10 Best Treadmills Under $800 [2023] – (September Updated) | Buying Guide

It has been proven that daily exercise plays a vital role in our health and fitness. For this purpose, the treadmill is the most reliable fitness gear to get benefit from. We will discuss the best treadmills under $800 here, so you can stay fit and healthy on a normal budget.

Walking on a treadmill 3 to 5 days a week is important to build muscles, strengthening our stamina, and bone protection.

In my opinion, the treadmill not only improves our physical health but also plays a remarkable role in building self-confidence and a better vision toward our life goals.

The increase in energy, posture improvement, and relief from stress and strain are also related to our physical movement.

A treadmill is the most desirable machine because it works for the whole body.

10 Best Treadmills Under $800

Every muscle and bone is involved in the workout when we run or jog on a treadmill.

Moreover, when we start walking or running on a treadmill it’s like a natural run or a walk. We need not worry about taking steps it all goes on naturally and automatically.

Furthermore, we see apparent results in our physical and mental health in a very short span.

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10 Best Treadmills Under the Budget of $800

At the beginning of our fitness journey we usually hesitate to invest much in heavy budget equipment, what we want is results and benefits in friendly pocket gear.

We all know that treadmill is the most selling and good-to-go gear when we start our weight loss program.

In this article, we have gathered enough information about the best-selling treadmill, with affordable prices, the best ratings, and reviews.

So, you can easily pick the best treadmill to stay fit and healthy without getting stressed about finance.

1) Most Budget-Friendly Treadmill: Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill

When we talk about a treadmill that is affordable and functional then Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill is best to pick. Its portable and foldable body is a plus point after being low in price.

Built-in Workout

This folding machine has 9 built-in workout programs that you can follow and lose weight. Every program profile is printed on the console, so it would be easy for you to choose the program before starting.

LCD screen features allow you to monitor your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and heart rate.

Now you can easily manage your program and achieve your fitness goal.

Motor Power

2.2 Peak HP motor is used in this ultimate efficient machine. The maximum speed range of this health and fitness treadmill is 0.5 – 9.0 MPH.

So you can run at a fast pace on the running belt of 49L X 15.5W Inches.

Adjustable Incline

The adjustable incline is a great feature in this machine, so you need not worry about the intensity of the workout. The 3 manual incline options can provide you with enough intensity required for a tough workout.

Handrail controls of this compact design are also helpful when you are running or walking and moreover, it also has speed, stop and start buttons.

Weight Capacity

The material of this compact folding machine is alloy steel, and it allows a user weight capacity of 220 lbs. The dimensions of the treadmill are 62 x 25.5 x 50 inches with 3 years of structural frame warranty.

Additional Features

Treadmill cushioning allows you to run without strain. If you feel stressed while running then an emergency stop clip can stop the treadmill immediately.

A device holder and bottle holder can help you to hold things. Soft drop system assures you safe unfolding of the machine without damaging your floor.


  • 9 Built-in workouts
  • 2.2 Peak HP motor
  • 3 manual incline options
  • Quick buttons on Handrail
  • Soft drop system


  • No Bluetooth
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2) Best Compact Treadmill: Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is one of the best choices for those fitness freaks who want perfect treadmill on a low budget. An easily manageable machine with a smart design is overall best in every aspect.

Compact Design 

The compact and foldable construction of this blended treadmill is amazing.

With the dimensions of 64.5” L X 29″ W X 55.5″ this foldable machine can store anywhere in the home or gym without any fuss.

The user weight capacity of the super under-budget machine is 250 lbs. So heavyweight users can work out with confidence, and it is most reliable if you are not overly tall.

Speed Range

We always need fast pace exercises to reduce weight because losing weight is not an overnight game, speed of this small-size treadmill is 0.5 to 10 mph it is powered by a 2.25 HP motor.

This lightweight folding machine is 115 pounds, so you can easily transport and store it anywhere.

Preset Workouts 

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is preloaded with 6 effective workouts that you can follow for weight reduction.

These workouts are created by high-profile fitness trainers, so you can trust and get benefits from 2 incline positions by burning calories.

Cushioning feature of this treadmill is a relief for those who are having any knee or joint pain, it can help to work out without any pressure on the legs.

A running belt of 50 x 16 inches is enough space to run or walk confidently.

Monitor Screen

Blue light LCD screen displays speed, time, covered distance, and calories burned, so you can track your workout performance.

This small-size treadmill comes with handrails so if you feel any discomfort you can maintain your balance.

A Thumb sensor heart rate monitor is a key feature that can monitor your pulse just by putting your thumb on it.


  • Motor power 2.25 HP
  • Built-in heart rate monitor
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight frame


  • 1-year warranty
  • Small track
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Weslo Cadence 5.9
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Weslo Cadence 3.9

3) Most Smart Treadmill: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Treadmill

The Sunny Health and Fitness  SF-T7515 treadmill is a smart choice for smart people.

This fully equipped treadmill is loaded with modern technology and pocket friendly for users who are searching for perfection on a budget.

12 Preset Interval Programs

This amazing and smart machine is loaded with 12 preset interval programs, so you can select your program and start running to get in shape.

Beginners feel free to join these interval programs and enjoy their fitness training indoors. An emergency stop clip will bring the treadmill to stop immediately.

Countdown Modes & Incline Level

This foldable motorized machine is provided with 3 countdown modes speed, distance, and calories which help you to target your goal. For example, if you want to cover a distance of 4 miles the treadmill will count down until you are down to 0.

SF-T7515 treadmill has a maximum auto electric incline level of 12% and the incline degree ranges between 1.5 – 6.7°.

So, you can burn fat fast on a running surface of 49.5L X 16.5W Inches.

The feature of shock absorption deck treadmill cushioning will allow you to run without strain.

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Weight Capacity

This Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill is powered by a 2.2 Peak HP motor and has a speed range of 1.0 – 8.0 MPH which is very suitable for a new runner.

The dimensions of this alloy steel hassle-free foldable fitness machine are 64.5L X 28W X 50.5H Inches, and it can bear a user weight of 240 lbs.

The transportation wheels make it easy to move it around and store it anywhere.

Backlit LCD Monitor & Pulse Sensors

Simple backlit LCD monitor screen display speed, time, distance, 12 preset programs, and incline.

It is also embedded with a BMI calculator. Pulse sensors fixed in a handrail will monitor and maintain the heart rate.

Additional Connections

It has Bluetooth and a 3 mm jack to connect with your portable devices. A built-in microphone, speakers, and MP3 port are additionally added to this fabulous machine.


  • 3 touch button countdown programs
  • Embedded Bluetooth
  • Compact frame
  • 12 preset interval programs
  • cushioned deck


  • Narrow belt
  • Low speed
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4) Easiest to Assemble Treadmill: UREVO Foldable Electric Treadmill

UREVO Foldable Electric Treadmill

This space-saver UREVO Electric Treadmill is super easy to handle, and its portability is amazing. If you are looking for a handy treadmill with favorable features then this is your pick.

Foldable Design

UREVO Electric Treadmill is an ultra-compact machine you can easily fold this treadmill and put it down under your desk or bed. The soft drop system will help you to unfold your treadmill without making noise or damaging your floor.

Fitness Preset Programs

12 healthy preset training programs are built on this treadmill. It will energize your fitness training, and you can challenge yourself by changing programs accordingly.

This handy treadmill is provided with a large LCD console that allows you to track distance, time, speed, and calories burned.

High Speed & Easy Assembling

It is powered by a 2.5 HP motor with a speed range of 0.5 – 7.5 MPH that stimulates you to run on the wide anti-slip running belt of 16.5 inches.

Cushioning feature of the flexible and multi-layered running deck will assure your knee, ankle, and joint health without getting hurt.

A user manual is provided with this treadmill to instruct you about the assembling of the machine.

It’s not messy because most of the parts come preassembled. Just assemble this fabulous machine and start your weight loss training.

You can place it anywhere at home or the gym or before your favorite show.

User Weight Capacity

The user weight capacity of this foldable electric treadmill is 260 lbs.

This compact machine comes with the dimensions of 59.45 x 28.74 x 5.51 inches with a durable sturdy steel frame that aids you to stay stable while walking or running.


  • Large LCD screen
  • Shock-absorbing structure
  • Easy assembling
  • Durable


  • Small frame structure
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5) Best Slim Treadmill: UREVO 2 In-1 Under Desk Treadmill

When we think about a fully furnished under-desk treadmill UREVO 2 In 1 Under Desk Treadmill is the answer. Finding a treadmill under your budget with all the good features is a total profit.

Ultra Slim Frame

An ultra-slim frame of this treadmill is best for the workplace.

You can just place this treadmill under the standing or adjustable desk where you work and walk while you are working.

The dimensions of this slim and smart machine are 54.7 x 26.4 x 5.1 inches.

Running Belt

UREVO 2 in 1 under desk treadmill is powered by a 2.5HP motor that can support you in running and walking.

A running belt 16.9 inches wide is provided with a silica gel column that absorbs shock and a 5-layered cushioning feature will make your running easier on the knee and joints.

This under-desk treadmill is suitable for home and office. Lubricating oil is also supplied with the machine for the better working condition of the belt.


You can run up to 3.8 MPH with the bar down, and 7.6 MPH with the bar up. You can adjust your speed according to your training program with the help of remote control.

Space Saving Feature with LCD Display

This sturdy alloy steel constructed machine is easy to fold and can move around with the help of transportation wheels. The user weight capacity of this slim machine is 265 lbs.

LCD monitors can track your speed, distance, time, and calories.

The emergency red stop button is embedded in the bar, so you can use it when to stop the machine immediately.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Slim design
  • Remote control
  • Already assembled
  • Emergency stop button


  • Narrow running belt
  • No incline
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6) Super Lightweight Treadmill: Goplus 2 In 1 Folding Treadmill

Goplus 2 In 1 Folding Treadmill

If you are looking for a super lightweight treadmill then Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill is a low-budget machine with a folding frame that is amazingly manageable.

Running Surface

Our whole workout depends on the working condition of the belt. In the Goplus folding machine anti-slip running belt of 40″ x 16″ is best to rely on.

This 5-layered spacious running deck allows you to walk or run with a weight of up to 265 lbs.

The smooth cushioning and shock absorption feature allows you to enjoy both modes of running and jogging without hurting your knee and ankle.


When it comes to durability its alloy steel frame gives us good vibes of a strong and well-built body.

With the dimensions of 49″x 27″x 42″, You can fold and store the treadmill in a confined area of your home. Made of a high-quality frame the weight of the treadmill is 84 lbs.

Console/ Incline Settings

The speed rate of this foldable treadmill is 8 MPH which can be simply seen in the 2-inch LED display. The incline setting is on the riser, an increase in the incline, results in the burning of calories that you can monitor on a console.

When the handrail is down you can jog at a speed of 1-4 km/h, and you can read your favorite book or talk to your friend on phone.

If the handrail is up you can run at a speed of 1-12 km/h, and it will help you to get shed extra weight.

Power Motor

It is powered by a motor of 2.25 HP, the noiseless motor gives you a peaceful environment for exercise on this compact machine whose height is 5 inches when it is folded.

Additional Benefits 

You will get bored if you walk without any music or extra activity so here is an extra feature of Bluetooth speakers is embedded in the deck.

Connect your phone through Bluetooth, put it in the phone holder, and enjoy the music through speakers that fill energy in you to work out.

The heart monitoring feature will monitor your heart condition during workouts.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Bluetooth availability
  • 5-layered running track
  • 2 operational modes: running & jogging


  • 1-year warranty
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7) High Weight Capacity Treadmill: T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill 

T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill

T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill is an extremely excellent choice for heavyweight people.

We love to have a compact machine that can be easy to store anywhere but if you are obese with 300 lbs+ weight you will just care about the stability and durability of the machine which is a key feature of this treadmill.

Heavy Duty Treadmill

The strong alloy steel frame of this heavy-duty treadmill is the best enough for the obese of 350 lbs.

This machine is highly recommended for gym and home gym users as a running surface of 44.5L X 19.5W Inches will help you to work out steadily.

Its cushioning and shock absorption feature will support you to run or jog without trembling.

Slip-free handrails will provide you extra safety when you run fast at your desired speed.

Speed Limit

The speed limit of this amazing machine ranges between 0.5 – 6.0 MPH with the coordination of 2.5 Peak HP you can increase your workout speed and get perfect physic.

While running on a treadmill if you feel any hesitancy you can just stop the machine with an emergency stop clip and if you want to speed up your workout then the quick button will allow you to get demanded speed on this folding machine of 60.5L X 32W X 52.4H inches.

Backlit LCD Monitor 

It is easy to track performance with the aid of a backlit LCD monitor, you can conveniently check your time, speed, covered distance, and calorie count on it.

Moreover, you can move this treadmill freely anywhere with the help of transportation wheels. Soft drop technology unfolds the treadmill without hassle.


The device holder can hold your accessories like a tablet and mobile phone, so you can enjoy your Netflix show while walking, and sipping through a bottle placed in the bottle holder makes walking easy. A 3-year frame warranty is also available.


  • Heavy-duty machine for obese
  • Foldable
  • Quick button on the handrail
  • Durable


  • No adjustable incline
  • Low-speed limit
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8)Thinnest Treadmill: RHYTHM FUN Treadmill

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill

Working from home or the office will become easier if you get this thin and sturdy RYTHM FUN treadmill. This smooth treadmill is great if you are looking for low-budget and best home gear.

Portable Construction

This slim-trim treadmill is super portable, so you can place it under your adjustable working desk to take two advantages at the same time.

18″W  x 46″L running belt allows you to have a smooth, stable, and steady run or walk.

Dimensions of this alloy steel constructed frame are 63 x 28 x 7 inches. So, you can have a stable walk on this 78 pounds lightweight machine with a user weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.

After the use of a treadmill, you can place it under your closet or bed.

Pre Assembled

Usually, we prefer the treadmill that comes in preassemble condition, RHYTHM FUN treadmill needs lubrication, so just put the lubricant into the oiling part and start your exercise in full swing.

It’s enough to lubricate the port only, you don’t need to oil the running belt manually it can make your workout plan steady.

The 7-level elastic running platform gives comfort to your feet but this anti-skid and shockproof platform require your focus on stable walking.

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Remote Controller

A remote controller can help you to control on/off and speed buttons of your treadmill when you are running.

The absence of handrails makes them suitable for tall users.

Laced with modern technology this elegant design tracks your speed, distance, time, and calories burned.

Its built-in workout app can help you to track and set workout plans on your phone.

Motor Power

Powered by a peak 1.5HP motor which offers easy regulation of speed this treadmill is best for indoor use.

This motor is suitable for 0.5 to 3.7 mph and the noise reduction made it more appealing as nobody wants to get disturbed by the motor noise.

It is fun and challenging to work out on this treadmill you need to focus on your position and work out at the same time.


  • Lightweight treadmill
  • Built-in smart workout app
  • 7-level elastic running platform
  • Portable
  • Sleek design


  • No handrails
  • No incline
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9) Ideal Runners Treadmill: Schwinn 810 Treadmill 

Schwinn 810 Treadmill

As new technologies arrive in our life, we are most likely to do work all day on our computer screens, and sitting all the day-long lead us to many health issues like obesity and cardiovascular issues.

Schwinn becomes a breeze for us and introduces us to Schwinn 810 Treadmill which itself motivates you to start your workout.

Explore The World App

We all need a proper workout plan that a not boring and dull, most captivating feature of this treadmill is that it has a built-in app to explore the world.

It provides you with 50+ online trails and engrossing sceneries, virtual tracks, and races.

You can increase your hill settings up to 10% to cut down your calories fast on the running surface of 20″ x 55″  inches which gives your feet comfort with cushioning feature.

It’s all fun for runners to experience the virtual beauty of nature and set their workout programs and experience new tracks daily from natural parks to the mountains.

16 Preloaded Workout Programs

This amazing machine comes with a vibrant blue-colored large backlit LCD screen which is preloaded with 16 workout programs.

The LCD screen also tracks your pulse rate, speed, time, and distance.

Its two-user profile feature also aids you and your workout partner to track your plans and records.

This easy-to-handle machine brings a change to the body if we exercise on daily basis.

The deck power of the machine is  1.9 HP, which is perfect for home use, and user weight capacity can limit up to 275lbs.

Easy to Handle

This compact treadmill is easy to place in your bedroom, lounge, or even office after jogging or running you can just fold it and store this 69.1 x 35.6 x 56.7 inches dimensional alloy steel machine in small and limited space.

It weighs only 155 lbs. The speed limit ranges from 1-10 MPH which is wholly good for novices, as they feel a bit hesitant, but this comfortable machine allows their bodies a natural walk.

The soft drop unfolds feature allows machine to touch the floor without any harm.

We can charge our phones and gadget’s battery with a USB port, and we can enjoy music through built-in speakers to bring life to exercise.


  • Explore the World App
  • 2 user profile
  • Bottle/device holder
  • Heart rate contact grip
  • 10-years frame warranty


  • Settings adjustments
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10) Best Overall Treadmill: XTERRA Fitness TR300 Folding Treadmill

XTERRA Fitness TR300 Folding Treadmill

It’s hectic to find a treadmill that gives the best results on a budget and have all the best specification that we are looking for in one machine but XTERRA Fitness TR300 Folding Treadmill solves all the problems.

Large LCD Display

XTERRA Fitness TR300 treadmill comes with a 55″ large blue backlit LCD display which includes 24 preset programs.

Imagine you are working with a fitness trainer who sets your workout programs according to your wish.

You can also track your progress by monitoring your speed, run time, distance covered, burned calories, and heart rate.

Its running belt is wide 20″ x 55″ which is combined with the XTRA SOFT Cushioned Deck technology and gives extra comfort to your feet, knee and ankle.

Motor Power/Hills Adjustment

This treadmill also allows you to plan your workout without hesitation with the soundless motor of 2.25 HP which is ideal for a 0.5 – 10 mph speed range.

Remote controls are embedded in the handlebars so that you can adjust 3 manual incline settings and speeds according to your convenience.

Quality and Performance 

When it comes to quality this alloy steel 72.2″ L x 35″ W x 54.1″ H dimensional machine carries a weight of up to 300 lbs.

It is relief for heavyweight people because it is hard for them to find the perfect machine for losing weight on a limited budget.

An increase in 10 levels of electronic incline provides an extra benefit to your calories burned without increasing time and speed.

Lift-Assist Folding Deck Technology

Lift-assist folding deck technology makes it easy to fold and unfold the treadmill and store it anywhere.

No one likes monotonous exercise, if you want to enjoy your workout then the console of the treadmill is embedded with an audio jack and speakers, just plug in your music device in the audio jack and enjoy music through built-in speakers.


  • 24 preset programs
  • Lift-assist folding deck technology for easy folding and unfold
  • Cooling fan
  • 3 manual incline adjustment
  • XTRASOFT Cushioned Deck technology
  • User weight capacity up to 300 lbs.


  • No Bluetooth
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Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Treadmill Under the Budget of $800

Walking, jogging, and running are the modes through which we get fit and stay healthy.

Doing exercises and running indoors is not a big deal if you buy a treadmill.

But everyone wants to buy pocket-friendly perfect gear of excellent performance and quality.

We have discussed the best treadmills under the budget of $800 in this article, and now we have gathered a few basic specifications and features that you should examine before buying a treadmill of your choice.


Durability and reliability are major points when we look for a treadmill for home or gym use.

We cannot compromise on the quality of the frame because many fitness machines available in the market have attractive looks but poor quality.

Users sometimes hesitate to buy those that look delicate because most of them become cracked when obese users increase their workout speed.

My point of view is that always go for a sturdy and durable high-quality frame of a treadmill.

Running Surface

The size of a running belt is a main component of the treadmill.

We cannot endanger the health of our knees, ankle, and joints for low-quality or slender running surfaces.

We will look for 3 main points when we buy a treadmill under the budget to get our desired treadmill.

  1. A wide running deck appears more adequate when we start running, 16 to 22 inches wider space is comfortable for the user for a workout.
  2. The length of the running deck should be 45 to 60 inches long. Runners need long space for running it boosts their energy and stability on the treadmill.
  3. A more layered surface means more comfort for our feet and knee. Yes! Cushioning feature is available in almost all modern treadmills that provide relaxation to your feet and joints.


Foldability is a significant feature in a treadmill, huge and overly-sized treadmills are nothing more than a headache.

We require special rooms for them to keep in the house.

So, always go for the foldable treadmill that can easily be kept under the sofa or bed after use.

Most machines are equipped with SoftDrop technology that works when you unfold the treadmill.

It simply touches the floor without damaging or making any noise.


We always set our budget when we are going to buy anything.

I will not suggest you buy an expensive treadmill if you are using it for the home only.

We have discussed the 10 best treadmills above that are under the budget of $800 and have all the attractive features that we need when we just started our weight loss program.

So don’t go for overly priced treadmills with inefficient features.

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Space Efficient

As per experts’ opinion, the ideal size of treadmills for home use is 7′ long and 3′ wide. Compact and sleek treadmills are trending these days.

Nobody likes a huge dimensional treadmill that takes up much space.

So foldable or unfoldable but space-saving treadmills are best to buy because we can store them anywhere we want.

Easy Maintenance 

Easy-to-maintain treadmills are always in demand, we do not like to wait for the maintenance service by the company for more than a day.

But the treadmill is a machine, so it can stop working before the warranty.

Sometimes it’s not a big issue you can check the user manual for guidance if the machine stops or the running belt creates any issues.

If it’s a problem with the running belt then lubricate it, and it will start working.

Motor Quality

There are basically 2 types of motor involved in the treadmill construction Horse Power HP and Continuous Horse Power CHP.

If you have started workout on daily basis then we will suggest you have a CHP motor between 2.5 to 3.00 because if the motor is powerful it will provide you safety.

Our running deck all depends on the power of the motor, it will not work properly if you go for cheap quality or low-powered motor.

Weight Capacity

Treadmills which can carry a weight between 250-300 lbs are perfect to buy.

There are treadmills that are very attractive but not sturdy to carry heavyweight people.

I will propose you go for reviews of users if you are buying online and properly read the user guide provided with the treadmill to know the actual weight capacity of the machine.

Do not buy the treadmill if they do not offer the above-mentioned weight capacity.


It’s our right to know about the warranty of the treadmill that we are buying.

I will suggest you RESEARCH BEFORE INVEST on a treadmill.

A lifetime warranty of a frame is offered by almost every brand.

But ask about the motor, labor, and parts warranty too. Otherwise, it will be useless to buy treadmills that do not offer you a warranty.

Additional Apps & Technologies

Treadmills that reciprocate with modern technologies are high in demand.

Users want to explore new apps and technologies to know their body condition and how to continue working on them.

iFit programs, preset programs, and built-in sensors make it easier for users to select the program and start working on themselves without outdoor interruption.

Pulse sensors, calorie count, speed, distance, and time covered can monitor by the sensors, and buttons on the console or handlebars make it easier to continue jogging or running.

Bluetooth’s connectivity makes it appealing for users who want to connect their music devices and enjoy a workout.


How to lubricate a treadmill belt?

Silicon is the solution for the lubrication of the treadmill belt. We do not need frequent lubrication but sometimes lubricate it manually or there is an oiling port in a few machines.

We should always take care of the treadmill belt lubrication to avoid any harm to our joints.

Is a 2.25hp motor a good choice for running?

It’s a good choice for people who want to run at a good pace. 2.25 HP is acceptable for frequent use. But it also depends on the overall quality of a treadmill too.

How to take proper care of folding treadmills?

Always clean the treadmill after use, it is good to have a foldable treadmill under the bed or a sofa but make sure that your space is clean.

Handrails should be cleaned after use. And, also take care of the lubrication of a belt and clean around the motor when required.

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We will suggest you buy a treadmill that is constructed with high-quality material and under the budget too.

It is a one-time investment, so invest wisely and check every aspect, feature, and specification of a treadmill that you are buying under the budget of $800.

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