How to Fix Nordictrack x22i Treadmill Problems | Screen Reset Button Issue Resolved

We understand that some NordicTrack X-series treadmills, such as the X11i, X22i, and X32i, have experienced issues that have frustrated users. With this troubleshooting guide, we aim to provide you with clear and concise instructions on how to resolve common problems with the X22i and X32i treadmills.

NordicTrack made X-Series treadmills with elite hardware and cutting-edge features. Like 22” inch HD LED display with handy console, but the performance of motor and control board isn’t much appreciated by users. Let’s see their fix.

How to Fix Nordictrack x22i Treadmill Problems?

Abrupt belt stoppage, motor malfunction, display issues, incline stuck on X22i or X32i, and factory reset procedures will be addressed for NordicTrack X-Series treadmills in this comprehensive guide, with solutions illustrated through infographics and images.

This guide, describes everything from belt adjustments to motor troubleshooting. So, let’s delve into the details without further delay..

Why Nordictrack x22i Belt Not Moving? Fix X-Series Walking Belt Problems?

On a Nordic Track treadmill, the walking belt should move smoothly and consistently for uninterrupted workout.

If you find that the belt on a treadmill stops when you stand on it or not moving at all, firstly it indicates that the belt is not secured & aligned properly and not moving over the rollers easily. Secondly, the rear roller is not in place which is causing belt to move abruptly.

How to check belt is in place or not? A walking belt that is properly adjusted and is in place can lift upto 2-3 inches from the deck. If it rises higher, the walking belt may be too loose or it is tight in vice versa scenario. This will make the belt to wrap up around rollers and bunching and ultimately halt movement.

Let’s see how to make belt adjustments in x22i & x32i for optimal performance.

How to Adjust Rear Roller Alignment in Nordictrack?

Rear roller bolt adjustments in Nordictrack infographic

Use the Allen wrench that came with your treadmill to make the necessary adjustments.

  1. Adjust the bolts on either side of the rear roller located at the very end of the treadmill deck.
  2. Make a quarter turn to the right(clockwise) on each bolt, and then lift the belt to check how tightly they are secured.
  3. Move the bolts a half turn in either direction(to tight or loose) until the belt lifts only up to 3 inches.

How to perform Nordictrack X-series belt adjustment that is Off centered?

  1. For belt adjustments, rotate the bolt on right side with wrench in a clockwise direction if the belt is positioned too far to the left.
  2. Rotate the bolt on left side of machine with wrench in a counterclockwise if the belt is positioned too far to the right.
  3. Once the belt has been stopped, spin the idler bolt clockwise in addition to a half turn. After which, for more accurate adjustments, make one-quarter turns.
  4. Start walking, and the belt should adjust to your walking speed.
  5. Carry on with this process until the belt is positioned in the middle. For belt adjustment to the center, you also need to make sure that your belt is not rubbing on deck.

Precautionary measures

When performing routine maintenance on your treadmill, you should never use silicone spray to lubricate the walking belt.

This is especially important to keep in mind if your treadmill produces this white powder.

How to fix Nordictrack x22i Treadmill Console and Motor Problems?

Talking about Nordictrack x22i treadmill problems, other than the belt adjustments, there are two main problems that take place:

  1. Variable running speed problem
  2. Treadmill Motor not working

Variable running speed problem

Your treadmill may be set to go too slowly, which makes your workout take longer. Also, there could be some technical issue causing the treadmill to speed up and slow down on its own.

The best way to fix this problem is to look at the machine’s user manual to get the speed back to what it initially was.

If the machine can work at the recommended level, there’s not much to worry about.

On another note, check the cable if you’ve already installed it and the machine is still operating at different rates.

If it gets stuck, it’s time to call for help so the experts can look at the engine.

Variable running speed problem

Motor not working

The next problem is with the motor of the Nordictrack treadmill.

Most of the time, the machines’ motors don’t work well, stop, or break the circuit.

All of these problems happen when you keep turning on the power at a fast rate. In this case, you should replace the motor or circuit.

If you cannot fix it, it is advised to consult the technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you are facing Nordictrack x22i screen issues?

If your screen display is not working or generally you are facing screen issues, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, check the control panel and power cord length. If the power cord is too twisted or the cable is too old, it may break down.
  2. Unplug the power cord for 60 seconds, then plug it back in.
  3. You may need to replace the console’s magnet. Magnetic loaders and static developer consoles also cause problems.
What to do if you are facing Nordictrack x22i screen issues?
  1. Before doing anything, you should examine the display on the control panel and determine how long the machine’s power cord is.
  2. The power cord may become too twisted.
  3. Wait one minute without using the power cord, then unplug it and plug it back in. If this fails, look for another solution.

Why my Nordictrack x22i won’t start?

Your treadmill won’t start if there are loose or broken parts under the motor cover.

The motor controller could be broken if the console lights up, but the treadmill won’t start.

Also, your treadmill might not start in another situation if there are loose wires under the motor cover or in the console.

In some cases, there’s a situation slightly different than treadmill won’t start just beeps. You can easily fix it by using this guide.

Where is the Nordictrack x22i reset button placed?

If you have a NordicTrack treadmill, you need to unplug it for the reset button.

Next, look for the pinhole or button, which is probably on one of the console’s sides or the back.

By doing this, you will locate the reset button right there.

But if you still can’t locate the reset button, please check your owner’s manual.


To conclude, the Nordictrack x22i treadmill has made its place in the fitness industry in no time because of its highly effective working and unique construction.

Also, before you do any repairing, you must remove the key and unplug your Nordic Track treadmill.

With that, I hope the information in this article should help you understand how to fix NordicTrack x22i treadmill issues.

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