How To Reset Treadmill After Lubing | Steps Explained

Every treadmill needs lubrication when it comes to maintenance. But many of us are unaware that how to reset treadmill for walking after lubing it.

We will discuss the maintenance and treatment of the running deck of a treadmill.

Treadmill is one of the best fitness gear around the globe and is highly recommended for home, gym, and even office use.

Walking and running on it gives you energy, builds your stamina, and it’s great for physical and mental health overall.

This sturdy and handy gear, inexpensive or expensive needs supervision too, for this purpose we lubricate it once after every 3-6 months.

Lubrication varies with the model of the treadmill or the mileage. Motor, frame, console and running deck, etc. every part that require proper care.

How To Reset Treadmill After Lubing?

Why Do We Need To Lubricate A Treadmill

Are you worried that the running belt of your treadmill is not working properly? Or it is creating friction and you can not increase your speed or incline?

The answer is that your treadmill requires lubrication.

For the smooth working of the treadmill and to avoid the friction between motor and the running deck, we need to lubricate it.

It also helps to fold and unfold a treadmill and lubricated roller bearings are easy to move.

Dirt and debris are major reasons behind the damage to belt and the deck.

If you do not care about the lubrication it will cause serious damage to the motor, deck, and breaking of the running belt. It may injure you too.

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What Should We Use To Lubricate The Running Belt?

It is recommended by the experts of the fitness gear manufacturers that 100% Silicon is best to apply on the treadmill walking belt.

This would reduce the friction between motor and running belt and give you a smooth run. This lube is available in both liquid and spray.

After every 150 miles, our treadmill reminds us to lubricate for the betterment of the working condition of the parts of the machine.

Removing dirt from it and lubricating it timely will prolong the age of the treadmill.

Lubing and Resetting of Treadmill after Lubing

We need simple steps to follow for lubricating the treadmill and resetting the machine after lubing to use again.

1) Unplug the Power Source

Power off the treadmill from its electric source for safety purposes.

2) Examine the Deck Condition

Before applying lube to the belt, check the belt/deck condition. For this purpose, slide your hand underneath the deck.

If it is already greasy it’s good to go and there is no need to apply more grease. In this case move to the resetting part of the treadmill.

Otherwise, if it is dry, it probably needs some lubrication.

The purpose of checking is to make sure that it is already not greased enough. If it is greased already, this can also be dangerous because belt will become more slippery which enhances the risk of injury.

3) Lubricating the Running Deck

Slide the lube spray or tube to the center of the deck, and apply 1/2 oz. of 100% silicone gently with controlled pressure on the applicator.

Repeat more than 2-3 times on both sides of the deck.

4) Reset Message of a Treadmill on Display

Once you have completed the lubrication you will receive the message of Lube Setting on the display of your treadmill, although your display may be slightly different, the steps would be the same.

5) Restart the Treadmill

Plugin the electric cord, remove the safety button, press the stop and enter key at the same time and place the safety button back again.

6) Reset Setting

Simultaneously hold and press the speed up arrow or speed+ key and then the stop button for 5-7 seconds.

The console will beep several times and return to the regular display.

7) Note for Resetting 

If the lube belt message reappears after five miles of use, then reset the message again.

User Manual/ User Guide

After following the above steps, if you are still facing any issue regarding lubrication or resetting of treadmill, then I would propose, that you should get assistance from user manual before you call for a professional service.

Because the user guide is provided with enough knowledge about the maintenance of the treadmill.

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A treadmill is a world-famous and favorite fitness gear among professional and personal users. But like every machine or gear, it also requires some maintenance.

Likewise, the belt is the part that demands lubing after proper intervals of time.

The steps for lubing and the after part of lubing(resetting of treadmill) are also explained above.

It is a common issue that most people can’t figure out, how to reset treadmill after lubing it.

So, I have tried my level best to entertain you to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully, you have got all the necessary information required for the resetting of treadmill.

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