How To Flatten/Straighten Treadmill Belt

Do you also face the problem of getting your treadmill belt folded when it is working? You can flatten your Treadmill belt whenever it gets folded very easily in a few steps.

I also faced this problem a few weeks ago but fortunately, I was able to solve it.

You don’t need to worry as it is not a difficult task. Even if you are facing such issue for the first time, you can solve it yourself without any professional support.

All you have to do is to follow my instruction at every step and you would be able to straighten your treadmill belt.

You should not immediately decide to spend money on buying a new belt. The reason is that it is not always the solution.

The best way is to find out why it gets folded and once you have found the culprit, you would better be able to solve the problem.

How To Flatten Straighten Treadmill Belt

Flattening Treadmill Belt

You can flatten the treadmill belt with the help of a few tools. Some of these tools may be available at your home. The rest of these can be purchased from any local shop or online.

Tools Required

Here is the list of these tools:

Solution to Folded Treadmill Belt

You need to adjust the bolts on the rear side of the treadmill. It will allow the belt to move back to its place.

If the problem persists, you don’t need to worry much as it can be done by taking a few extra steps.

Unplug Power Cord

There is a risk of getting a shock. So, you should unplug the power cord before proceeding.

Removing The Hood

First of all, from the head of treadmill, unscrew the bolts of motor hood. You have to pull the treadmill board up and then use latch to keep it in place.

Remove Footrail

Under the right foot rail, unscrew the bolts to unfasten it. Then after unhooking the latch put treadmill on the ground.

Take The Roller Out

After you have removed the rail, adjust roller to loose the tension in the belt untill you are able to lift up the roller.

Remove the roller screws and fasten the board on the latch again.

Access The Belt

Open the corner screws holding the right of walking board to the frame. It helps you adjust the belt by sliding it.

At this stage, you can fully replace your bolt if you notice that your old belt has become unusable.

Put Things Back Together

You are done with all the steps and now you have to put things back together and get your treadmill working like before.

Here are the steps that would help you in the case.

First of all, pull up the board and use latch to keep it at its place. Attach right frame to the platform and screw the corner bolts again.

Next, pull down the board and screw back the roller to its original position. Here you can adjust the belt to where you like.

Before you fasten the motorhead, fasten the foot rail back and then reinstall all the screws back into place.

Ending Thoughts

I hope, after reading this guide you will be able to flatten or straighten the treadmill belt. It will help you replace or unfold the treadmill belt whenever it gets folded. Let me know if you still have any problems.

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