How Does Anti-Gravity Treadmill Work | Benefits Explained

There are two types of treadmills mainly in the market. But a special type of treadmill, the Alter-G treadmill has also been made. Now you must be thinking what is the Alter-G treadmill? How do the functions of an anti-gravity treadmill work?

First, don’t get confused by the terms Alter-G and anti-gravity, both serve the same meaning.

Do you know the specialty of this treadmill functionality? Well, in this article we will provide you with information about this magical treadmill working mechanism.

It’s common that when we think about the words like anti-gravity. Our mind straight goes to the place where there is the cancellation of gravity.

It means a place like a space, but what’s the combination of treadmill and anti-gravity area?

Anti-gravity belongs to modern-day science.

This treadmill functionality is designed for the running and jogging of specific people. It allows users to run without stressing the legs and joints.

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Anti-Gravity treadmill and its functionality and working mechanism were designed by Robert Whalen in the 1990s. He was a famous biomechanics researcher at NASA Ames Research Center. Else he was an astronaut at International Space Station (ISS).

He got to know about the fact that astronauts require a routine workout program.

This physical activity will help them to prevent bone mass and muscles in microgravity.

But rather than using gravity, they use straps across the shoulders and hips in order to keep the user/patient in place.

This bungee system wasn’t appreciated by the users. The bungee system is a system with nylon cords that keep the user in its place. It is attached to the lower body of the user.

It wasn’t good at replicating the magnitude of the force that runners feel on earth.

After that Robert created a treadmill for the astronauts and it worked perfectly for them. It got a patent in 1992.

That was helpful for astronauts as they can run in a more natural way.

In this model user’s lower body and the treadmill are closed in the airtight chamber.

For producing the effect of gravitation they lower the air pressure inside the chamber. This effect pushes the astronaut downward.

This treadmill functionality was very helpful for the astronauts in maintaining their muscles and bones.

How Does Anti-Gravity Treadmill Work

In this anti-gravity treadmill, users can exercise at their normal earth weight.

Robert’s idea failed due to the funding limitation.

In 2005, Robert’s son Sean Whalen brings back his father’s treadmill working technology with an alteration. He opened a company named AlterG.

Muscleoskeleton system injuries are common especially if you have an active lifestyle.

This treadmill allows you to control gravitational pull by maintaining air pressure.

This technology was beneficial for injured athletes, runners, and seniors.

It was additionally beneficial for patients who are suffering from leg, foot, or ankle injuries.

How Does The Anti-Gravity Treadmill Work?

Generally, the Alter-G treadmill works by using the air pressure on the lower body. This pressure helps the patient lose weight.

Before using this treadmill wear a pair of tight neoprene shorts. The skirt is attached to the shorts. It has zipper teeth around it.

Now you will enter the chamber of the treadmill. This chamber looks like a balloon and is zipped inside.

Your lower body is now enclosed in the airtight plastic bag.

After you stand on the treadmill, it will measure your weight.

Now you can set the intensity of your workout. The treadmill will operate as a simple treadmill.

Both sides and the back of the balloon are transparent.

So that the therapist can examine the mobility and mechanics of the patient.

The user maintains constant contact with the surface during the workout without floating inside the machine.

Benefits Of The Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Benefits Of The Anti-Gravity Treadmill

This treadmill is one of the best treadmills for cardiovascular exercise.

Your heart rate will increase and it also boosts your metabolic activity by exercising.

It will help rehab patients to lose weight and improve overall health.

Getting back to normal health is the desire of every ill person. So, here the anti-gravity becomes effective.

Since the antigravity treadmill operating mechanism is designed to reduce the impact on the knee and joints, doctors recommend this for injury rehabilitation of a patient.

It can cure the problems like

And other problems in the knee, joints, and lower body.

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An Anti-Gravity treadmill is a superb machine for patients who are suffering from mobility issues.

Its price ranges between 35000-75000$.

It is undeniable fact that this machine has several benefits but at the same time due to its rareness and special kind, it is expensive also. Its price ranges between 35000-75000$.

As it is too expensive to keep it at home or the gym.

Always use this machine according to the suggestion of your doctor. It is not workable for every kind of patient.

There are a lot of treatments for the aforementioned problems. But if you want to avoid surgery you can get benefits from this machine.

I hope now you have sufficient knowledge that what are the benefits of an anti-gravity treadmill, and how this works.

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