My Treadmill Deck Cracked! How to Avoid? Precautions Explained

Having a cracked treadmill deck is a precarious situation.

As the treadmill ages, it requires more maintenance than before. It’s not about the apparent maintenance but the internal too.

You cannot use it when any component of the treadmill is not in a working condition.

Nobody wants their treadmill to fall apart.

Treadmills are one of the most expensive fitness equipment we buy.

The last thing you want to do is throw it away because of a broken deck. You can save yourself some bucks if you can save your belt from rubbing on deck.

Throwing in the trash and replacing a machine is not a solution.

Construction & Role of Treadmill Running Deck

The running deck is a major part of the treadmill which is used for running and jogging.

When we talk about the construction of the treadmill we always prefer the durable and strong material.

An average-priced treadmill deck is mostly constructed with solid wood, metal, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

For the coating, Phenolic resin is used.

Every treadmill that has a supportive surface and strong material used in construction is highly preferable.

Many treadmill manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee of the running deck.

But some low-priced treadmills decks are guaranteed for 500 hours, which means approximately 2 and half years.

How To Avoid Cracking Of Treadmill Deck

It’s not necessary that only the deck of the cheap treadmill can break.

The running deck of the Nordictrack treadmill can also crack if we use it in an inappropriate way.

Here are a few reasons for the cracked running surface.


There is always a user weight limit on a treadmill.

Whether we are buying Sole’S, Horizon, Nordictrack treadmill, or any well-reputed treadmill its deck can break if it crosses the weight limit.

Treadmill Deck Cracked! How to Avoid

It not only breaks the deck but also injures the exerciser if you exceed the weight limit.

So be careful and follow the rules and precautions before exercising.

Dirty Conveyor

Another important factor for the cracking of the deck surface is dirty conveyor.

Lack of maintenance and the unattended surface can break easily.

We should protect the deck floor and the belt from dirt and debris.

The average length of the running surface is 45-60 inches while the width is 16-22 inches.

The floor conveyor needs proper lubrication to work smoothly and efficiently.

overweight on treadmill

Poorly Stored Treadmill

As the market flooded with folding treadmills it becomes easy for everyone to keep them at home.

Folding treadmills cover less space and can be stored easily in any compact place. It’s very simple to unfold treadmills present in storage positions.

But if you are not a regular user and store your treadmill in damp places it would effortlessly break the deck.

Because water-soaked places damage the thick cushioning belt and after that affect the wooden conveyor.

So always store the treadmill in an airy place and properly clean it after using.

Middle Running Surface

Nothing can beat the performance of the treadmill when it is a matter of fitness.

The preset workout programs incline and other features encourage runners to run fast.

But most fitness freaks love to walk in the middle of the conveyor.

And they do not use the rest of the area for walking.

 Pressure on just the middle of the conveyor can crack the deck.

Badly Maintained  

The factor that needs more concentration is poor maintenance of the treadmill deck.

People often use and left the treadmill unguarded.

It is common that when we run on the treadmill our sweat soaks into the deck and the belt.

This is also the reason for the cracking of the cushioned deck.

After using the equipment it should be cleaned with hot water or soap to wipe away the dust and sweat.

I’m not saying to wash it on the daily basis, it can be annoying to do this daily.

But doing this once a week is a nice habit that can help your treadmill run longer.

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Conclusion(Why My Treadmill Deck is Cracked?)

Cracking of the treadmill deck is common.

Some treadmills are low-cost and can easily break when we constantly use them.

Most users get panic and rush to the market to buy a new treadmill when they see a broken deck.

Repair or replacement of the treadmill deck is also an option for the life span of the equipment.

We should take precautionary measures and basic maintenance techniques to avoid the cracking of the treadmill deck.

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