Does Planet Fitness have Smith Machines?

Smith Machine is becoming quite a standard these days for building chest arm and leg muscles, it’s a one-stop solution.

It is just not hype, many pros say that it is a good idea to train yourself on the Smith machine before thinking of a free-weight barbell. Whenever it comes to excellence one might wonder does planet fitness gym have a Smith machine.

Anyone can come across this thought because Planet fitness has over 2000 locations in the US.

Ready for a crazy fact?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have its gym centers in The United States only, it operates globally as well.

They operate in Canada, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym geek or someone who hasn’t even set foot in a gym. Planet Fitness is a name you must have heard.

There’s a reason that professional athletes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger incorporated the smith machine in his workout.

The thing with Smith machines is that it offers you the luxury of performing a handful of exercises that’ll help you shape and gain muscle. 

But, does Planet Fitness, a reputable gym franchise, have smith machines?

Certainly! Each gym center owned by Planet Fitness has at least three to four smith machines.

That means you’ll get a chance to gain up in a matter of a few weeks.

Does Planet Fitness only have Smith Machines?

There’s a ton of debate in the gym community regarding smith machines, but Planet Fitness decided to negate all the comments and prefer Smith machines. 

That’s right, Planet Fitness has gym centers where three to four smith machines are available, but no power or squat racks are available there. So, you may get the answer automatically that Planet Fitness utilizes its attention on Smith machine workout routines.

And it doesn’t come as a surprise really, Smith machines are generally far safer than bench presses or other machines.

Having a “no judgment zone”, that’s a smart move by the franchise to encourage beginners.

If you’re an aspiring gym-goer and have to pay $10/month at a top-tier franchise to get your gain game strong, what’s going to stop you?

Also, we have a complete guide for you to avoid all possible mistakes to do Squats on the Angled Smith machine.

Does planet Fitness Have Smith Machine

What are the Disadvantages of a Smith Machine?

 Let’s look at some pain points, due to which many gym-goers disregard the machine.

Safety Concerns

Smith machines have quite a name in the gym community, in terms of safety. But, one doesn’t get immune to potential injuries or damages by using the machine.

Let’s paint a picture: suppose you’re doing a set of bench presses, now, as a human being, you’re bound to get tired, but you’re still pushing forward due to the rush of adrenaline.

Once that rush is over, you won’t be able to lift or turn your wrists, disabling yourself from locking out the bar and potentially leaving yourself “stuck” there without an escape.

However, if you have a spotter, you’re good to go!

Limitation of Space

Smith machine is quite big in size and in order to make your home gym you might be needing a space of 8 square feet for the easy moments. Adjusting it with other gears for home use might be a challenge.

Range of Motion

A smith machine doesn’t give you quite an option, in terms of motion, meaning that there’s a fixed movement of the bar on its path. That allows you to push it upward only.

Also, you can’t take the bar off the rack to perform other exercises because it is affixed.

This can be quite uncomfortable or unpleasing for some gym-goers since everyone has a different body movement.

You might be wondering about the perfect smith machine for yourself. Well, here is a recommendation.

Is the Usage of a Smith Machine Bad?

I wouldn’t say yes to it, nor would I say no. Smith machine is like any other equipment you can find in gym centers, however, it’s best to target individual muscles, for hitting your quad and hamstring muscles. 

So, I won’t recommend depending on the smith machine only, rather, use the necessary equipment, in a balanced sequence.

Disadvantages of Smith Machine

Are Smith Machines Good for Performing Exercises?

I would say yes to that since there is a wide spectrum of exercises you can perform on the machine, but then again, it’s more of a helping hand, preparing you for the final challenge which is free weights, etc. 

So, complete dependence on the machine isn’t the right way to go either.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness have Bench Press?

Bench presses are a weightlifter’s best friend, and a weightlifter goes where a bench press is, merely because of the workout they give to your muscles, causing them to rip in a matter of a few months.

If you had a gym with a membership of $10/month, who wouldn’t go? That used to be the case with Planet Fitness, but since serious weightlifters looking to gain muscle mass lost this opportunity in around 2014 or 2015, their perspective about Planet Fitness changed.

This is merely because of the gym-goers who are in their beginning or intermediate stages, you can say that almost all of Planet Fitness’s attention is utilized on them.

Do Planet Fitness Have a Bench Press

This is why having a critical weightlifting machine such as a bench press can intimidate the crowd which is of focus.

Also, the bench press isn’t child’s play, you’re heavily exposed to potential injuries or damages. Only experienced should go for that.

That’s a potential lawsuit as well. Now, would the largest gym franchise need that? I don’t think so.

Not only this, the insurance policies that are tied to machines such as the bench press are quite expensive, heavily damaging the steady income Planet Fitness works to make every year.

However, the removal of a bench press does not necessarily mean that you have to end your membership and look for another gym.

Take this as an opportunity to get creative with your exercises and utilize other machines to get shredded. Not a bad deal, huh?

Alternative Bench Press Exercises you can Perform

Discarding bench presses may or may not be a good decision, that remains a debate.

The positive side is that you shouldn’t let go of the cheap membership you’re provided with.  Not limited to that their reputable franchises give out free pizzas on the first Monday of each month.

Here are some alternate bench press exercises to cheer you up, and not give up your Planet Fitness membership:

  • Chest Press Machine
  • Pre-Loaded Barbell Bench Press
  • Smith Machine Bench Press

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Planet Fitness is one of the most recognized gym chains there are in The United States, and globally, providing gym-goers with tons of facilities and gym equipment.

They’re mainly built for an average gym-goer, but not for someone who’s a serious weightlifter. That doesn’t come as a surprise when they decided to discard the bench press and introduce Smith machine workout routines.

The above article will help you gain insight regarding smith machines, their uses, and also, a frequently asked question which is: Does Planet Fitness have Smith machines?

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