How To Fix Treadmill Belt Tear | Causes & Guide

How to fix a treadmill belt tear is a point, that every treadmill owner must know.

We all are aware that the smooth running of a treadmill depends on its belt.

These belts carry on the smooth transmission of the power from the motor to the treadmill at a particular speed.

The speed range of a good treadmill can go up to 12 km/h.

A treadmill tear belt is a problem that makes your fitness gear useless. Don’t get panic, it can happen to the most expensive and cheapest treadmill available on market.

The treadmill wears and tears with time, but there is a solution to every problematic situation.

Here I will figure out the issues relating to a belt tear based on my experience and will solve them to make your treadmill useful.

Causes Of Treadmill Belt Tearing

There are a few reasons which cause treadmill belt tearing and also injure the machine.

It’s common that belt problems or any other issues with your belt arise.

But you should know how to fix them in less time, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

I will precisely discuss the problems of belt tearing and after that, I will suggest you best method to fix a treadmill belt tear.

Badly Aligned Belt

Wrong or bad alignment of a walking belt is the main culprit of the belt tearing.

If you have noticed that your belt is off-centered and slipping on the left or right of the treadmill. It means you need to straighten your treadmill belt.

It causes slipping and then tearing off the walking belt.

Age Of The Treadmill Belt

Tearing of a belt also happens due to the age of the belt.

Usually, manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty on the walking belt.

Tearing of the belt is caused due to the negligence of the users that do not maintain or replace the belt timely.

How To Fix Treadmill Belt Tear

Improper Cleaning Methods

Lack of cleanliness creates a mess for the treadmill belt.

Users do not pay attention to the proper methods of cleaning instead they use unhealthy ways.

The wrong use of cleaning chemicals and sprays weakens the belt which results in the tearing of the belt.

Lack of Lubrication

The most forgetful point in maintaining the treadmill belt is lubrication. This time to time exercise is the most important thing to remember.

Lubricating the treadmill belt enhances belts life manifolds. In order to understand the step-by-step guide to lubricating belt click here.

People often use cheap lubricants instead of 100% silicon.

It shortens the life span of the belt and tearing of the belt is not surprising then.

Overloading the treadmill

Not every treadmill has a heavyweight user capacity.

It is always mentioned in the user manual about the weight that the machine can carry.

But few overweight users walk or run on the machine and this overloading tear the belt.

The user also gets an injury if they do not focus on this key point of weight capacity.

Excessive tension on the belt

Over tightening on the tension bolts cause rupture of the treadmill belt.

The tension in the belt should be normal. Too loose or too tight both conditions are highly unsuitable for the running belt.

It may cause injury or damage to the lower body of the treadmill.

Poorly designed walking belt

Our walking and jogging depend on the treadmill belt quality.

People usually spend money on buying the machine without proper analysis.

Sometimes they go for a cheap and fragile treadmill that cannot last long.

So the low-quality treadmill belt can break easily when we put a little extra weight on it.

How to Repair Treadmill Belt Tear

Maintenance is required for the smooth and gentle working of the treadmill belt.

Replacement of the walking belt is not an option every time.

If you identify a problem with the belt you can repair it with a low budget at home.

We will apply two methods to make the treadmill belt reuseable.

  1. Repair of treadmill belt with glue
  2. Treadmill belt seam repair

Fix using Treadmill Belt Repair Glue

Follow these steps to glue the belt before seaming.

  • Unplug the power cord
  • Now remove the belt from the treadmill
  • Turn the belt upside down
  • Remove the adhesive between the layers of the belt
  • Keenly examine the type of damage
  • Now take a best and most reliable rubber solution
  • Mix it well before use with the help of an applicator
  • Apply the glue to the damaged area evenly.

Fix by Treadmill Belt Seam Repair

  • After applying the adhesive evenly seam the belt.
  • Stitch the layer using standard thread and needle.
  • After following the above-mentioned process now reassemble the belt again.

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I read multiple reviews of people on belts going out of order and jotted above all the possible reasons for treadmill belt tear that I have faced and what people faced.

The main thing which we should notice while buying the treadmill is the high-quality running belt.

We cannot ignore the fact that cheap and nondurable belt results in injury and serious orthopedic issues.

An adequate treadmill belt last for 3-5 years. With proper maintenance, you can take benefits without any loss.

Lastly, if you are not sure about how to fix a treadmill belt tear then you can replace the belt with a new one to avoid any further issues.

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