Can You Use Extension Cord With Treadmill? Complete Guide

The use of an extension cord with the treadmill is not uncommon. Extension cords really come in handy.

The extension cord has been in use for a long time. There are a lot of reasons that make us use an extension cord with the treadmill.

When my treadmill is placed away from the socket, I have to use the cord.

It may stretch your imagination that when you are walking on a treadmill you do not need any other aid to support your electric circuit. It is not like that!

Using the extension cord for the treadmill gives us many benefits in many different ways.

It is a valuable tool when it’s used in the right way and in right place.

Do We Need Extension Cord For Treadmill

Are you a regular treadmill runner?

If yes, then there is a high probability that you’ll be using an extension cord with the treadmill.

Like all other appliances, a treadmill is also an electric machine.

We do not need power for the non-motorized treadmill but as we widely use motorized treadmills so we require power to run it.

When we think about using a treadmill safety comes first to our mind.

It is not possible every time that we get a place for a treadmill near the power source.

So we require a strong extension cord to connect the treadmill to the power outlet.

The majority of people use an extension cord for power transportation.

The motor is the most energy-demanding component of the treadmill.

No doubt that the treadmill is the most power-consuming machine and for better working conditions you need the right cord for the appliance.

Can You Use Extension Cord With Treadmill

Safe Model Of The Extension Cord

The main reason for using power extension is for safety purposes. But are we using the right model of extension cord for our treadmill?

This question arises several times when we start using the cord.

You cannot plug your machine into any model of the cord.

There are different models and brands of treadmills available in the market.

Just like that, the power consumption of 2.0 and 2.5 horsepower of the motor also vary. So, it would be incautious to use any cord for your treadmill.

Meanwhile, for the efficient performance of the device, we require a suitable cord for it.

In High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) we exercise for a long duration for burning calories fast.

If the cord could not bear the amount of power or is small enough to draw the power then it will easily heat up. So it will have a worse effect on the treadmill.

How To Select Right Extension Cord?

To move a treadmill we require electric power.

If the treadmill consists of a powerful motor it requires more current to accelerate.

High-powered motors are helpful in consuming less power.

How To Select Right Extension Cord?

First, check the power requirement of your electric equipment. Choosing the right model for the treadmill becomes easy if one knows how many amps would be needed.

A motorized treadmill will draw 15-20 amps from the power outlet.

I’ll recommend you should consider the following things that I personally consider while buying an extension cord.

Unfold The Cord Properly

Never leave the cord unfolded, otherwise the heat will not dissipate completely and it will melt the isolation.

This situation will become dangerous if you draw more power.

So, if you sense any burning smell then unplug the cord immediately.

Power Requirement In Owner’s Manual

Modern machines are provided with a proper owner’s manual.

So it is clearly mentioned in the manual about the watt or amps that are required for the treadmill.

Check the information before buying the cord.

Don’t Choose Longer Cord

The longer cord has more resistance in it.

And more resistance means more heat is being produced.

Your treadmill will not work efficiently if the voltage drops due to the longevity of the cord.

Select The Grounded One

A grounded outlet is best for plugging the treadmill.

There are a number of cords available in the market.

So choose the grounded one for the efficient performance of the machine.


What is a suitable gauge for the extension cord?

The 14 gauge is the right choice if your treadmill draws 15 amp. But some treadmills draw 20 amp in that case 12 gauge is the right to choose. Make sure that the cord is long as you require only.

Is it necessary to use an extension cord?

It is not always necessary to use an extension cord. But you can probably use an extension cord if it can handle the current draw of the treadmill.

How long are treadmill power cords?

It depends on the brand and model of the treadmill but an 80-85 inches power cord is sufficient for the treadmill.

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Final Words

Never compromise on the quality of the extension cord.

If I buy a cord, my first and foremost considerations while buying a treadmill power cord are better quality and the appropriate length.

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Whether you’re using them to power patio accessories, musical instruments, lamps, or any other appliances, this is incredibly convenient and simple to use.

It is safe to use the cord for electric transportation for a home treadmill.

If you follow all the buying tips for the cord you can get maximum benefits of the extension cord for the treadmill.

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