machine?

No matter which rowing machine you’re on – whether it’s a stationary one, a water rower, or any other kind – the fundamentals of rowing pretty much stay the same. Yep, that’s right!

The basics hold across the board, and they’re the secret sauce to nailing an excellent rowing session.

Let’s start with step one before you dive into rowing action. You want to get those footstraps in tip-top shape.

Tighten the Footstraps

Ensure they’re adjusted just right and snug so your feet have a solid grip when rowing. No lifting heels during the drive or finish phase – we want everything nice and secure as you power through those strokes!

Tweak the Resistance Settings

Life Fitness Machines have your back when it comes to resistance – they’ve got a whole range from 0 to 16. 

So, whether you’re up for some hardcore High-Intensity Interval Training or a chill low-intensity session, these machines have the perfect resistance level. 

It’s like having a fitness buddy who’s adaptable to whatever workout vibe you’re feeling!

Change Resistance Level from Display in Life Fitness EX Trainer Series

Adjusting the resistance on your Life Fitness rowing machine is your ticket to customizing your workout’s intensity.

If you’re on the GX or HX (EX series) trainer, twist that knob manually. 

And don’t forget to sync it up with the display – setting the correct resistance on the screen not only fine-tunes your calorie count but also keeps tabs on your power output throughout the workout.

How to use the Life Fitness Rowing Machine Display

Get a grip on the key display features of your rowing machine – it’s like your secret weapon for an effective workout!

Knowing what’s up on that screen lets you fine-tune your routine to keep things on track.

The display opens up a whole world of possibilities, giving you many options to boost your workouts.

Cracking the Code: Decoding Your Life Fitness Rower’s Display!

At the top of the display, you’ll spot a row displaying how long you’ve been giving those rowing muscles a workout. 

Below is a neat little timer telling you how long it’ll take you to conquer that 500m rowing challenge.

Pick Your Target Distance

Choose the distance you aim to cover from one of the options on the console, then get rowing!

Strokes Per Minute Applied

Life Fitness rowers bring an extra trick to the table– they show you your strokes per minute. 

Unlike its main rival, the Concept C2 machines, which don’t have this stroke count display, Life Fitness rowers let you keep tabs on your rowing rhythm.

Feel the Beat: Pulse Rate

You’ll need a separate chest strap to check out this metric – it’s not included with the rower.

Body Position While Rowing on Life Fitness Rowers

Nailing a perfect full stroke starts with rocking a killer posture all the way through. 

Let me break down the secrets of that perfect posture for you while you’re hitting those rowing workouts. 

We’re splitting it into four simple phases so you can grasp every detail effortlessly. Get ready to row with style and precision!

Catch Phase(Starting Position)

Let’s kick things off with the “Catch” phase – this sets the scene for your starting position. 

Picture this: your shins stand tall(vertical), your back slightly leaning forward (no slouching allowed!). 

Your feet? They’re snug as a bug in those foot straps. 

Oh, and a pro tip — keep those foot straps nice and tight so you don’t find your feet slipping mid-workout – we definitely don’t want that!

Drive Phase(Power Sequence)

Now, let’s focus on nailing that “Drive” section – it’s where precision really matters. 

Start by kickstarting the pull with your hands, not a push from your feet. 

Here’s the play-by-play: hands lead the way, followed by your leg power kicking in to complete the move. 

As you go into the full stroke, lean back at around 110 degrees. Got it? 

During this “Drive” phase, it’s all about hands taking the lead, legs following suit, and when those legs are fully stretched out, give the cord another tug with your hands for that final touch. It’s all about the sequence to make that stroke impeccable!

Finish Phase(Strong Wrap-Up)

Now, let’s dive into the “Finish” phase – where your posture seals the deal. 

Imagine this: legs fully stretched out, arms resting right below your ribs, and shoulders nicely aligned behind your hips. 

Your core is just forming an angle of 110 degrees with your legs instead of an angle of 90 degrees — that’s the sweet spot. 

But remember, no slouching or curving allowed – your back is all about that straight, strong stance. 

Perfecting this “Finish” phase posture is the key to wrapping up each stroke with finesse!

Recovery Phase (Mirror of Drive Phase)

Now, let’s tackle the “Recovery” phase – it’s like the mirror image of the “Drive” phase. 

Here’s the drill: your hands kick things off, followed by your core gently moving forward, and finally, your legs come into play. It’s all about reversing the sequence to set yourself up for the next powerful stroke!

Tip to Use Life Fitness Rowing Machine In Best Way — Right Posture

Make sure not to lean back too much, keep your stroke complete without slouching, and don’t halt abruptly in the middle of rowing.

Maintain Layback Posture: Don’t stay completely upright when you’re finishing up. Instead, go for a 110-degree angle with your legs instead of the usual 90 degrees. This helps you keep a strong posture and row more smoothly.

Why does Life Fitness mimic the real rowing experience?

What’s unique about them? Well, they’re built with a unique twist that gives you a taste of real rowing vibes – pretty nifty, right?

Picture this: how those fluids move in these rowers is like taking a rowboat out on the water – super realistic! It’s all about mimicking that genuine rowing feel and these trainers hit the mark.

But here’s the kicker – these rower trainers aren’t just for show. Nope, they’re your ticket to an all-around workout. 

Life Fitness Water Rowers Technology: They have this slick fluid resistance technology that makes every row feel natural and lifelike. So, if you’re all about that full-body workout action, these trainers are your new best buds. Get ready to row your way to fitness in style!


In conclusion, mastering how to use the Life Fitness Rowing Machine opens a gateway to comprehensive fitness.

With proper technique, posture, and display insights, this machine becomes a dynamic partner on your fitness journey.

Its versatility caters to all levels, making high-intensity intervals or low-intensity workouts equally achievable.

The Life Fitness Rowing Machine isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a key to unlocking effective full-body workouts and tracking progress. So, embrace this tool, row confidently, and pave the way for a fitter, healthier you.

Happy Rowing!

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  1. Thanks for breaking down how this machine works. I was puzzled about two comments though. First, stroke rating (strokes per minute). The Concept 2 does have this as one of its main display items. Second, in actual rowing, the drive phase is initiated with the legs, never with the arms or hands. You simply hang on the handle; it’s like doing a deadlift sitting down. Is the instruction to start the drive with the hands something adaptive for using the water rower?

    • Great question! Initiating with hands on water rowers:

      Fluid Resistance: Unlike air/magnetic rowers, water offers dynamic resistance, allowing for adaptable stroke initiation.

      Smooth Transition: Hand engagement helps create a smooth transition into the leg-driven pull, enhancing the rowing experience.

      Individual Comfort: Some users find hand initiation feels natural and comfortable on water rowers.

      Remember, technique varies, prioritize comfort, efficiency, and injury prevention.

      This keeps it concise while covering your main points. You can still customize it with your own examples.


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