How To Fix A Treadmill Stuck On Incline

Are you facing issues in walking or running on the incline of your treadmill? Do you want to fix a treadmill that is stuck on an incline? Does your treadmill need maintenance to work properly?

If you admit these signs then, this article is probably written for you.

Here we will discuss ALL possible ways to fix your treadmill stuck on the incline before forwarding your request to the professional service at the maintenance company.

How To Fix A Treadmill Stuck On Incline

Causes Of Treadmill Stuck On Incline

The treadmill is a commonly used machine all over the world now, this easy operate and manageable machine needs care too.

Every machine is comprised of electronic boards and motors and also got stuck at a point where we do not figure out the reason.

Everything has a solution, but before solving any issue we should look deep inside the real cause of the problem. If your treadmill is stuck on an incline, there must be few reasons:-

  1. Jammed Incline Motor
  2. Calibration  

Jammed Incline Motor

There are many factors that are involved in a stuck incline motor. A treadmill is a machine, and it can sometimes stop working like any other machine, sometimes it’s a slippage or alignment fault in a motor or a gearbox.

We require the replacement of the electric board or wiring when the gearbox in the motor got jammed. It also involves electricity voltage sometimes.

What Should We Do When Incline Motor Does Not Work?

First, we should ascertain the issue that, if the incline motor receives the required voltage or not. For this purpose, we will simply use the multi-meter and set it on the AC volts.

After all this, if still, you are wondering about the reason then remove the motor from the treadmill and reconnect its wiring. Then run the incline motor outside the treadmill.

Basic Steps To Follow For Fixing Incline Motor:-

  1. Firstly, remove the electric power cord from the treadmill.
  2. The incline motor is positioned near the front deck area. Carefully disconnect the wires which lead to the motor from the terminal.
  3. Wires connected to the motor are of two colors white and black, now set a voltage meter on the lowest resistance and connect its tip to the white wire connector.
  4. Now, connect the black wire tips of the voltage meter and incline motor wire.
  5. Observe the voltage indicator and slowly select the next level of resistance. Now as you are changing the voltage level but not getting any reading on the voltage meter then the motor incline needs to be changed.
  6.  Remove the bolts from the incline motor with the help of a hex wrench and remove the motor.
  7. Lift the front of the deck and check the resistance of the incline motor. Lubricate the hinge points with white lithium grease you can apply all-purpose grease too. Check keenly the resistance by lifting and lowering the belt frame.
  8. Now again test the voltage and if works positively, then reinstall the motor and wires to their terminal post.
  9. A bench test will also be taken by removing the bolts and screws and holding this electric motor to the housing. Now pull the electric motor and check the gear at the end of the motor shaft if you find it damaged it would be replaced.
  10. Compressed air is required for cleaning the inside of the housing, rotating the spindle, and checking the free rotation of the housing. If it works smoothly now, then attach it to the motor and reinstall it into the treadmill.


Treadmill calibration means the accuracy of the treadmill’s speed. It is generally supposed, that when we install an incline motor or add a console or a new controller to the treadmill it needs to be re-adjusted to the calibration of the treadmill.

In this process, the machine will move from one extreme level of an incline to the other extreme level.

What Should We Do When Calibration Doesn’t Work?

First, DON’T RUSH if the incline got too stuck it’s a machine it usually happens, take the user manual and check the process of recalibrating the incline.

The process of calibration typically varies with the model or type (i.e. motorized or non-motorized) of a treadmill. If you are not getting any idea then here we are to help you.

Basic Steps To Follow For Fixing Treadmill Calibration:-

  1. Connect the power supply to the treadmill.
  2. Select the calibration mode on the console.
  3. Now, remove the safety key.
  4. Press and hold the stop and increase the speed button.
  5. Insert the safety key in the console while holding both buttons.
  6. Now, the machine will go into calibration mode.
  7.  After this, you may let go of the buttons and a safety key.
  8. Allow a treadmill to complete one calibration cycle and then stop. Now remove the safety key and reinsert it.

Safety Measures While Fixing Treadmill Incline

Before calibrating the treadmill incline you should follow the following steps

  • Do not stand on the treadmill when it’s going through a self-test.
  • Do not conduct a voltage test with 110 AC current while testing an incline motor repair.
  • Unplug the switch before fixing the treadmill calibration or a motor.

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With all this aforementioned information on fixing a stuck incline now, you may understand the process, but you should take care of a few things before fixing the treadmill incline.

Check the warranty of the treadmill before you call any professional service. Because if a treadmill is under a warranty then repair would be free.

Always take precautionary measures before fixing the treadmill stuck on an incline.

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