How To Fix a Treadmill Belt That Slips

Are you experiencing difficulty in your workout while walking or running on the treadmill or your treadmill stops abruptly? If you are wondering how to fix a Treadmill belt that slips, let me help you.

It’s really hard to wait much longer to get an appointment from a professional to solve this issue. Rather, you can do it yourself at your home.

How To Fix a Treadmill Belt That Slips

Causes of Slipping of Treadmill belt

There are multiple reasons which result in slipping of belt. Some of the primary factors are jotted down.

  1. (a) Not enough tension in the Drive belt (b) Lose walking belt
  2. Inadequate lubrication

1. (a) Not enough tension in the Drive belt

The drive belt connects the motor directly to the front wheel, which helps the belt to spin.

You need to keep enough tension in the drive belt so that machine can function properly. Another precaution is to read the instruction manual before fixing the unit yourself So that your warranty doesn’t get void.

How to Ascertain that the drive belt can still be used?

If you test Front-wheel by walking on the treadmill and the belt stops but the motor is still moving, It means that the drive belt is loose and needed to be tightened or replaced.

Precautions while fixing

In order to solve it, You need to stiffen the belt without applying much force, so that motors may not burn. Before removing the worn-out belt and the hood cover be assured that it isn’t prohibited by the manufacturer to remove the hood cover.

If it’s so, then avoid doing it yourself to keep your warranty sustained.

1. (b) Lose walking belt

A loose walking belt is also a reason for “Treadmill Belt That Slips”.

How to ascertain if the belt is loose?

By lifting the belt away from the deck if you can notice a clearance height of more than 3 inches/7.5 cm then it is loose and needed to be repaired.

Once you tighten the belt and still you can notice the slippages you need to increase the tension.

2. Inadequate lubrication

Another reason for slipping of a belt is less lubrication. Increased friction between the belt and running board lessens the smoothness of moving belt.

How Can I validify that my treadmill requires lubrication?

Slip your hands beneath the treadmill belt and move your fingers along the bed of the machine. Your hands will feel slippery. If they are dry it means lubrication is required.

Fixing a Treadmill Belt That Slips

Why lubrication is necessary for Treadmill?

The treadmill is designed in such a way that belt runs over a number of rollers and friction is generated between rollers and the belt.

If there is not enough lubrication belt continues slipping, and intervening your workout experience.

If you find that slipping of belt is due to low lubrication then you have to grease your treadmill belt.

Most recommended lubricant is silicone-based lube because it does not evaporate. It often comes in spray or liquid form.

How to Lubricate the belt?

  1. Unplug the treadmill( for your physical safety).
  2. Clearing off the dust would be helpful to avoid gradual deterioration of belt. If there is excess dust then it can also be removed easily. First, lose the treadmill belt and then turn the treadmill aside to clear dirt easily.
  3. After removing the dirt, spray half of lube on one side and half on the other so that belt is entirely lubricated.
  4. Don’t grease it excessively. Also, make sure that lube doesn’t spread on top of belt. It will make belt slippery and you may get injured by falling. Use a damp alcohol cloth to wipe stains off.
  5. Now, screw up the belt again and let the machine run for five minutes, then try checking it by running over it for at least one minute, to ensure that the machine starts functioning normally.

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Make sure to follow jotted points.

  • Initiate by checking if grease is required. Next, check if the adjustment in the tension of the belt is up to mark or belt is required to be replaced.
  • It is relatively easy to fix a treadmill belt that slips. Once you efficiently figure out the cause which is retarding the functionality of your machine. Then you are ready to set your machine.
  • Be assured that if you can fix it gently by following the instruction manual and processing the aforementioned information, instead of messing up the whole work.

I hope after reading this article your mind has got a clear picture of how to fix a slipping treadmill belt.

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