Does Treadmill Help Lose Weight Your Stomach?

Summer is approaching fast, You have eaten a lot in winter, and now you all want to hit the gym or want to run on a treadmill which help you to lose weight of your stubborn stomach area.

We all know that gear like a treadmill is a great substitute for walking or running but does it help in reducing our stubborn belly fat too? A belly or stomach fat is like a nightmare for us. We need strenuous efforts to lose it.

Our CAN DO attitude can lead us to success but does only change in an attitude or a living style can alter everything? Perhaps you require the answer to all the questions arising in your mind.

Here we go:

Treadmill’s Role In Losing Belly Fat

The treadmill plays an optimal role in losing overall body weight. We cannot refuse that treadmills are the most viable machine that everyone can afford.

It basically comes in two types motorized and non-motorized both are highly effective according to the body type and weight.

Millions of people around the world use treadmills for losing weight. It’s easy to handle it anywhere, whether at our home or an office, and if we want company we can also use a treadmill in the gym.

A treadmill is admired widely as it is a great source of burning fat fast, and we can combine it with our workout and a diet plan to see a noticeable change in our body.

Our body fats are an accumulation of four types of fats:-

Does Treadmill Help Lose Weight Your Stomach?

Why It Is Hard To Reduce Belly Fat?

This question arises in everyone’s mind why we can’t lose belly fat like other fats in our body?

The answer is our stubborn belly fat comprises two fats VISCERAL FAT and SUBCUTANEOUS FAT.

Subcutaneous fats are placed under our skin. We can reduce it by working out continuously, it is not very hard to lose it as it is visible fats around our belly, walking on a treadmill can help us in reducing it, and consistency matters.

The fat that is hard to reduce is visceral fat also known as hidden fat. It covers our body organs and stores the fats in them. All harmful fats get stored in it and produce harmful toxins that cause serious damage to our liver, pancreas, and intestines.

To fight all these conditions we need serious weight loss walking time on the treadmill to reduce our stomach fat.

Does Using the Treadmill Help Lose Weight of Your Stomach?

As we have discussed before that running on treadmill is always effective for weight loss.

We all know that stomach fat causes several diseases, including diabetes, heart stroke, cancer, and other cardiovascular problems.

Experts’ studies show that we need to shed 3500 calories to reduce 1 lb.

If you come up with a plan to use the treadmill for shedding extra pounds around your belly you should follow the few things that will probably help you to lose belly or stomach fat on the treadmill.

Durable Results of Running on Treadmill

Running on a treadmill helps in going away extra fats of our body and shows the visible change in personality as it tones our upper and lower body effectively. It keeps our belly in shape, but it takes patience.

The only treadmill does not affect the belly fat we need to know the basic aerobics exercises, diet plan, and our BMI to reduce weight.

If we melt away our belly fats with a consistent workout and get results, we shouldn’t leave our running on a treadmill for getting long-term effects.

Safety Measures

Hardcore exercises are not for everyone. We all have different body types and weights, so we need to exercise accordingly.

If you start your weight loss journey with high-intensity exercises and spend more time on the treadmill you will face lethargy and would not get your result.

You should hire a personal trainer to learn the use of treadmill and if you are having any joint pain or bones problem you must ask your doctor for precautions.

Reducing belly fat on the treadmill needs time and stability. But it will provide you with good after-effects if you work out properly.

You Can’t Out-train a Bad Diet

While reaching your weight loss goal on treadmill you cannot ignore the fact a poor diet gets you down to the problems in health. Some people start starving and think that this will help them in losing weight but it’s not true.

So, you need a proper diet plan that deals with your hunger pangs and other disorders like sleeping, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity i.e. especially belly area fat.

Healthy eating with running on treadmill and workouts can play a significant role in losing belly fat fast.

Search for Additional Ways

Honestly, we do not rely on the treadmill only. In my opinion, a good diet plan, running on a treadmill, and safety measures will help you, but you need to add a proper workout plan if you are facing obesity.

Because severe obesity needs special aerobic exercises. Belly fat is considered the most stubborn fat in the body.

I’ll recommend you two main ways that will help you in addition to the above-mentioned facts:-

  1. Firstly, increase your intensity, if you only walk for a few min and stay at that speed I am sorry to say you will not see results. Because the belly area requires intensity, if you elevate your intensity you will see visible results.
  2. Secondly and majorly, stretch your intensity to the level where your calories burn fast. High speed of running on a treadmill will result in a fat-burning heart rate, which is 70% of your maximum heart rate, and will help you in losing belly area fat. If you can afford it, then hire a trainer or watch videos online for work-out like crunches, planks, squats, lunges, etc. They will definitely help you in losing weight.

Does Walking The Treadmill Help Lose Belly Weight?

Losing weight is a science all about the lifestyle we carry. Walking on a treadmill plays a significant role in losing weight. We can acquire maximum benefit while walking daily on the treadmill, but we should take a break in a week too.

If you are doing intense exercises it may cause weakness in the body. Treadmill is considered the safest of all weight loss equipment.

Jogging and Increase in Incline

Jogging is an all-time favorite sport of everyone, it brings energy to the body, strengthens our muscles and bones, and helps to improve our cardiovascular health. But what to do if the weather is not suitable, and you need to jog?

Here comes the superhero treadmill, from which we can attain benefits at home.

To lose body fat especially belly fat you need to increase your incline slowly and steadily, start your walk normally on the treadmill then slowly increase your incline and take a deep breath. Breathing in and out will help you in burning calories.

Modify your Weekly Plan

Do not stick to the same diet plan and exercises which you are using from the start of your weight loss journey. Increase your walking pace and time on treadmill if you start with 20 min or 30 min.

Now, you need to expand your timing weekly to see optimal results. Increase your time gradually on treadmill, and also check if it is not harmful to your joints and bones health.

Modify the plan and add a few things like:-

  • High intense exercises
  • Increase in incline
  • Set every week weight loss plan
  • Eat calorie-control food
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  • Eat more fiber
  • Sleep 8 hours daily
  • Salt cut down

Managing Essential Fats with Running on Treadmill

Fats are an important part of our body, not all the fats in the body are harmful, if we lose all the fat we will face worse health conditions, and we will lose important nutrients that allow our body to perform all types of activities. We will face dehydration, our metabolism will not work properly.

So managing your fats while using treadmill is also influential in losing weight. Mostly ideal body fat for men is 2-24%, and for women, 10-31% is considered healthy. Certainly, we should aim for a body that is composed of healthy fats.

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A Bottom Line

Surely, with all the above-mentioned factors, you would get your answer. It is complicated to reduce belly fat, but we know that exercising more, taking the right diet, add supplements that give us essential vitamins, minerals, and important nutrients will help us in losing weight.

Our health may vary with sex, age factor, weight, and health condition. So, you cannot trust all the diet plans blindly that you see on different sites.

You must visit a dietician or a fitness trainer to know your body type and a diet plan and make sure that you are following a licensed dietician. Otherwise, it will cause harm.

An increase in an incline, a modification in a diet, and exercise plans are really helpful in reducing belly fat along with running on a treadmill. Do not starve or overdo the exercise take care of your health first.

If you bring change to your daily routine then running on a treadmill will definitely help you in losing weight on your stomach.

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