Bowflex Treadmill Series 7 Problems | Troubleshoot Error Codes & Speed Sensor

Bowflex treadmills use JRNY® digital software to provide you with a different approach to several workouts. Its series 7 can incline up to 20 %.  You can keep going forward on your fitness journey without any problem

It is usually reported that Bowflex Series 7 users see mostly speed sensor issues and some related error codes. Let’s come onboard with us & we will do Bowflex 7 common troubleshooting. Sometimes display shows only error codes that are hard to understand. Making it difficult to resolve the problems. This article will explain some error codes in simple terms.

Bowflex Treadmill Series 7 Problems

Here are some common issues faced by the users and their best tried and tested solutions for your ease. If you can understand the root cause of the problem then it becomes easier to solve it. Let’s troubleshoot some main Error codes of Bowflex series 7.

how to troubleshoot bowflex treadmill series 7 problems

LS error(Speed Sensor Error)

Treadmill display shows LS error even if you turn off the treadmill, LS error code still appears on the screen. If you pull out the safety key again and again or if you insert any object in the round hole on the control panel, your treadmill will show this error.

The LS error in Bowflex series 7 appears due to the speed sensor malfunction. You can troubleshoot the speed sensor by opening the controller board

Place the magnet near the black-colored wire, then check the magnet flux effect on the closed circuit. Try to move the magnet 1/8″ near the sensor. If still there is no betterment, then sensor is damaged and you can get new one from Bowflex, if it is under warranty. Usually there is only one magnet required to be present on the wheel, but rarely there needs to be two.

E1 error

If your Bowflex treadmill series 7 shows an E1 error, the problem could be with the motor. To troubleshoot the issue, check the motor. Friction between the treadmill belt will trigger the motor to pull too much current. This will result in the motor control board shutting down. 

You can use the treadmill for few times but then the belt will stop completely and a burning smell will start coming out of the treadmill. This is an indication of motor damage.

Early lubrication can limit the problem probability. When the motor is damaged, the only solution is to replace it.

E7 error

The E7 error code in Bowflex series 7 means that the incline is not working. It may occur due to poor wire connection.

Firstly, check the incline by potentiometer reading from the motor. You just have to adjust a too-high or low value in the range by changing the position of the running deck. If your treadmill is in mid-position and still showing error, the possibility is motor. Simply replace it.

LU error

The LU on a display of Bowflex series 7 can be due to the lower unit to the control board. It may occur due to uncontrolled elevations.

So, look for the controlling unwanted elevations to fix the error.

H 05 error

In some cases, errors may occur just after assembling new treadmill series. H 05 appears on the screen. It is known as a communication error. Your Bowflex needs troubleshooting. 

Cal fail

It occurs suddenly when your treadmill is functioning properly. The machine gives an electrostatic shock and then powers down. When you try to turn it on again, its incline will not respond. In this case, recalibration can provide no help.

You might see some error like “Calibration has failed”.

According to Bowflex, this error suggests that console is having issues determining the speed of belts.

You can do following troubleshooting steps, to overcome Cal fail error of Bowflex 7.

Unplug unit and remove 3 back covers.

Get a stiff card (i.e: ID card) and hold it inside of drive pulley. Move speed sensor towards card, until it makes contact. Try to move speed sensor gently.

Remove the card. Plug the unit in again and recalibrate machine.

If still issue persists, try contacting the support, to avoid any mistake with the machine.

The Sum Up

Bowflex treadmill series 7 is overall a good machine. There are some problems such as its software keeps lagging, displays errors, speed sensor malfunctions, and will not work without a JRNY® subscription. It cannot connect with apple fitness or iFIT. 

Overall, it is very stable, easy to assemble, and has about a 12 to 14 months warranty. It can last for about 15 years so it is a good option to buy it.

Tell us in the comments section further, does this resolved your Bowflex series 7 issue?

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