Horizon Treadmill Squeaking | Reasons & Solution

Dealing with Horizon treadmill squeaking is nothing more than hectic.

Although buying a horizon treadmill is a big-time investment in health favor.

Horizon is a leading manufacturer that offers a wide range of fitness equipment that is easy to handle.

But sometimes we go through the noises that disturb us that we cannot focus on running on the treadmill.

There are several reasons behind the squeaking of treadmills and it’s a common issue.

It’s a clear indication that there is something wrong with the machine and we should sort it out as soon as possible.

Let’s discuss the issues and resolve them in all possible ways.

Horizon Treadmill Squeaking

Reasons For Horizon Treadmill Squeaking

Poor maintenance of a treadmill will cause damage to this expensive fitness gear.

Doing dusting, cleaning, and lubrication timely of the treadmill is so essential to take long-term benefits.

We will discuss a few simple reasons and maintenance tips for treadmill squeaking that users can do on their own easily.

Non-Lubricated Belt

The main reason we have figured out is the non-lubrication of a walking belt that creates squeaking in the machine.

First, always check the quality of a belt before buying a treadmill.

Despite the fact that Horizon manufacturers offer high-quality durable walking belts. We need maintenance and lubrication when required.

If your walking belt is too tight it will create high friction that results in producing noise in the treadmill.

A tight belt will put a strain on the motor which will cause high tension between the deck and the belt.

If you will not fix the issue it will move to further damaging the treadmill.

Loose Metal Pivot Points

After regular use of a treadmill, you definitely notice the annoying sounds of metal rubbing in the treadmill.

This is due to metal on-metal pivot points of the treadmill which usually come with the machine.

When we increase the speed while running, these pivot points of metal rub with each other. So, they create louder and louder annoying sounds.

The squeaking noises will increase and with that, friction will also increase.

This may damage the moving components of the machine.

Squeaking Due To Misaligned Belt

A misaligned belt is a prominent reason for the squeaking of a treadmill.

When the belt of the treadmill is too loose or too tight it will create grinding sounds in the gear.

The loud grinding noises will increase when the treadmill sometimes moves and lose its surface level with the floor while the belt is in motion.

Have you ever thought about why treadmill starts squeaking on an incline? This might be due to the misaligned belt. You will if you increase the incline treadmill will squeak.

Misalignment of a belt leads to the slipperiness of the walking belt if you increase the speed or incline.

The slippery belt will also affect the user as they lose their control and imbalance causes harm to them.

The loud noise of a belt squeaking will create disturbance to the user and the surroundings.

Treadmill Motor Squeaking Noise

Dust, hair, and other particles deter the motor of a treadmill thus producing a squeaking noise.

The motor is the main part of a treadmill and it increases the life span of a machine if maintained well.

When the motor runs and belts move, an excessive amount of static electricity produces as a result.

It can attract all the dirt, debris, and dusty particles present in the air around the area of a machine.

This simple accumulation of dusty particles brakes the motor to work further.

It can damage the treadmill motor inside and it produces loud annoying & squeaking sounds.

Other than that it also overheats or burns out the motor.

How To Fix A Horizon Treadmill from Squeaking?

There are various ways that help us to reduce or eliminate unwanted treadmill squeaking.

We can adopt a few little things on regular basis to avoid serious damage to our machine.

Greasing The Walking Belt & Pivot Points

Greasing the walking belt and pivot points with the proper procedure can increase the age of the treadmill.

For prolonged use of a treadmill, it requires lubricant to avoid any harm to the machine.

To avoid the friction of a belt and awful noises, we need suitable lubricant for the smooth working of a belt.

New treadmills are already lubricated but sometimes it’s not sufficient so we need to lubricate it more.

It is the best advice to lubricate your treadmill once a month for the smooth movement of a conveyor, nuts, and bolts.

Always clean the surface of a belt before greasing the belt and do not over-lubricate it.

I’ll recommend 100% silicone for lubrication but read the instructions given on the product bottle before using it.

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Prevent from Dirt & Debris

To avoid dust and dirt always pay special attention to the cleaning of the treadmill.

If you do not care about the clean surrounding of the machine, dust and other harmful particles will enter the motor.

So wiping the rollers, deck, and belt of a treadmill once a month with proper attention will increase the life span of a machine.

I will suggest placing the treadmill on a floor without carpet because small dust particles will harm your machine.

So use a clean cloth or mild cleaner for removing all the harmful particles that are the reason for squeaking.

If you are a frequent user of a treadmill then clean it once a week for proper functioning.

Motor Maintenance

The motor is an integral part of the treadmill that should be cleaned at least once a year if you are not a regular user.

Always use high-quality products for cleaning the motor to work well.

Always buy a special cleaning kit that only deals with the Horizon treadmill.

Cleaning the motor is not as difficult as we think simply unplug the treadmill.

Make sure that you are placing the treadmill that does not charge static energy.

Remove the walking board according to the instructions given in the user manual.

Now you can easily access the interior motor system and can apply cleaner to the motor.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner for removing the dust around the motor.

If you feel hesitation then contact professional assistance.

Belt Adjustment

Check the belt once a week to avoid Horizon treadmill squeaking.

If the belt is too saggy and there is a huge distance between the board and the belt then you need to re-adjust it.

If you see that there is no distance or space between the board and belt then lose it.

The tightness will cause friction and that will create unwanted noise in the treadmill.

Always look for the durability of a belt because if the belt continued squeaking it will harm the functioning of a machine.

Replace the belt before serious damage to the machine.

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A Bottom Line

There are simple maintenance procedures to increase the life span of the treadmill.

The noise issues mostly come in machines of any brand. Obviously, treadmills are machines and they can tease you at any stage.

Similarly, not only Horizon but also Proform, NordicTrack, and other brand treadmills can create squeaking or creaking noise.

There are various factors that can create treadmill squeaking but mostly we can sort the issue by the above-mentioned tips.

But if you are having any serious issues like a blown fuse or smell in the motor after awful noises then contact professional service.

And last but not least you need a maintenance schedule to prevent the Horizon treadmill from squeaking.

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