How to Run On Manual Treadmill

Running on a manual treadmill isn’t a very difficult task. Everyone can easily understand how to run on a manual treadmill.

The thing which is worth considering is the use of proper techniques to get extraordinary results; from the same running, you do daily without knowing techniques.

Today, I’ll take you to the best methods which will clarify how to sprint on a manual treadmill.

I’ll also discuss the mistakes people do while running on a manual treadmill.

How to Run On Manual Treadmill?

Techniques to Run on a Manual Treadmill

It is possible to run on a manual treadmill but before that learn a few techniques to avoid any injury.

Warmup Session

You must have heard of doing warm up before starting any exercise.

The reason is doing warmup is mandatory before any exercise. This makes you ready for the next task which is a little bit challenging.

Running on manual machines doesn’t seem a difficult task but for beginners, it is necessary to understand methods to avoid any unintentional bruises.

Different exercises demand different warmups like before heavy weight lifting some pushups, planks, chin-ups are recommended.

In use of manual treadmill, warmup means, starting your workout on a treadmill by walking or jogging.

You don’t need to start running in the start. Now I’ll explain reasons for doing warmup.

Reasons to do warmup before running on manual treadmill.

  1. If you are a beginner and you will start running on a manual treadmill at a faster speed, there is a great chance of injury.
  2. Because you will not be able to control the belt(means you will not understand how to slow down belt) at a faster speed.
  3. Manual treadmills don’t have a motor to power the belt. The owner has to power the belt.
  4. The other important reason for warmup is, that your stamina to do workout on a manual treadmill will increase. And it’ll be easy for you to do running on manual treadmill.
  5. Running on manual treadmill is a little bit challenging as compared to motorized treadmills. That’s why warmup is essential.

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Gradually change your feet movement

I know when a new treadmill comes we have urge to run faster, as we have seen some people doing extra fast running on treadmill.

But doing so could may result in some odd thing like you may fall on treadmill.

So, the best recommendation by most of experts and as per my experience is start by walking.

After 2-3minutes of walking, switch to jogging, also do jogging for 2-3 minutes and then start running.

This will be the best method to attain your goal of running.

How manual treadmill is powered?

The manual treadmill is not equipped with any motor to power the belt.

The belt moves with your feet movement. Your feet power the treadmill belt. The faster you move your feet, the faster belt rotates and vice versa.

Although manual machines aren’t that fancy and modern like motorized treadmills. But the manual treadmills workout is more intensive and hard the motorized one.

The reason for intense work offered by manual treadmill is you have to exert more force to move belt.

While in motorized treadmills your belt moves easily because belt is powered by motor and it will continue to move until you turn the machine off.

But that’s not the case for manual one, you have to move your feet ultra fast to do running on manual treadmill if compared to running on a motorized treadmill.

Get a detailed understanding of how manual treadmill works?


Running on a manual treadmill is not a difficult task. But if you are a beginner then you should take steps with care.

Ultimately after a few days of practice, anybody can learn how to sprint on a treadmill.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and had absorbed all the aforementioned techniques to run in a professional way on a manual treadmill.

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