How to read rowing machine display screen | Explained

Of course rowing is an effective and efficient way of losing weight, you can choose any of the two suggested techniques you want. One says a quick, high-intensity piece of work is the way to go, and another suggests that slow to moderate, prolonged and low intensity pieces work well.

Now, both options are great. But how can you calculate the calories you burn during your workout in an informed way? For this to work, you must understand what the numbers and metrics that are shown on the rowing machine display mean.

How to read rowing machine display?

You can find different numbers on various display screens. An overview of this preferred display is given below:

Best Display Screen Ever

How to read rowing machine display? This display has various eight numbers. Now, What do these numbers mean? These are motivation metrics. You need to focus on the following four key quantities to make your workout progressive.

Stroke Rate:

This reading, displayed at the top right corner describes how many strokes you are doing per minute(SPM). 


Distance tells, for the amount of calories you burned in workout, how far you could have travelled in meters.


It is the amount of time you will take to row 500 meters. Focus on improvement of this value. But if you are rowing as a beginner, try to keep the progress consistent. Do not rush things.

Total Time:

This reading is on the top left corner, it’s the clock that starts ticking when you start rowing, displaying your workout time.

And the other 4 quantities on the rowing machine screen are explained in case you are curious, Distance per stroke and,

Heart Rate:

Very Visible on display with heart, You can keep track of that by using bluetooth heart rate monitor. You can connect bluetooth with the rower through the main menu panel.

Average 500m Split Time:

This reading tells the average time you take for 500m splits.

Projected m 30:00:

How many meters you are expected to row in 30 minutes based on your split time.

How to read Concept 2 rower display | Explained

Just as you turn on the rower Concept 2, the main menu will welcome you. There are a few settings. What do these settings on the rowing machine mean? Should you bother them?

Concept 2 Rower Display

Just Row:

Upon clicking this option screen will be changed to stats of workout. You can start rowing.

Select Workout:

You can select a pre-programmed workout plan, or apply a workout plan of your own.


If you want you can connect a bluetooth device to the rower. This option can be used to monitor heart rate on the display screen while rowing.


The history of your workout metrics resides there.

More Options:

Takes you to general customization options.

After playing around with the settings of the main menu, you can press Display from where the metrics screen will be operational. And you can start rowing.

And as far as how to read a rowing machine display screen is concerned, it is explained in the above heading.


Rowing machine screen explained for beginners

Beginners, focus on these four values. Especially this one, Split measures, aim for it’s improvement. Others are, s/m, Total time (On Top left), Distance (in meters).

What do the numbers mean on rowing machine?

You can find numbers on various display screens. Rowing Machine numbers are metrics(like calories burned), charts and graphs (progress bar given through comparisons of past workouts). Charts & Graphs can motivate you through your progress.

What do settings on rowing machine mean?

In rowing machine settings, you can connect a bluetooth device, view workout history, upload your own workout, choose the wanted display screen.

Best rowing machine screen explained!

Best rowing machine screen display ever is with the various eight metrics: SPM, Time, Split Time, Distance etc.

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