Can We Use Electric Massager During Pregnancy? Is it safe

A morning sickness, sore back, and breast. Pain in knees, lower back, and stretches in shoulder or neck. Are you going through all this? Welcome to pregnancy. Women normally ask if we can use an electric massager during pregnancy to get relief from all kinds of these pains and discomfort.

Yes, an electric massager or a percussion massage gun can be used during pregnancy and it is safe to use. It is discussed in detail in the article on which body parts to use and how to use them.  

Doubtlessly Massage gun is a great help to work through stress and a rollercoaster of mood swings. Let’s probe through the opinions of healthcare professionals. 

The stance of the U.S department of health.

The National prevention council proposes a national prevention strategy. It implies that there are complementary and alternative strategies for back and neck pain. Procedures to reduce the pain & disability of a woman include acupuncture, massage, and spinal manipulation. 

It is a good idea If you are thinking of going to visit a massage therapist. Won’t it be a great idea if You can do it yourself at home by using an electric massager during pregnancy? 

What’s the right time for a woman to start the Electric Massager during pregnancy?

The American pregnancy association says massage can be started at any time during the pregnancy. Many parental massage therapists conflict with this opinion. According to them, it is better to not start in the first trimester due to the increased risk of miscarriage. 

Most massage therapists recommend that if started in the second trimester then it is more helpful and risk-free. 

Who should not do a massage during pregnancy?

A woman who has high blood pressure conditions should consult with a doctor before using the electric massager during pregnancy.

It is mainly because massage increases blood flow. If someone had surgery post-pregnancy they should also consult the physician. 

What kind of relief does Electric massage gun give during pregnancy?

Massage guns help in easing back pain during your pregnancy and even in labor. It mitigates the following. 

  1. Lower back & Glutes pain
  2. Tension headaches & Upper neck pain 
  3. Knee pain 

Tightness in the fascia(Middle back)

Hip pain

For those who experience constipation frequently, massage guns can prove a great help for them. However, an Electric massager on the stomach is absolutely not recommended for pregnant women. 

Fun fact: When you are pregnant you will experience lower back pain much more often, it is actually not the lower back where the issue is; in fact, it is due to tightness in the glutes, especially the side part of the glutes. 

Can We Use Electric Massage During Pregnancy?

Massage Gun Trigger Points. 

Certainly, massage can give a sense of wellness, relaxation, and better sleep. 

What is the right way to massage yourself using a massage gun or Thera gun

Identifying the pain points is the key. There are a few trigger points for each kind of pain and discomfort you experience in your pregnancy. The good part is that you can identify these trigger points by yourself. 

Do you know? Usually wherever the pain is, is not where the problem is. 

It is pretty easy to know where these trigger points are. Normally a trigger point or tightness is that area on your body when pressed or pushed a little deep it hurts or pain is felt the most.

An electric massager can be a lifesaver if used effectively. Let’s discuss how to use it for different kinds of pain experienced in pregnancy in your body. 

Trigger Points for Massage

Lower Back pain

Lower back pain happens due to tension or stretch in the glutes. More specifically on the side of your glutes or your thighs.

Where to use a massage gun for lower back pain?

Lower back pain can be relieved by using the massage gun on your glutes. You have to lie down on a side and it can be done by yourself without taking anyone’s help.
The pressure point is usually not in one area. You have to keep the electric massager moving around on different areas of your glutes on the side of your thigh. 

Turn on the massage gun, initially keeping it at a low intensity, and stop where it triggers nicely when you feel a painful sensation or tightness in the glutes. 

Once the tightness is identified, do it for one minute in that area and press the massage head in. Then in the second-minute increase the intensity you might get more tension sensation but after 3 minutes you will start feeling that stress in the lower back release. 

Massage Gun Trigger Points


It is suggested that during pregnancy you should work more on trap areas, there are many obvious reasons to do so. Mainly your body changes fastly and your center of gravity changes causing stretches. Stretches in the neck area can give you headaches

Where to use a massage gun to relieve a headache?

You have to work on rhomboids to fix this. Work on this area with lower speed or intensity as compared to the glutes.

It goes the same, You have to notice the pain point and you have to increase the intensity and push the massager head more deeply into tissues. The best bet is that you can do it on self without going to any acupuncturist. 

On any pressure, point uses the electric massager for 2-3 minutes at most. 

Knee pain

A Lot of women suffer from knee pain during pregnancy. It happens especially when you do not go on walks.

Where to use a massage gun for knee pain?

Knee pain tightness and trigger points are in the quads. Notably, its trigger points are on the inside of the legs with knees and on the outer side. Also right in the middle of the quad on your thighs. 

 You don’t have to go through the MRI thing, just hit your quads right while using the electric massager. Work through it in a circular motion.

You can do it three times a day, 2-3minutes on one pressure point or as per your need, as soon as the pain disappears. 

If the massager is frequently used or stays on for a longer time it might not turn On. You can fix it by yourself.


Percussion massage guns have proven helpful for many women during pregnancy. It relieves stress, pain, and discomfort.
Most women have a concern: can we use the electric massager during pregnancy? Well, there is not a simple answer to this query, it depends on which trimester of pregnancy you are in and if you have any past situation with high blood pressure or if you had any surgery post the pregnancy.

Also, it is necessary to know which areas of the body you are going to massage. There’s a thorough answer available in the article on every query pertinent to using an electric massage gun during pregnancy or labor.

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